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Alakai'i University
Dreams, adventures, and friendships await in the Alola Region!

Welcome to Alaka'i University, located in the tropical islands of the Alola Region. At Alaka'i University, trainers learn to hone their craft before setting out on their own grand pokemon journey. Students can elect to major in pokemon training, breeding, or coordinating while attending the university, and take part in grand battle tournaments, the Island Challenge, and pokemon contests during their stay! Students will get the chance to participate in hands-on classes and explore Kai Island, north of Melemele Island.

Discover the wonders of the pokemon world as your characters are challenged at every turn by classes, quests, and the wild pokemon that call the island home. Catch, train, befriend, and work together with your pokemon and other students in this character-driven rp.

We offer:
  • A friendly, tight-knit, welcoming community.
  • Almost every pokemon is available for capture, even legendary pokemon. Shiny pokemon are also available for characters to catch and collect!
  • A mature, realistic setting for players to test their creative prowess.
  • Characters are welcome to try their hand at Alola's famous Island Challenge!
  • Students are welcome to participate in school tournaments and contests!
  • Battle styles are mostly flexible on the site. Some battle instances require the use of battle calculators, the majority of battles your characters will participate in offer the option to forgo numbers and be more creative with how you interpret moves!
  • We welcome a variety of options for face claims, from real life celebrities, animated characters, and original art!

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