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With the sky drawing closer to dusk, and the little chirp of insects to welcome the darkness, a very large feline with a peculiar coat of Black, Red and Blue, gave a slow yawn. His canines extended to scrap his lip whilst his tongue roughly lapped his mahogany red nose. Solace had never really stayed out in the open to rest for the day, being the night owl that he was. But he felt like taking a break from being overly cautious of his surroundings and getting a little chancy. 

The big male cat rose to his paws, first the front then the back, stretching out the sleeping muscles to waken them. His surroundings were to his liking, which was the other reason why he decided to take rest there. A small field, ensnared by forest that you couldn't not enter into, a lake seemed to be closer to the trees in the field. The lake seemed to sprout with small life; fish, frogs, small water insects. It was almost crystal clear, due to the fish swimming around and kicking up dirt where they went. Solace was close to it's shore bank, slightly muddy and sandy, which bugged his fur to flinch from the tug as he rose to his paws. The smilodon began to walk towards the lake to take a sip. Not quite unaware yet of the prying eyes that may of been watching.

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The harmonious chirping of crickets surrounded Tulay as her blue nose pushed apart the tall grass. Her dark body was low to the ground as she scurried through the field. She would’ve been well-hidden if not for the soft glow of her bioluminescence. Bright green eyes searched the ground and foliage before her searching for- there! Tulay pounced. A single voice in the crickets’ symphony cut off abruptly as Tulay’s target leaped for safety. She bounded after it, giggling softly. Crickets began fleeing all around Tulay as she disturbed their hiding places. ”Ha!” Tulay exhaled in triumph as she pounced on her cricket a final time. Believing to have caught the creature, Tulay carefully checked under her paws. The cricket had disappeared. With a scoff of disappointment, Tulay straightened.

Her curled ears poked above the grass, soon followed by her head. Bright green eyes focused on the lake. As the sight of water, Tulay suddenly realized how dry her mouth felt. She took a step towards the body of water before noticing the figure on the lake’s edge. Tulay quickly ducked back into hiding in the grass. Should she approach? Life as a nomad was lonely, but Tulay had wanted it that way. Friendships with other animals would only tie her down and hurt her. But... it would be nice to talk to another being… and she was quite thirsty. Her rationalizations complete, Tulay slunk through the grass. She slipped from its shadows and padded towards the lake. She didn’t speak to the large cat drinking; a part of her still wished to remain in solitude. Instead, she nodded to him, if he happened to notice her and took a position some distance away to lap up her fill the lake’s cool water.

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