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Sloan she/her
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The sun was so beautiful.

The way it tended to the Earth, ensured the plants were energized and healthy, the way it warmed the waters, and the effort it put into making things brighter. Easier to see. Sloan loved the sun and loved it much more so after learning it was responsible for melting all of the frigid snow. The slush was fun and it created mud, which was the perfect medium for her self-made rock paintings.

She dipped her paw carefully into the slush-mud combination beside her, spreading it abstractly across the rock. Paying close attention to the texture she was creating as well as the way she molded the lines together. But it was missing something. Red eyes stared quizzically at her creation, tilting her head slowly as if trying to make the idea shift within her. 

Oh, yes! COLOR.

Although the mud was fun, it lacked the vibrancy she craved. She needed blue or red, … or green! Any would do, really. But how would she get it? Sloan stood to her mud-stained feet, staring across the pond until she landed on a blob of steel grey and a muted blue. Perfect combination of colors, just what she needed!

Bounding forward, Sloan splashed across the cold pond and climbed among the turret of stones until she could reach the colors she was after. Reaching higher, she attempted to grab the color with her two front paws, grabbing whatever she could manage before she lost her footing. Backwards she fell, tumbling into the pond and landing swiftly on her bottom. When she looked to her paws, she saw that she grabbed some blue and grey… fur?

Curiously, she looked up the tower of stones. What had she done?! She was going to be in trouble, for sure. “Oh, please, don’t be angry with me! I was just trying to find some colors to complete my painting, would you like to see?”

new colors, new paths to fuse
we can dance in our light
nothing ends, only new views
we can light it how we like

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Cian He/Him
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It was his turn to slip away from his family today, with K standing a dutiful watch, Cian was able to slip away form his mothers tired eyes, and into the world of unknowing.  Well, only slightly unknowing, he'd been out and about before, with K, and a weird girl, but now he was by himself and he felt more alive then before.  He wasn't sure if it was the being alone part, or the maybe getting into trouble without anyone finding out part, but either way, he felt great.  As soon as his legs breached the den, they took off, taking them as fast as they could go in the opposite direction.  The cool breeze swept through his fur, the cooler weather would be disappearing soon, and would change into warm, spring weather.  Of course Cian had no idea what any of the seasons were yet, he just cared if it was nice enough to get out and do stuff.  

Last time he was out, he remembered a pond, and some rocks to climb, maybe even jump off the rocks into the pond.  He'd even show off to K, if he practiced enough, maybe do some flips, make him jealous.  The thought put a smile on his face as he scrambled up the rocks, the small babbling brook leading into the pond covering any small scapes of sound as nails hit the rock.  It took the small blue pup a bit of time, but he managed to reach the top.  Taking a moment to take in his accomplishment, he stood on the top, his chest puffed out, and his tail held high, he took in a deep breath to announce his accomplishment, but all that managed to escape him was a loud yelp, as something yanked fur out of his butt.  His butt scooted underneath his as he twisted to see what the hell had just grabbed his ass.  

He peered over the edge of the rock to see a white someone, sitting in the shallow water below him.  Playing it off as though he hadn't just been scared that Cruella De Vil hadn't just tried to pull a 101 Dalmations on him, he called down to her.  "Oy! What're you playin' at ay? Yannow that belonged to me bum, an' in turn belonged to me! You can't just go around yanking butt hair from people!"  

 “Oh, please, don’t be angry with me! I was just trying to find some colors to complete my painting, would you like to see?”

Painting?  He cocked his head slightly, "What the heck are ye painting with me butt hair?" He asked, intrigued, it couldn't be good, she used his butt hair after all.  "Sure,"  Cian said, as he left from the rock, landing with a splash next to the white girl, "I'll look at yer butthair painting.  I'm Cian by the way."  He smiled at her, excited to see his butthair being used.  

"You know, if ya wanted ta use me hair, you coulda jus' asked, I'da been glad ta offer ya some a me hairs."  

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