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The day had started out well enough for Genim; a slow rise long after the sun had already risen it was the kind of day the youth enjoyed most. You see ample time given to actually getting out and about meant the day was automatically going to be awesome, the boy was sure of it. And what with few real responsibilities to speak of yet (Nim would have to make a note to himself to get on that) he was free to simply meander about doing whatever he felt the day would be good for, and today that was foraging for new supplies.

If only he'd known what that one decision would set into motion.

It was supposed to be a nice, leisurely, trip around the woods and maybe even the crystal trees (he could make some beautiful things out of the colors found there he was sure of it!) to gather twigs and other such things for a new idea he had in mind. And had it no been for a strange bit of clumsiness not far into the woods, clumsiness he would later blame on still adjusting to his newly grown features, the trip probably would've gone just as expected. Instead, however, Genim's stumbling over a bit of god only knows what resulted in an all but flailing motion through some brush and straight into a gathering of...he wasn't really sure what they were. Not that there was time to really think about it anyway! Not when one strange noise brought about by his surprised call of, "I'm sorry!" was quickly followed by another before he registered a sharp pain in his leg bringing him to his haunches.

Oh god, what were they?! A startled yelp would escape him as he tried his best to scramble to back to his paws and away, which probably would've been easier if there didn't seem to be a million of the weird, angry creatures coming at him all at once and each armed with a beak coming straight for wherever they could reach. Another hit, this one aimed well enough to snag onto an ear and tear painfully at it, would result in the boy lashing out with a snarl and scrambling up with his back to a tree.

Oh god, this was how he died wasn't it? Taken down by some kind of bird things.

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Harriette she/her
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The day was slow. There didn’t seem to be quite as many booger-faced pups stumbling into the tree any longer, which Harriette was silently happy for. It was nice to get a chance to catch her breath. She felt she’d been working tirelessly for quite some time.

She loved her duties in the pack, and she loved to help others. But today would be a good day to restock some low supplies. They needed a few things in the tree, and she was more than happy to wander about to find these herbs. She announced to whoever else was there that she’d be gone for some time, but would be back with as much as her mouth could carry.

Setting off, she wasn’t sure what to seek out first. Rather than making a plan, she decided to simply put herself out there and see what popped up first.

However, the pale girl didn’t get too far before she heard the noises of a struggle.

A yelp pierced the air and Harriette’s ears perked instantly. Was someone in trouble?

Changing direction, she headed for the source of the sound, picking up her pace to a light run. She had no idea what she’d stumble upon, but she’d never guess to find Genim in a swarm of … Angry birds? Were they even birds? They were so much larger. Much larger – bigger than Harriette, in fact.

At first, Harriette really had no idea how she could help this poor soul (who was actually her nephew, which she would later find out). She was unsure whether she could really do anything to save the boy.

But of course, she could not let him die at the hands of these very … Scary … Birds.

Hey--!” She hollered to him. Which turned out to be a bad idea. Rather than simply catching the attention of the boy, a dozen pairs of eyeballs turned to look at her with dumb stares. A brief pause. Then: chaos.

Changing their tune, they turned for Harriette, waddling at her with snapping beaks and odd noises emerging from within them. She looked around herself in a panic, trying to find anywhere to go. She had the advantage of being smaller than them, so perhaps there was a solution there.

She turned to see a hole within the gnarled roots of a large tree, and decided she’d be able to fit in there, but the enemies would not. Making a move, she ran for the small “cave” and wedged herself within it, wiggling he way in and doing so successfully. However, it was a tight fit, and her tail was still hanging out. She didn’t have any room to move, so she was kind of … Stuck like this.

Oh no…” she muttered to herself, feeling the birds at her tail. She wagged it this way and that, figuring a moving target would be harder to grab with a beak.

She hoped Genim had the next smart move in this little plan, because Harriette was all out of ideas – good and bad.

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