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ooc: This takes place after Zenith leaves Gem for a little adventure; an rp where he tells Serrate about it will be liquid timed!

It was a lonely and stormy night when Zenith took shelter beneath a coniferous overhang. The rain pattered relentlessly for days and gave no warning of let up, but the place he'd chosen was dry and the still thick winter coat kept him warm enough. Blue eyes glittering in the dark gloom, he glanced towards the sky and thought that at least finding water wasn't going to be a problem for a while.

The forest was quiet, aside from the rain. It was still too cold for frogs to sing, and nothing else had business moseying around in a downpour. With a sigh, Zenith tucked his nose under his belly and, feeling quite clever concealed and safe from elements just outside, he let himself sleep.


Ah, here was a familiar dream. The sun streaming down from the fading surface. The bubbles climbing higher, leaving him behind as he sinks. The acoustics of the sea, of distant whalesong and salt against fins. The darkness and the twinkling lights of stars in the deep.

But there, a difference. A voice echoing from the belly of the world, where it's owner lay smooth in sand and quiet. It made him sad.

"Hey," it said, quietly at first. Then it rose up to whisper into his ear. He tilted his head, to hear better.

"Kid, you picked a real bad place for a nap."


His eyes snapped open and all about him was a terrible roaring. The canopy that had sheltered him was hanging so low it touched the dirt, and just beyond the needle leaves rushed water. A lot of water. Zen scrambled to his feet and pushed passed the veil only for a torrent to drench him immediately. The ground shook, and he sank, paw for paw, in soupy mud.

"Oh," he muttered under his breath, watching his ankles disappear into the bank—the BANK? What bank?!

Before him was a river, fresh and new and widening every new moment of its life, and it was hungry. No sooner had he registered his surprised that it was lapping at his legs, and then, as he tried to turn and flee to higher ground he cursed himself for not finding in the first place (so much for that smug attitude!), it had taken hold of him. He tumbled head over heels and bounced against the bottom, still grassy, still full of budding trees and undergrowth, and was swept away.

[Image: 2124832_kixO06aX1nB27mB.png]

Before you read this ride the night train.
Do not sleep. Encounter people you remember,
now long dead, and read to them...

...Before you read this leave your room.
Leave everything. Walk naked into the
darkness that has no words, in which there
are no words, in which all reading is over.
Before you read this.

- Played by Riss -
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