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The Dark Moon Queen of Nardir                  ☿
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"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it.
- Emilie Autumn

Once more, Mercury felt the weight of a crown upon her brow, the mantle heavy around her shoulders.  They had reached the safety of Inaria, and Alana had admitted that she could no longer bear the burden of the throne.  Mercury had done the only thing she ever would have, she took her sister's place.  Now she was once more the Dark Queen, a position she never expected to hold again.  She felt a yolk far greater than the collar around her neck.  Once more, the lives of many hung on her own.  By her failures, they would suffer.  But if she could succeed, she may yet save them.

In the days that followed their arrival, the Nardirians tended their wounds and took stock of their situation.  They rested and recovered, and began to decide what was to be done.  Alana made her formal abdication, and Mercury was once again made a Queen.  It was decided that they would permanently abandon the mountain that had become their home.  None could say when it would once again be habitable, and they could not rely on Inaria's hospitality indefinitely.  One option was to search for a new territory, but there were those among their number who could not make a journey of undetermined length.  Mercury chose the only option she felt would make their homelessness as brief as possible.

"I will take the pack home." She declared, "If it is occupied, I will fight to reclaim it."

Her zeal was unnecessary, however, and they arrived unhindered to the valley she had remembered from her youth.  As soon as they stepped into the pass, her feet found the trail.    She resisted the urge to take off running, keeping a dignified pace.  Suddenly she saw a formation of stones that was familiar, there, a fallen log that was just where it had always been.  Other things were new, unnaturally felled trees, stacked stones that were not in her memory.  The land had changed in their absence, and while she had steeled herself to accept it, it still pained her.  Before long they came to a fork in the trail, and she stopped at the crossroads.  They turned down the side trail, making the short journey to a small lake that any of the elders would remember.  As night settled, Mercury looked at her reflection on the moonlit water.  Tomorrow, she would lead them the final steps home.

That night, Mercury ran in her dreams. 

The trails around her were the trails of her youth, and as she ran, the world grew around her.  She was a pup again, looking through the eyes of the past.  Alana tagged along at her heels, and ahead of her, her brother's laughter echoed through the trees.  She chased it, and found herself at a very familiar tree.  The light cooled, and sadness washed over her as she saw the ground as she had last, with her mother beneath it.  But like flicking a loose switch, the scene flickered bright silver, Shenandoah standing ghostly pale in the moonlight.  Mercury paused, and with the next flicker she saw Kyril beside her.  Another flicker, and the shadowy form of Kokutan, his eyes filled with starlight.  She blinked once, and found Shaman, and Rain.  More figures appeared, ripples of starlight that revealed whispers of those long gone.  The raised their voices as one, and the howl rang through the Dark Moon's soul.

She woke as the last star faded into dawn, and roused her pack early.  She led them through the forest, under one of the natural stone bridges that spanned over a creek, past a small lake and  up along a wide grassland, following the ridge of mountains that rose beside them.  She should have let them rest, but the call still hummed in her veins, it's echo the very beat of her heart.  When they descended, she turned inward again. They walked a well worn road, made by man and beast alike.  On and on until they passed through the mossy logs of an unfinished fort gate.  Still inward, she walked, until they came to wear a honeycomb of open, mossy caves that overlooked the lake, with the barest look at the islands through the trees. Mercury had never been touched by the Mother Moon, had never expected to have a vision.  But somehow, someway, deep within her, she knew that was what her dream had been.  Her family calling, welcoming her home.

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Okay guys, just a quick post from each of you is enough.  You can tell what your character is feeling, what opinions they had about the journey, etc.  I'll make a closing post that announces the ranks ICly to everyone, and then we'll call it good.

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There was so much normalcy yet there was so much strangeness as well. She was used to traveling but usually it was always forward, now she was traveling back. Back to where it had all began and felt strange, almost as if she were going back in time which she knew was not possible. Something she was reminded of with each change she spotted. Not that she hadn't expected any changes, after all she had been roaming quite a bit and on more than one occasion had come close to places she had been before and had seen the changes there but..this was much closer to home both figuratively and literally. She wasn't sure what she thought or felt about the changes to the land but she would survive she supposed. She had survived so much already after all and had gotten used to so many other things. Perhaps these changes would simply be added to that list. Only time would tell in the meantime though she wanted somewhere to rest, away from everyone else. As much as she was used to traveling and working and cramming as much productivity into a day, and night, as she could she still had limits.

