Unicorn of the West [OPEN]
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Peering out of the Wilderwood and on to the meadow, two pairs of matching blue equine eyes gazed over the meadow curiously. The smaller cremello mare took a bold step out of the trees and tilted her head at the strangers standing by the lake. She swung her head back to her sibling with a confused look and turned back to the scene. Was that a Unicorn? With one of the new humans?

The Wilderwood Herd had hidden in the woods at the first sign of the human. As far as they knew, the human had no idea they lived here.

Hiding in the woods behind the cremello, a palomino was peeking their head shyly around their sister. Whispering to her in a hushed worried tone.

"Elaine? Is it gone? Is the human gone?"

"Shhh! Not yet!" Elaine hissed back and whipped her brilliant white leaf strewn tail. She could be easily seen at this distance over the hill from the cavern entrance, looking north at the unicorn and the human.

She took a few more steps forward as the strange dark skinned human retreated back into the caves, flaring her nostrils. She wanted to speak to this Unicorn that seemed to have survived such a strange encounter! To meet a Unicorn itself she never thought possible in the first place!

She snorted through her pink nose and took off at a brazen full speed gallop towards the stranger! Her sibling nickered after her and took a few steps to follow but hung back to watch and shake their head.

As her thundering hooves crossed the meadow from the woods she blew air from her nose as she neared the unicorn. She tossed her head in greeting and started to circle him curiously. Her white main strewn with various leaves and twigs, whipping wildly in the wind.

"Who are you? Did you know that human? Did you come together? I've never seen you before, where did you come from?" She asked at a million miles a minute coming to a stop and stretching her nose to sniff him.

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