Private Roleplay  Family Reunion, Attempt 1
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Please Note: All of Camilla’s snakes are NPCs and will not have coloured dialogue.

This little mountain valley was pretty nice, but far too cold for most of her hobbies and pleasures. Camilla’s snakes wouldn’t survive the harsher, northern parts, their cold blood not ideal for the snowy and icy lands the female had found herself in. Because of this, she had spent most of her days in the southern areas where it was warmest, doing her duties as an officer during the day and then returning with mice at night for her little, writhing friends. There was nothing healthy about this obsession... But Camilla took care of these scaled creatures to fill a void in her life she had felt for a while.

A void that consumed...

A void that perhaps her family once filled but in their absence, she found a way to cope.

But there was a time for everything and Camilla felt that she had remained silent, avoiding something she should do for far too long. It wasn’t as if she was avoiding this because she was scared. Camilla wasn’t scared, she wasn’t worried, she wasn’t even anxious. Camilla just didn’t want to waste her time if Rainer felt too distant from her to bother reconnecting. If she believed in fate, Camilla would say that finding this pack was the world’s way of telling her to try once more but that would be silly. At the very least, maybe sating her curiosity would settle her mind.

Camilla set out, following scents going to the places she had seen Rainer – taking care to not go where she was not allowed, of course – and looked for her dearest older brother. How long had it been since talking to or even seeing any of them? Did she know who they were anymore? Would they recognize her? Camilla recalled some things about her brother... She remembered a wild boy who would do anything to see his family safe. Maybe there was hope for the shattered remains of her past to be put back together.

“Alright, you asshole,” A quiet and slightly annoyed tone, directed at no one in particular. “Where the hell are you?”

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When he'd learned that his sister had joined up with them, he had been elated. It wasn't very often when he got to see close family, that is, direct relatives. To be honest, littermates were often the only true family you knew of in Bacchus. Sure, your mother might recognize you from afar, but beyond the connections you made with the pups who were your own age and smelled to their very core like you, you wouldn't know who was a sister and who was a second cousin twice removed.

In Bacchus, everyone was family, but some family was more equal than others.

So tonight he went looking to catch up with his sister, who he hadn't had the chance to hang out with yet. He roamed the land, searching for her. The spot where she slept was occupied with her lovely snakes, but no Camilla present. Clearly, she was out and about as well, so he continued on, head swinging this way and that as he sought her out by both sound, smell, and sight.

One of those finally caught her.

Alright, you asshole, Where the hell are you?
Camilla! he grinned, quickening his pace and cantering towards her. He dove over a log, sinking into the snow merrily as he spotted her and made his way towards her. How's eet going, you old brat? he smirked and playfully nipped at the fur on her shoulder - a more affectionate version of the standard greeting.


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