But she didn't think she could just go off to go den hunting just yet. There were still things to do first and so she would do as she usually did and push herself even more to wait until things were sufficiently concluded so she could work on finding a new den, which seemed both strange and yet very familiar, and then once she had that done she could maybe get some rest.

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She was tired and sore and her head hurt. So much moving. She was tired of moving. Moving within a pack was fine but moving all over the place and everywhere in between was not. She did not like this constant moving thing one little bit..well except maybe when she was being carried. Well except the first time when she had been so so cold and so so wet, when the ground had shook and the snow had covered her up. Being carried that time had not been fun. But after, for the moving, she had been carried a bit for moving. It had been nice. She could sleep if she wanted, finally, they hadn't wanted her to sleep before, and she could look at interesting things too if she wanted. Of course she had still helped where she could and when she could which was mostly when she didn't have a headache and wasn't feeling tired. It was supposed to be getting better but it was hard to tell if she was actually getting better with all the moving they were doing.

They never seemed to stay in one place long enough to really rest. But maybe now though they would be able to. Now that they had moved again. She hoped they would be staying here long enough to rest fully, but she wasn't sure. They had said they would be staying here now but they were supposed to have stayed in the mountains, but the shaking earth had changed that. Her old home and also been forced to leave their lands, The Greater North, so perhaps it was a sign that she was finally maturing, at least somewhat but she couldn't help wondering if it might happen again. If something might force them to leave this home as well.

But before that happened she intended to get whatever sleep she could..somehow.
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To say Akutan and Byakko were shocked at Mercury's decision to take the pack back to the Old Forest, the very one Asylum had stolen from them, would be the understatement of the century. The news had come out of left field enough that Byakko felt a literal second wind breath life back in him and despite his earlier assumptions that he was going to die among the beautiful lilac trees of Inaria, his famous Lindarian stubbornness roared to life with a vengeance. He had to make it home again. He needed to see the Old Forest one last time, perhaps die where Silverstream was buried under the willow tree where his sister's stillborns were also buried. New mounds would have to be raised for Starfire, Storm, and X but they were going home. He gave Raka a lick on the cheek. He knew she intended to follow him in death and his love for her ran strong in his heart. He couldn't have asked for a better life mate than her after Silverstream had been taken away from him. Like Starfire, Byakko was at peace knowing he wasn't dying alone.

Akutan was silent the entire journey. His mind kept racing because everything had come full circle for him. The night before they were to depart Inaria, he had a good cry and it felt like he was finally alive. The weight of his past was partially lifted and he knew the moment he set paw back into the Old Forest, that weight would completely disappear. He looked down at Rapture, who had taken to walking on his one side while Kyra walked on the other. She looked up at him, her bi-colored eyes having a tiny spark of fear but there was the familiar strength that defined the Clan. She was growing and, while not really introverted, she was introspective, preferring to think rather than speak. She smiled at her cousin and leaned against him as they walked.

Sarajevo kept Aeneas and Beatrice moving. Fortunately, the pups were big enough to handle the long journey. She was excited to see the Old Forest her father had spoken of so many times. She was born in Exile and had never known the forest her older family members had. Akutan was the last born before Loath came and the repercussions had rippled across time. Looking at her dark cousin, Sara's love for him swelled. While he didn't walk with a spring in his step, it was easy to see that he was finally, genuinely joyous. Seemed Fortune finally smiled on him and saw fit to reward the pack for overcoming all the upheavals they had to endure since the forest was lost to them. She leaned into Buckshot, content to finally see things going right but also sad that her father wasn't long for the world. He spoke of seeing specters out of the corner of his eye, making her wonder if being so close to death was allowing him to see those who had gone before.

Ticonderoga was bringing up the rear. He was so happy for the Clan who had adopted him as one of their own. Though he started feeling like an outsider again, knowing the Old Forest was where X had lived with his family, Ticon knew he had made the right choice in his decision to serve the Clan. He watched Akutan lead the way, following Mercury. Byakko was slower but his determination was quite the beacon. It seemed to rub off on the pups because he didn't hear them complain once about all the walking. Sara was walking with Buckshot and it seemed hers was the greatest excitement, seeing the place where her beloved cousin had been born and raised. Ticon had heard a lot about the Old Forest and prayed to whatever gods were out there that the landmarks the Clan had both claimed and erected had survived. Mainly the burial mounds where some of their number had been buried and the original family boulder in the center of a ring of tree dens. 

