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    Since gaining acceptance into the pack, Hickory had found himself finding comfort beside the ocean. It wasn’t exactly swamp land, but it was still wet. There were certainly more noises to entertain him: the water, the birds, the breeze. At first he had spent the few days coming by the ocean under the moonlight when no one was around, still afraid to be seen by others. His welcome into the pack hadn’t been exactly the warmest, and he took it to heart. If the border guards were not use to seeing creatures like him, then chances are none of the pack was used to it either. So even though he had been properly let into the pack, he still felt like he had to hide. Now the sun was starting to sink down, the sky multiple colors as he looked up. Soon it would be dark, bringing in a cool breeze over the waves.

    This is the earliest he had been out to the beach. Usually it wasn’t until the sun had set and the moon hung high in the sky. Now he had risked it, going out into an open area while there was still light in the sky. When he hadn’t been exploring, he had been trying to find all the herbs that grew around the packlands. He wasn’t sure if there was a garden or anything of the sorts, and didn’t dare touch anything without permission. Hickory had sorted the information into his memory instead, to come back to later if he were given a healing job. There were also new herbs around the area, which he didn’t know. It brought forth the fear that if he didn’t know enough, would he continue to be allowed into the packlands? He needed to feel useful, to feel like he had a purpose in this place. But standing on the beach, toes digging into the dark sand, he felt a calmness over him.

    The thin boy sat down on the beach, all eyes open to take in everything that he could. Even if he wasn’t focused on it all, he was able to see the colors of the sky, the waves that were far away, and even some crashing onto the beach. It felt oddly peaceful, but there was some sense of taboo in being in such an open area. He had always been hidden, even in Borogrove. Hickory tried to keep his calm, taking too much pleasure in the breeze rolling over his faces. If anyone were to approach, he wouldn’t notice until they were too close for his comfort, and would easily startle. But until there was a reason for fear, the hellhound almost looked happy and at peace. It was something he had rarely felt.

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"She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her cracks while missing the beauty of how she made herself whole again."
- J.M Storm

The tide was rolling in, and Terra was going to have to leave her farm for the night.  Across her back were a couple of seagrass baskets, loosely woven, but able to hold her spoils none the less.  Her first attempts at weaving had been clumsy and useless, but she had remained diligent, and these latest creations might even be good for more than one trip out among the tide pools.  She rushed to grab the last few mussels she could from along the rocks before they became submerged once more.  As the surf began to flow and fill the spaces among the rocks, Terracotta conceded the ground.  It was time to head back inland.

She was so intent on her task of muscle gathering that she did not notice the figure off among the dunes.  Picking her way over the rocks, she climbed up onto a natural jetty to escape the tide.  the fiery-coated jogged along, following the trail along the edge of the high tide waterline. Her next destination would be to process her catch.  Tail swishing and steps light, she climbed up to a large boulder, worn flat by either the wind or sea.  Beside it, in a tangled mess of seagrass that may have once been a basket, were a collection of rocks and sticks.  Slipping out of her basket harness, Terra ducked into an impression in the nearby wall, withdrawing with a clump of sea grass.  Another impression held drift wood, and she selected a few pieces.

The light was fading fast now, and she rushed to complete her next task.  Shoving the dried grass and sticks into a depression in the earth, she scraped a large, jagged stone against another.  There was a shower of tiny flecks of light, and then smoke began to arise from the grass.  Laying down before it, Terra exhaled softly on the small ember until it properly caught.  Then she used it to light more of the grass.  Soon, she had a small dune fire going.   While her fire grew, she turned her attention back to the basket, still unaware that she was not alone on the beach.

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The Ranger watched in silence as Terracotta set up her fire. She recalled the last time she had encountered fire. It was when both she and Gaven had accepted the careless human traveller that had nearly burnt down half their packlands with his careless techniques. The girl before her, on the other hand, seemed very much in control of what she had built, which was quite small anyway. Despite its ability to destroy and spread at a considerable speed, Livid was fascinated by the fire and slowly walked forward to join the dark, golden-haired girl on the beach. She saw that the girl heavily resembled fire herself. Various shades of orange splattered her paws, tail and chest. The rest of her fur was a burnt brown with darker spots. Bowing her head in greeting, Livid sat down and indicated the flames. "Quite an interesting thing: fire," she confessed. "One minute, it's small and controllable and then it's a powerful wave of destruction the next. I'm Livid, by the way. A Ranger."

She would turn back to look at the fire, completely unaware of Hickory slowly making his way up the beach in their general direction. Of course, Livid had limited exposure to hellions and was naturally ignorant to their various defects. Thus, when the fire slowly lit up the three approaching faces of the hellion, the Ranger would be quick to assume that she was looking at three separate wolves. "Oh, how nice," she would mutter to Terracotta, nodding at Hickory. "A cute triplet unit managed to gain entry. I think siblings always make it a bit easier to fit in..."

Her voice would falter when she realised that the three faces were indeed joined together on the red body of one hellion. The Ranger did a quick double take and stood up, fur bristling in alarm at what she was seeing. She had so many questions. Did they all have a separate brain and personality? Did all their eyes blink? Just how the fuck had the hellion acquired two extra faces? Due to completely lacking any kind of sensitivity or social skills, the Ranger would make a beeline for the hellion, determined to have a closer look. The hellion looked happy enough but, upon thrusting her nose in the direction of his neck, the poor red creature would be visibly startled. Like any individual would with one so blatantly invading their personal space. "Wow," Livid breathed, looking up at the three heads. "Just when you get a fire going, the ghost story just walks right on up."

Like it had previously stated, Livid possessed no tact and her eyes would naturally dart between the three sets of eyes, unsure of which one to focus on. Eventually, she would settle on the pair of eyes to the far left and would address it in a slow, commanding voice, like the hellion was of slow mind because of his appearance. The Ranger did not mean any harm but, yeah, the introduction was already going down the drain mighty fast. "Hello. I. Am. Livid!" she would begin. "It. Is. A. Pleasure. To. Meet. You!"

Because yelling in emphasised, short bursts was a suitable way to handle an already startled hellion. Obviously. It was almost remarkable how she had devolved from philosophical discussion to judgementally so fast.

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