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Sitting quietly in an expanse of vivid spring flowers was a sweet white child, his bum tucked under him as he sat, looking more like a rag doll than a pup. Lifting his pale nose to sniff at the breeze that drifted by, inhaling the sweet smell of spring. Born to the winter, Toki hadn't much cared for the cold bleakness that was his young world and as spring slowly rose upon the pup's home he marveled at the explosion of colors and scents. Closing his pale blue eyes, the boy lifted his face to the sky, letting out a sigh of joy as he felt the sun's warmth on his face. This day was amazing, so fresh and new, Toki smiled to himself. Birds called and swooped over the flowery area, catching bugs to bring back to their fledglings while a grasshopper landed on a bright orange flower right in front of the pup. Boof. Toki teased, sending the bug leaping away as fast as it could, Toki couldn't help but giggle, he was still a child after all.

It was so rare to be on his own like this, normally he was surrounded by siblings and packmates, chaos reined whenever they were around. Toki much preferred the quiet to the rambunctious activities of his siblings, it wasn't so much that he didn't enjoy their games but it was hard for him to keep up. Something inside the young boy was different, it caused him to be tired out more rapidly than the other pups his age, as a result, he was a bit... chubbier than the rest of them as well. Differences aside, Toki loved his family, he just desired time to himself every now and then. This morning was one of those times, he'd snuck away from the chaos and found himself this small patch of wildflowers to enjoy some peace. He knew it wouldn't be long before someone came to find him until then he sat, enjoying the sights, smells and most of all, the warmth of the sun on his snowy fur.

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- Toki played by River -
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