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Finally. Finally she was able to do this.

It had taken three days and two nights for Crocuta to make the fencing, find the livestock and place them there..They'd been a hassle and a half to find let alone catch safely and now she just sat staring proudly over her makeshift practice-field, it had felt as though it had taken far too long to building the fence securely despite catching the little shits. A sigh of relief was a good reward, though there was much more work to be done now that the sort-of hard part was over. Crocuta knew what to do, she'd done it a few times before..She just hoped she could teach it.

Hopping to and fro within the ring were four or five rabbits. At first they'd been confused, but after being moved to the entrance of the Southern Valley, within the Yurt Town,--which Croc and Yachak had been constructing-- and being left alone for a short time, they'd settled in and had already begun nibbling on the sweet grasses that the Southern Valley always seemed to promise.
Crocuta smiled softly, standing up and stretching each leg in turn. It was time for the apprentices to become apprentices.

Slithering towards the entrance, she stopped part-way in and let out her unique, hyena-like wooping. A call for Cardinal and Nova, but it remained available for others to come visit and watch, or if they wanted too, they could join in as well.

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A call. For she and her sister, undoubtedly. The girl shivered and she rolled over, acid eyes blinking and scoping out the sliver of light that crept in from the edge of the yurt. She looked over for her sister before shrugging and turning her attention towards the entrance to their little shack, letting out a yawn that capped with a little squeak -

before on she went, tumbling towards the entrance. She slowed at the door, pausing to peek her head through and blink back tears as light hit her face. The yurt itself was warmer than outside and she was tempted to stay in and sleep, her winter coat not nearly as fluffy and warm as it would be eventually, though the Southern Valley was much, much warmer than their snowy land up north. Nevertheless, she broke free of the yurt, reds and greys and whites flashing into the grassy exterior.

She bounded away from the yurt, spinning around to wuff for her sister to follow, before turning back and trotting towards Crocuta, the lady who had taken them in as apprentices of the guild. It was weird, being in a guild inside a pack. It was only ever so slightly similar to her youthland, where she was in a little group of slaves inside a pack - but this was so much better than that. Here, they weren't slaves. They didn't get picked on or roughed around or touched in bad ways. They were treated nicely and fairly, like real pups. Like the non-slave pups of that awful place.

As she got closer to Croc, she spotted the rabbits. She eyed them hungrily, belly rumbling before she looked at Crocuta expectantly, silent for now.

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@WinterFever @Uri
If you guys are interested still, we can continue but if not, I'll still count this as 1 training session towards Cardinal.

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( @Stone I'm ok with continuing even if Winter doesn't want to )

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