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the morning sun broke into the sky in a cotton-candy mixture of pinks and oranges and blues. the night had not been kind to daevi, with horrid nightmares of her family that left her feeling guilty throughout the day, but watching the sunrise so blazingly gave her a sense of renewment, and, despite her weariness, she felt ready to tackle the day. the soft breeze brought with it hints of water and spring blooms and, most importantly, prey. rabbit, really. the longer daevi ate it, the less she thought of it as prey, but it was food all the same. hopefully soon she'd stop missing the taste of elk, but she doubted it.

it took a long time to convince her body to move, to leave the grassy hill with the perfect view of the sunrise, but eventually she was up and walking toward the smell of food. she felt good, today, despite her troubled dreams. strong, and capable. it helped that within only a few moments, two small rabbits went skittering from their cover in opposite directions away from daevi. she took off after one, but it was fast, and she almost lost it went it took a hard turn through a patch of thick underbrush. but daevi wasn't giving it up that easy, and lunged through, bursting through the brush behind the rabbit - and nearly slamming right into another wolf. the girl struck the ground, lost her balance, rolled into the foliage. she was up on all fours again in a moment, panting. "so sorry!" she huffed, shaking the debris from her fur. "you didn't happen to see a rabbit...?" her question trailed as she looked to the other. he was a huge thing, she realized with a start, twice her size, easily. maybe even bigger than the last dire wolf she had met. 

she took a few steps back, not out of fear, but to put a comfortable distance between them, and to better regard him. it was his eyes that stuck out to him most, bright blue on a slim, dark face. "are you lost?" she asked, though after she wondered why. nothing about him struck her as lost, except, perhaps, the faraway expression in his eyes. at least, that's what she thought it was.

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