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(I wish I could be more original but ah well, here we go.)

A month after Stoneclaw split apart, and the leader she respected and admired vanishing with no traces left behind. She had decided she needed some company, or well something to do with her life than just sit around being a loner. She decided to head in a direction hoping it lead her to a wolf pack, she had passed by a few borders but none of those really interested her, as most of the landscapes she had been trekking through had been to hot for her thick fur do to her genetic heritage. She pushed forward wanting a pack farther north, considering Grim haw was still in her memories and she wondered how the other two snow sabers she had meet and joined up with had been doing. She hadn’t seen them in so long though, that the memories of them were kind of faint. But she would recognize them instantly if they were to appear before her again.

What felt like a long time, and eventually she felt cool grass beneath her paws. That would shred beneath her claws and she felt the cool wind once again. Not panting as heavily this time, and that was when she smelled the scent of wolves and a scent she did not expect, one that did not send fear through her but a fighting drive at first. But then she got a hold of herself and knew she could handle it even if a hellion were to appear before her, and it turned to curiosity rather than a hunting or fighting instinct. Since she had fought and hunted hellions originally, but maybe there might be some friendly ones out there that didn’t want her blood and these ones seemed to have a mind.

So gathering her thoughts and instead focusing on the conclusion she had decided upon, since this place seemed like a good place to join. She let loose a mighty roar, sending multiple birds to flock out of the trees in a spree of flight. That would get anyone in the nearby vicinity to come running she chuckled after she finished, and then pulled from her harness a few crafting materials, and started making a simple necklace. To pass the time as she waited for someone to show up, to see what the hell had shown up on their damned doorstep.
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The Ranger had been watching the sabre for a while after she had heard the roar.

There was something oddly beautiful and soothing about the way she crafted her charms and necklaces. Livid knew she had selected this line of work for a reason, it allowed her to encounter something new every day. The socialisation part she could care very little about, but the talents, the skills and... the stories. The hybrid remembered a time when her mother would tell her stories of travelling bands who held the skills to craft things as if they were magic. It was the one maternal thing she did while her pups grew up. It was only as Livid grew older that she realised her mother had once been part of these travellers. One day, she actually caught her crafting a necklace in a similar fashion to the feline before her. Her mother had made her promise never to tell her father.

Her father did not like magic, or human trappings. 

Deciding she had reminisced enough, Livid stood up from her crouching position and started forward. She would sit before the stranger and smile... and would begin to clap. Slowly, deliberately. For this feline deserved some congratulations... she had officially moved the antisocial Ranger. But Livid was not about to let her see that.

"That's an interesting little hobby you have going on there," the Ranger told her, without an hint of irony. "May I ask how it is done?"

If the sabre chose to tell her, Livid would listen intently and not interrupt once. She was a good listener, despite her cold demeanour. If not, then she would only watch with a hint of disappointment as the sabre's walls went up. She would almost wonder if her mother had used the same technique but would find that she could not remember. There had not being much time between Livid entering the den and her mother realising she had been caught. As anyone would when they've been caught doing something highly inappropriate, she had abolished her daughter for spying and had packed away her trinkets before storming off. Livid suspected her mother had done away with the trinkets, for she never saw them again. 

A shame. They had been pretty.

Once the sabre was finished, Livid would nod and smile once more. "Very impressive," she concluded. "You've arrived on the borders of Gemini. I'm Livid, a Ranger. May I have your name and your reason for being here? I'm sure it's not because it's an ideal spot to make a necklace or two."

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It didn’t take long for someone to find her, as she was making a hole in the jade with one of her claws. Carefully and precisely making sure it didn’t crack at all, this was the hardest part and she smiled as the wolf who had come to see what was up with her. Come to take a closer look,

"That's an interesting little hobby you have going on there, May I ask how it is done?"

Remia perked her ears up a bit and flicked one of her ears stating “one moment” with that one movement. As she focused a bit more on the stone, before finishing the hole. The hole in the jade was completely perfect and she smiled, then turned towards the female wolf. “It’s quite simple really, you see this teeny tiny hole in the stone. Well that’s not made naturally, but by paw hand or whatever gets it’s hold on it and decides to want to make a necklace. It’s the hardest part though, I worked on it a bit last night. As these things take a bit, but you gotta be delicate with it. Like holding a pup in your jaw to carry them kind of delicate. Because one wrong movement or pressure and the stone cracks, and it changes the appearance of the stone drastically. Once your done with that though, well you pull a string through it and than tie it together, the tying together part can be rough. But it takes a bit of mouth and paw coordination as you’ll seen now.” She said, as she pulled a string out of one the pouches on her harness and laid it by the jade.

She flipped the stone on it’s side, burying it a little bit in the ground so it would hold still. Than picked up the string weaving it through the small hole, quick and precise with her movements and when it was through. She moved it back on it’s side, turning the side with the indent she made with her claw and then tied the knot The knot being good enough that it wouldn’t easily untie again, unless forced. She pushed the necklace towards the she-wolf, “It’s yours consider it a gift or whatever you want to view it as, even if I don’t get accepted as I have plenty more stones on me and I like making things for others.” She said, with a smile back as she got ready for the questions that would be asked of her.

“Very impressive, you've arrived on the borders of Gemini. I'm Livid, a Ranger. May I have your name and your reason for being here? I'm sure it's not because it's an ideal spot to make a necklace or two."

“Well it seems like a nice place to join, considering the weather here feels very nice on my fur. Since I originally lived up so far north, as you can tell by my fur. I want to offer my crafting talent as I can craft more the necklaces. My names Remia by the way, and well does Gemini accept big cats? As I would love to join, I can do more than craft if needed. But I just love making things. Livid is also very much an interesting name.” She said, shifting a bit and cleaning the dirt off her fur with her tongue. Than looking back at the ranger, “Sorry it’s a cat thing, if I don’t clean the dirty off my fur it gets a bit itchy.” She said.
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