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It probably wasn't his best game plan, but he had no idea what to do himself for the time being. Since he had just joined this place, he had made it his best effort to avoid as many faces as much as possible. He was quick to learn and quick to realize that he was practically the only sabre in the entire time. This made him debate whether or not he had made the right choice in moving here instead of living on his own. Sure, there was some curiosity he had on how they worked here and everything, but was it really worth the cost. The creature that he had met first had been fairely kind, and it was obvious that a lot of creatures didn't exactly know sabres all that well. It was fine with him at the same time because it meant that if there were no sabres in this place, it just meant that they would have a little bit of a hard time fighting against someone like him. He was already bigger than most wolves in the place, which wasn't saying much since he had only met around three wolves that lived in this place. Which usually ended up with trying to end the conversation that they had with him. There was too much social interaction so far and his brain was having a hard time trying to keep up. The large wildcat didn't grow up with any siblings, meaning that his social interactions were usually considered awkward to that regard. He didn't even which creatures even ran this place, as he didn't stick around to get the introduction. He just wanted to be alone right now, and one thing was positive, he enjoyed the Highlands compared to the Lowlands. He couldn't blend in a place that was nothing but tall grass thanks to the way that his pelt was covered by default. However, when it came to the Highlands there was lush vegetation everywhere, which is exactly what he needed in order to blend into the shadows that the trees and plants produced. His dark fur gave him good cover, but in open areas it was far too easy to see the likes of him. Right now he was following a river upstream, getting a grasp on how big the territory was compared to the one that he had not too long ago. It was much larger than his territory, and seemed far more interesting in that regard. 

The landmark that he came to first happened to be the Faerie pools. If he didn't know better, Erebus would have though that he was in a rain forest with the way that everything looked all of a sudden. He could hear the ocean not too far away from here, and his red-orange eyes looked down toward the water that was bubbling out of the ground. The short tailed sabre had never seen anything like that before, and he wondered how that could even work. Was it safe to drink? Since the youngster wasn't about to ask anyone for advice when it came to exploring, he lowered himself down onto his stomach and gave the spring a quick sniff. He didn't smell anything wrong with the water and thought that it was safe to drink. His salmon hued tongue slithered out from his large maw as the muscle drew the cool liquid into his mouth. It certain tasted fresh, but it still just tasted like water to him and nothing else. The sabre lifted himself back up once he had his fill and began to look around. Now that he thought about it, he was actually quite tired from walking around too much to get this place. He let a low huff escape his jaws as he had a frown spread across his facial features. Erebus almost never looked like someone that was happy, and it was for good reasons. He didn't know what it was like to play games, having a childhood that was severely deprived of anything to promote creativity. He was only concerned on survival and nothing left. The sabre moved himself a little bit away from the pools of water before stopping underneath a tree where he would sit himself down, and raise his head to look through the canopies of the trees. He would give himself a couple moments to relax before figure out the other arrangements he would have to acquire in a place like this. Such as food and living space. What prey animals even existed in a lush place like this? He could only imagine, and he continued to look up into the sky as he was lost in his thoughts. 


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She had been carried to the other side of this realm already, softly and gently the wolves had helped her small figure and while they might still wanted to question her for her actions, she couldn't provide answers. She had heard a male's calling, a voice, a whisper calling her to enter Gemini, telling her that this was his home and he wanted her to know his story. Confused she had obliged and as always with great contact came the headache, which was where they had found her. Now she was quiet, calm and the voices were nothing but a mumbling whisper in the back of her head, yet here in this land they were stronger than she had ever experienced. She had slept for a while, left alone and unattended for the moment, she opened her eyes to see soft grass and rocks. She slowly stood up and looked around, the voices increasing in strength.

Go, Go! 

She didn't know if she should be afraid but like a game of hot and cold, she walked in one direction and changed it if the voices grew smaller. Slowly and steadily they grew in strength as she walked along a path that had been made by the number of creatures who had walked the same walk and the voices began reaching for her, the black shadows in the corner of her eyes shaped as wolves reached for her, caressed her and she felt a slight fright. This was new. This area was strong and she wondered what they wanted her to see. She passed some pools of water, calmly she watched the odd formation of springs and the clear water. She felt compelled to touch it, but somehow it seemed too sacred. She continued to walk.

Not very well hidden and out in the open she found a dark pelted sabre, a normal fox would tuck tail and run, but the tiny fox walked closer as the voices encouraged her to keep going past him. She glanced over him, observing and holding her breath for a moment at the sheer size of his figure. Would he harm her? Or was he a member? She tried to put the voices on hold, but they fought against it, clawing and moaning for her to continue her journey across the land. Her green eyes tried to find the head of the sabre to address it. 


Ordinary. Calm and polite. The little fox didn't hint or give away that in her little world shadows were close to screaming point because she had stopped to talk to him.

"I am Sinn. Are you a member of Gemini?" Or will you eat me? Somehow she remained calm about that gloom fact.

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