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She stepped onto a rock that hung on a ledge as if it were going to fall. This was it. This was the spot her mother, and her mothers mother came to stay. She could still smell the familiar scent of them. Sweet but tangy. After a few moments she lifted her head, and let out a deep and bellowing howl. It rung in her ears. And her til had fell over the rock as if a target. The howl faded off into the distance, and she opened her eyes. Not only did she think she was alone but she also though there was no one to hear her howl. Did she think she would never come here? Yes, yes she did. Yet here she is.

She sat and looked down before. She thought for several moments and then lifted herself up with a loud grunt. She heard a soft crunch of leaves and she froze, not out of fear but out of curiosity. She moved forward with a hard swallow. Was there someone here? Was it a bear? 
Her green eyes shone bright with curiosity when she growled. Although she wasn't an average sized wolf, she thought of herself as a dire. She the was about two fox lengths away from the stranger when she said with a choked up voice:
"Umm H-Hello?"

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By daybreak, the bones of the old doe arched toward the sun. Each carved with delicate lines, etched into stories and prayers, it was a monument to her death and life. The cairn was done, and Alyth could leave.
The gold and black she-wolf left the doe to climb the stars on her own. She was alive and needed more than clouds to take the edge off her thirst, but if her nose hadn't lied (and so far, it hadn't) there was a stream just a few miles East. She lopped along, enjoying the breeze in her face and the scent of buds blooming fresh and new into the world.
When she heard the howl cutting through the air, she slowed her pace and considered. Her lip caught on top of a fang in thought, she dug deeeeeep inside herself to find the well of People Tolerance and judged it's daily depth. Eh. It wouldn't hurt to look, anyway.
So, she approached along the ledge, keeping back a respectful distance from the other female. Was this a mourning song? Perhaps she shouldn't butt in. Just as she was about to turn and go on her way, the girl wheeled on her, and Alyth sighed.

"Sorry," she said. "Just wanted to make sure you weren't injured."

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