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Life was slowly – slowly – getting back to normal for the crimson girl. She could feel, day by day, her strength coming back to her. She could go longer distances without losing her breath; She could push heavier objects around; She could jump higher, farther. It was a small step for a long journey, but she could feel the optimism rising within her, compelling her to try harder, do more.

Of course, this was not all accomplished by Zanna herself. No, she had someone else to thank for her progress.

Kappa had been doing an astounding job of not only being a supportive packmate and mentor, but perhaps becoming a friend to Zanna. Their meetings thus far were strictly business (basic training, conditioning, circuits), but Zanna couldn’t help but feel a part of her beginning to form a bond with Kappa. It may have been a one-way feeling at this point, but the crimson girl was slowly finding herself trusting Kappa more and more. Only time would tell, and she still had a lot of progress to make before she could try for the Dragon Spectre rank once again.

Today was a day off, but rarely did she take more than the necessary time to rest. She was planning to go walking today, to see how long she could go before needing to rest. She usually started at the lake at the farthest end of the second ring, and would work her way toward the first ring. Last time, she was able to make it half way before needing to stop and catch her breath. But she’d gained more muscle since then, and her lungs were getting stronger, so she felt that today she might be able to make it all the way.

Of course, there was always the risk of getting caught at the division between ring one and ring two, however it was a risk she was willing to take – she had no malicious intent, no secrets to hide. Being intercepted would only slow her progress.

So Zanna walked, her breaths even at first, growing ever slightly heavier as she trekked onward. Her tail swung slowly behind her, her pace relaxed and steady. She used this time to reflect, to think about the many things that swirled in her mind day in and day out. She thought of the old Saboro – how it met its demise, the people that left, what they left behind. Did she miss it? Maybe a little bit. It was hard not to. But she was so hopeful for what lay ahead of them, for what this new land could offer them. She was hopeful for those that came along for the journey, for those that didn’t give up.

Zanna didn’t want to feel any malice toward those who didn’t come along. But the days ticked on, and the chances of them coming back grew smaller and smaller, making it difficult not to feel a sense of anger. Some tiny, miniscule part of her was clinging to the hope that perhaps they’d return. That perhaps Crenate would come back, return to them, lead them as he had before.

She missed him. And maybe part of her missed the old Saboro. Her old rank. Her old body. Her old life.

Part of her wasn’t ready to rebuild and move on. It was hard.

But she had to, there was no choice.

Shaking the thoughts from her head, she moved forward. Her breath was slowly becoming more ragged with each step, her muscles getting tired, aching from the previous day’s workout. She could tell she was close to the first ring, but not quite there. She wanted to push herself, to get there. But she couldn’t risk doing more harm than good. She continued. Just a bit farther. Just a bit farther.

If she could have faith in Saboro rebuilding and recreating itself into something magnificent, then why couldn’t she have faith in herself? Why shouldn’t she be able to restructure herself entirely – becoming something better than what she was before. She would have faith. She did have faith.

She hoped that everyone else would have faith. Not only in Saboro… But in herself. She’d rise to the top, one way or another. She always worked hard, always put herself out there. She had no fears, nothing to lose.

A heavy breath forced itself out of her nose in a grunt as she pressed onward. She would get stronger. And she would be great.

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