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It was time. Yachak and Crocuta had talked it over, and while the senior shepherd lay watching part of the herd they had managed to catch and corral, Crocuta wandered towards the entrance of the Southern Valley. On the end of the lasso she carried between her teeth, a male saiga antelope walked ever-so-slowly beside the black wolf.

The saiga was marked, bio-luminescent green across his neck--the marking of "Crocuta." For she claimed it as one of her herd. Her sole responsibility to keep him safe--and the two females and 1 young male that timidly followed behind them. They were all well-drugged from the sweet grasses that grew in the Southern Valley. It wouldn't wear off for a day or two, so Crocuta knew she had time to introduce the new livestock to the rest of the pack.

As they got close to Yurt Town, Crocuta let out her namesake; her whooping, hyena-like howl before snatching a spike from her pouches, making a quick move to drive it into the ground with a thrust of her head. Once she was satisfied it was tight in the dirt, Crocuta wrapped the lasso around it.

Satisfied, Crocuta sat down nearby, giving the saiga space but not enough to where if the male escaped, she couldn't grab him in time.

Come, my family, come to me and see the addition to our pride and glory.

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