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There was so much debris laying about from the quake, another force of nature just as all the others she'd seen and survived, that left destruction and waste in its wake. It was upsetting how much loss and how much waste there was..materials that could have maybe been used to help the pack or..someone that needed something and there were plenty in the world that needed something and now it was useless. Well not all of it she supposed. She would have to salvage what she could and try and tidy up, collect the debris into piles, though organized ones, until..until what she didn't know. She'd used debris to help with rescues but there was no one left to rescue as far as she knew, everyone was accounted for. She had been working on collecting the glowing plants and well whatever the glowing stuff was they oozed out as it did seem to have its uses. Perhaps someone else would have an idea of what to do with the debris or rather would have more ideas for the debris as she couldn't be the only to think there was potential in the destruction. Then again..who knew. That would mean going and talking to..others of the pack though which she still wasn't exactly keen on. Sure she had managed to work with others for the rescue efforts but those had been emergencies. This..her idea to use the debris to benefit the pack however..that was hardly an emergency and would require a level of comfort in speaking with others that she simply did not have, not when she didn't have a specific goal in mind and even if she did..she still wasn't the world's greatest speaker.

She knew enough to get by when she'd been posing as a healer in her explorations but that was with those who didn't know her and well..everyone here might not know her but enough of them did to make things..essentially impossible as even those who didn't know her were likely to have heard of her. It was definitely a problem. She wondered if maybe she should go and see if Mercury had any thoughts on what to do with the debris but..Mercury was likely needed elsewhere for more important tasks and she could think of anyone else she specifically wanted to go ask. So she supposed she would simply get to work on forming her piles of material and then..go from there.

((so just remembered I was working on this draft awhile ago for an Aylie post and figured I'd use it though I'm not sure where I want this to go..also this may need to be done short form via PM at some point as I'm still struggling with..things and short form would probably be easier so..yeah.))

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((marked this as PRP for us @Puffin so not sure if I was supposed to mark it short form instead though but either way whever it's ready whenever you are or I can try and add or expand on it some more if you need me to))

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