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Forum Name and Link: INFIDELIS
Type of RPG: Modern Canine RPG
Your Button and Code:  
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<a href="" title="INFIDELIS: A Modern-Day Stray Dog Survival RP"><img src=""></a>

How Many Active Members Do You Have?: 22
Is Our Button Visible? Where is it located?: Yes. It's located statically at the bottom of our home page!

We would like to apply for the scrolling / marquee affiliate position in hopes we can re-apply for the static when we meet the requirements in the future! 
Puffin she/her
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You've been added to our scrolling section. We look forward to adding you to our statics in the future!

Sammiie she/her/hers
Almost Sparkles
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Hello! Is it possible for our button to be moved to the static area now? I see that you have some vacant spots available!

Dire Straits' button is still listed static on our site!
Witch. She
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Sure, I'll ad you

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