When they reached the border of their first territory, Akutan slowed to a stop. He looked at his uncle, who looked back. "We're home, Dad," the young patriarch choked out. The weight of his past finally dissipated, leaving behind only scars instead of the festering wound he had lived with so long. Byakko's heavy paws carried him to his nephew. "We are indeed, my son. Welcome home," he said. The Clan closed ranks for a group hug, Sara and Akutan burying their faces in Byakko's faded black ruff. Now it seemed that time was ticking down to when he would leave them forever. Ticon stood off with Stella, watching the family. This was one hug he had no right to join but he was fine with that. This family of wolves had come through so much in their history, stretching all the way back many years ago when Byakko had been a young wolf. 

Byakko thought he saw someone out of the corner of his eye but when he looked, there was nothing. A peace settled over him and he knew that he still had some time left. He wagered he had another three or four days left. A week at the most. He said nothing of his thoughts but it seemed that in spite of his time running short, he felt his age leave him and his former strength return. find those mounds...

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    Something told him he had witnessed history, when Alana passed the crown to Mercury. He knew Byakko had much to say on the event, since he had known both queens since their youth. And Aeneas knew the heartache his elders felt when Mercury announced that she would return them to the territory of her birth. 'Why had they ever left?' he had wanted to ask, but felt this was something he might have already been told. There was so much history, he had trouble keeping it all straight. Indeed, when Mercury roused them early to follow an old trail, he felt the deep veins of the past beneath his paws. For all that they had lost, there was something exciting about returning to their old homeland, wasn't there?

    Aeneas walked on his own as the group followed Mercury. He wanted to feel this old ground beneath his own paws, wanted to take these first steps himself. He examined the natural bridge with wide-eyed fascination as they walked under it, tripping on an unsettled stone in the creek and getting himself all wet. He didn't complain though. He kept moving on paws that dried quickly in the grass, and smiled at the familiar sight of a lake. Not the same lake, but it was something he knew. There were small victories in the little things he wouldn't have to relearn with this move.

    It was here that Mercury stopped, and Aeneas stopped as well, immediately sitting down to rest. It had been a long journey, and his paws hurt, and his legs hurt, and he really wanted a nap no matter how pretty everything was, but he waited for direction. He just hoped he didn't fall asleep while someone started talking.

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    After the pack had parted from Inaria, it felt like the hole in Kastra’s heart was growing. To the older members of the pack they were going somewhere they knew, what they called home. But Kastra wasn’t born in the old territory, had never seen it. Maybe he was lucky that he hadn’t had to go through the whole Asylum ordeal, but it still felt like it wasn’t going to be his home, not yet. Eventually he would settle into the ‘new’ territory, but for now every step away from the mountains that surrounded Nardir, it felt like parts of him were unravelling and being left behind. Mercury had taken up the mantle, with Alana and Julek taking a step back. It seemed Kastra still got to hold the title of Prince, but his parents were no longer the queen and king. He tried to feel love towards his aunt, now his queen, but he barely knew her. He wanted to be friends with her, be family, but there was a fear, there was always a fear.

    Even with the worry of wondering if Mercury could handle a pack that she hadn’t seen in so long and now held in her paws, he had taken his father’s sled, carrying as much as he could. He wanted to joke that by the end of the trek he would be much stronger, but he just felt tired. Kastra went to sleep worn out and woke up worn out. He knew it was bad to dive nose first into something new, something that would take time for a body to prepare for. But he needed to help in some way, if he didn’t he felt like he would break. He tried to not think about Byakko. Kastra had never grown close to the X Clan, honestly didn’t as much as he should about them, but they still felt apart of his family. Byakko had always been there, a constant in his life. And now he would just…die. It felt wrong, but it made Kastra determined to get to the territory that the elder had called home. They had to get there for him. It gave Kas something to focus on, a goal. It was a temporary peace in his heart, but it was peace nonetheless.

    When they finally reached their destination, Kastra stopped beside his aunt, the sled dragging sadly behind him. His bi colored eyes watched Byakko and his family, watching them all as they seemed to be watching the elder for his last breath. Kastra hoped that coming to Byakko’s homeland would breath some extra life into him, help the elder find his resting place at the very least. If they couldn’t stop death, they might as well make the victim comfortable. Kas tried to not look too much, feeling pain in his heart. There was so much to accept since the gas. Alana and Julek were no longer their leaders, with the aunt Kastra felt he had just met taking the lead, some packmates were missing, and some were about to die right in front of them. At least the deaths he had to witness were from age, which was the easiest way to go. He looked away from the pack, looking at his new queen. No matter what happened, he would remain loyal to Nardir. His parents and siblings might not be walking with him anymore, but this was all Kastra had anymore. He didn’t want to start anew. He looked to Mercury, a question on his tongue. “What now?

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"I will take the pack home." She declared, "If it is occupied, I will fight to reclaim it."

The breath caught in Arik's throat.
"Home?" He had muttered half in awe. He instantly knew what home she was after. The place he should have been born. He was conflicted about the change of leadership but it instantly melted away to something hopeful. He had heard stories, had been told as a child of the home that was taken away. How his father had gone over the waterfall for Hakan's sister. How his own mother nearly lost her life to a pack of coyotes, or was that the cougar? The promised, moon blessed, home of the Queen's blood. The dire was raring to go and followed diligently, never complaining.

The young giant male dire's head was down pulling a sled. Instead of taking up the rear this time he was almost abreast with Mercury when entering the lands. He knew. He knew with the tingle in his paws that they had come home. Upon passing under the bridge his heart leapt in his chest. Home! In all of his wanderings he had never felt this sense of wholeness wash over him. He could almost feel his parents walking next to him. When they could see the lake he almost collapsed in emotional exhaustion, barely holding beck tears. He could hardly see the sun sparkle on the lake through the mist in his eyes.

He felt a tug still, almost to keep moving even though they started to settle here by the lake. Like a longing that would answer the question of his true identity was only a few steps away, just over that ridge.

As they all started to rest from their long and arduous journey, Arik quickly unhitched himself and once free he strode further toward where it felt like his heart was urging him. At the edge of the pack he stopped, knowing there would be time to investigate further. He couldn't stop looking towards an island in the lake as if something was calling him.


Kyra was... Well the change in leadership threw her for a loop and she didn't know how to take it. Then while in Inaria she learned of Byakko's commitment to kick the bucket. On top of it all she learned while in Inaria that she was... well she was probably pregnant. She wasn't entirely sure yet.
And then Mercury declared they were going "Home" and the way she saw Akutan and Byakko and her own father perk up meant she was referring to The Big OG Home. That was cool, her mom and Lyra would have liked that.

To be honest she kinda liked how Mercury ran things so far. And her vibe was a lot more... abrasive than Alana's? Not abrasive in a bad way but more like determined, battle hardened, experienced, with a focused way of doing things.

She really didn't know how to take Byakko's "leaving", as what she was calling it for now. She really REALLY didn't know what do to with... things... inside her... She didn't know if she liked being pregnant if thats what this constant feeling of going to be sick was, or was that just stress? She kept wanting to pull a sleigh or hold a pack though she couldn't help but feel a lot weaker than she ever had been during this trip and struggled to stay by Akutan's side. She didn't know how to comfort him on their journey in this weird sad happy state. She was terrible at comforting him anyway other than spending some time alone with him. She was not her teasing troublemaker self the entire way, and she barely spoke.

She watched as Akutan stopped at the border and had a moment with his uncle-father. In a lot of ways Byakko felt like a second father to her as well. She watched them all hug, honestly not feeling like she wanted to be touched right now anyway with how her stomach as churning.

When she passed under the stone archway her stomach settled for a moment and she had a deep and steady breath. It was then she saw her mate again. It was like cobwebs had been brushed away from him. His black pelt was shining with a healthy sheen, a little travel worn but it was like something had been melted away from his soul. She didn't know how to explain that. His eyes were brighter. She gave him a weak smile if he turned to her, probably the first one since before Inaria. The queasiness came back again and her thoughts grew cloudy as she followed them to the lake.


The old healer had seen the change of leadership coming. There was only so much a gentle soul like Alana's could take. She needed to take some time away from a leadership role. He could tell she was burnt out and needed to focus on her self. He gave a proud nod to Mercury as she stepped up and declared their next move. Bold, and a solid foundation for this new era for Nardir a return to The Land of her Birth.

During the trip he had been lost in the past. Replaying all the wonderful and terrible moments of the old forest. A breath of fresh air blew over his face as they crossed the border and he watched with gladness Akutan's transformation, it was subtle but he could tell a deeper healing had finally come to the boy. As he turned to the stone arch a butterfly fluttered in his face excitedly and he let out a chuckle. A spirit familiar welcoming him home, either the spirit of his beloved or of his step-daughter Cora. It rested on his ear and seemed determined to stay and stick with him.

The familiar energy was almost palpable as they approached the glittering lake. He saw a log he could almost swear his niece River was dancing on as a pup just yesterday. He could almost see himself over there by that old rock teaching Princess Alana about some herbs and running to Heartbeats den to help her deliver Rio with Alana's help. He glanced at Mercury again, He hadn't spent a lot of time with her as a child but he remembered very clearly the day of her birth. He was very new to the pack, he had only just met Jase and Sal as pups, along with their friends a brown pup and a blue pup. The queen had let out a call, Hakan was a young man then, he assisted the old Head Healer in delivering Alana, Mercury and Alexander. It launched his career and familiarity of the pack.

The old log where he professed his undying love to the firepelted beauty surrounded by butterflies seemed to have been lost to the ages as far as he could tell from where they walked. Was the old willow still there? Would their dens be just as he had left them? He had just barely dug them out and presented their own clan space when Loath came and they were exiled out. Kyra was supposed to be born here. Kyra, Arik, and Sara were all meant to be born here with their siblings.

He glanced at the Prince Kastra and the other royal children, dislodging the butterfly for a moment until it rested on his shoulder, they should have been born here as well, though perhaps if they had never left Alana would have never met Julek.

He glanced finally at his dearest friend Byakko, though new life had been breathed back into him, it would only be for a short time. While Hakan was sad, and he would miss his friend, it was a part of the circle, another season of existence. When the traveling was over he would go with Byakko to the mounds, he was pretty sure he remembered where they were.

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Walking back, she had a vague feeling of going home, and also of the feeling that she had witnessed the stepping down and changing of leadership a few times in her life. Of course, no details. She couldn't help but sigh slightly at that. Feeling a lick on her cheek she startled a little, before smiling and returning the gesture. She watched Byakko out of the corner of her eye - he seemed much perkier, less inclined to his mooching. But she was well aware that the time of his passing was nearing. She could feel it in her bones too - her bones ached to go but she, as stubborn as ever, refused to leave him again. He had to go first and they'll meet the black wolf together. A flash of blue caught her attention, and though she looked she couldn't find the wolf it belonged to. Was Shimmah playing tricks? No...there she was walking with Uh...whathisface again...the healer...Hurker? Something with an H.

As they paused her eyes took in her little family. Sara and Aku hugging Byakko, Sara's pups so well behaved and handsome and pretty. Tico-something or other standing just behind, watching and guarding. Aku's female, the name escapes her completely, standing close by and looking decidely uncomfortable. Raka frowned and gazed at her - perhaps it was just all the stress and the long travelling. She sighed and stretched stiffly, baring her teeth at the way her back clicked. Yech. never one for lenghty hallo's or goodbye's, Raka was eager to find a den.


Ah man. She hated walking. Haaaa....teeee....dddd it. Uch. To stave off boredom, the young female had tried walking, marching, ambling, plodding and was currently in the process of perfecting mooching. She couldn't care less about who was the new leader, or why. The only reason she'd tagged along was for Raka. And the only other wolf she kinda knew and kinda felt comfortable with was Hakan. And he was also old enough to kick the bucket. She watched Raka, feeling that old pang. She knew Raka was leaving her. Since coming to this clan Raka had been glued to the scary one's side, and though she tried, Shimmah just couldn't find her place among them. Like, they always asked questions about her daddums and then speculated about her grandpa that was this famous old beta's healer son or something. It irritated her. Why dwell in the past? The past can't feed you! Mind you she didn't quite feel as if she belonged in this pack, either.

She pouted - no, come now, she promised Raka that she would try. And try she will. Maybe if she got a rank as something? Shimmah was sure there wouldn't be something she was good at. She was only good at being scared and talking REALLY fast.
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Great tragedy after great tragedy it seemed, he'd walk from one, thinking that it'd be safe. That it wouldn't dare follow him, but it had. This new home had proven only to be temporary and not only for him, but for everyone included. Nardir's lands had become inhabitable, their Leaders running off (though Merc would never admit something like that about her dear sister). Those that chose to stay, remain as a pack had no one but the dark female to look up to. A new moon would rise to eclipse that of it's pale twin.

Nardir would be a phoenix rising from the ashes of a great calamity, and it'd be all the more stronger for it.

He eye'd her from the far back of the group, not fully used to the idea of her now elevated status. Hey, yeah, haha, I'm kind of sorta...actually am your queen now. She spoke for Nardir, and they'd look to her for guidance. The Moon's Shadow would now be their guiding light. Aah, you were at our side, all along, our guiding moonlight.  

For the long travel, he remained quiet, his paws doing all the talking it seemed. They howled with pain and ached to the touch, his mind in numb dissociation as they passed bridges of stone and caves. But finally they came to a pause, Kodi nearly bumping into someone drew his ears back as he looked out and ahead. There was a large commotion, a family it would seem that hugged each other tightly, the large male would be sure to side step them, giving them an uncomfortable look.

Coming up to stop just behind Mercury, he'd follow her gaze once more. "Is this it? Home?" His hoarse voice finally spoke out to her.

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After what must have been weeks, Vienna finally picked up the trail of the Nardirians. Her stomach twisted anxiously, but her face didn’t betray any emotion; would she even be welcomed back? She was family, but she’d been gone for so long and hadn’t even told anyone when she left. She glanced back at the way she had come and briefly thought about going back into the wilds. She had a moment of self-doubt; what if she wasn’t good enough? What if she wasn’t brave enough?

She grunted quietly and shook her head slightly; no, she would be brave and go meet them. Apologize and explain. She was going home, to be with her family and her pack. She had learned a lot and, while she could always learn more, she felt that she had learned enough to be able to protect her family. They would understand why she had left. She nosed some of the grass as if to reassure herself the scents really were familiar, and guessed they were only a few hours old. Night was falling though, and Vienna was tired. She found a tree nearby and curled up between some of its roots, but sleep didn’t come easily for the young wolf. When she did sleep, she dreamed of fighting bears and waterfalls.  

As the sky began to lighten, birdsong roused the black and white wolfess from her fitful sleep. She got up and stretched, her mouth dry. There wasn’t any water nearby, so she ignored her morning thirst and picked up the trail of her pack. The scents grew stronger as she found the mountain pass that led to a valley she had never known, but her body started humming with familiarity. The trail forked, and the scents continued down one way. Vie had a brief thought to follow the other trail to see where it would lead, but she was stalling now. The sky was pink with the rising sun as Vienna followed the scents through a forest, stopping at the creek for a drink of water.

Stalling again. She shifted her paws before pressing onward. The scents were growing stronger and then, finally, she saw them. Her pack. And right there in a group hug was her family. She immediately recognized her cousin Akutan, her sister Sarajevo, her father, and... was that her mother? Vienna edged in a little closer to the pack, but still stayed off to the side in the morning shadows. Unless they’d been looking for her or smelled her, nobody would notice her; her trained paws kept her completely silent in her approach. Dark maroon eyes just watched her family, drinking in the sight of them. Did Sara have pups? The red one by Akutan seemed familiar... was that his mate? She would catch up with them later. For now, Vienna just watched everyone.
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She was tired. Worried. The muscles in her legs spasmed every few minutes out of sheer anxiety. Not knowing what was to come always took a toll on the red she-wolf. The past months had been difficult and Melacine usual disposition had turned from gentle to almost hopeless since the pack had moved away, seeking refuge in Inaria. She liked the comfortable confines of Nardir; it was familiar and warm and she missed it dearly and now she was finally returning. The gravity of the situation hadn't sunk in yet, but Mercury's words stirred a feeling of ease inside her.

The faint scent of Nardir filled her nose and Melacine followed the group into their lands. There was something haunting about the faintness of the smell; as if their territory was filled with ghosts. She recognized certain twisted trees and rocks where she had sunbathed prior to leaving Nardir. It brought a warm feeling to her stomach; Melacine let out a small breath of relief as they walked deeper into the territory. She was finally home.

Not feeling much like speaking, Melacine opted to walk beside her pack mates and alpha in silent gratitude. She was beyond grateful that their home was still inhabitable.

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