The Ancient Tomes [Ranks]
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Hiraeth's Ancient Tome of Ranks

The Circle of the Goddess
※Queen: Valen

※Heir: N/A

※Council of Elders: Morgana

The Circle of the Sun
※ Chief Advisors: N/A

※ LoreKeeper: N/A

※ Chief Sentries: Kit

※ Chief Sergeants: N/A

※ Chief Herbalist: Orlaith  

The Circle of the Stone

※ Warriors: N/A

※ Sentries: Emrys

※ Teachers: N/A

The Circle of the Garden

※ Gardeners: Ahi   Maeve

※ Traders: N/A

The Circle of Clay
※ Initiates: Lucretia Jocelyn

The Circle of the Banished


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All Mother they
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Pack Alpha
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Ranks Explained

※ Queen

The Queen is the leader of the pack. Typically chosen by the All Mother, she is the one thought to be the closest connected to the Holy Mother. The Queen can also be chosen by the Council of Elders in the event that no heir is named or born to be successor. The Queen's duties include meeting with the Council of Elders, as well as The Circle of the Sun, maintaining a safe border and healthy pack life. She is also required to join the ranks of the Warriors when they go in to battle. The Queen is the law of the land and while she may accept advice from others, she is considered to be the Most Holy and wisest of all the wolves in the pack.

※ Heir

The heir is the next in line for the throne. When they become of age, if their parent or successor has not yet passed, they may continue to live their life as heir until their parent passes or passes down the responsibility to them. Once they begin to make the transition to Queen, they may be challenged for leadership by any of the same age in the pack. Should they be defeated, the winner will be crowned successor and will need to take the Rite of the Goddess to become Queen. Both the heir or successor will also need to take this Rite once they come of age to take over leadership of the pack. There will never be a King or male successor; all successors and heirs are to be female.

※ Council of Elders

The Council of Elders are made up of four elder wolves who oversee and provide council to the Queen and her court. To become an Elder there are certain rites of passage that must be taken. Each elder sprouts thick mossy overgrown upon their backs which weigh them down and make them slower than the rest of the pack. To be considered an elder you must have knowledge and wisdom from your life's journey, and incorporate them in to the wisdom you provide to the Queen. The Elders are matriarchal, and are often found conversing with pups and teachers, aiding in lessons to the future generations. (Elders must be a minimum of 6 years old, and a max of 10 years old)
※ Chief Advisors

The Chief Advisors oversee much of the rest of the pack and report in to the Queen daily. Their job requires them to check in with each Chief and ensure that progress of trade and open commerce is being handled accordingly. Sometimes considered magpies, the advisors jobs do not simply extend to common courtesies within the pack itself; they are known to travel to distant packs to help create alliances to further the reach of the Hiraeth pack.

※ LoreKeepers

The LoreKeepers are storytellers. LoreKeepers are authors who need to know the names of all who come in and out of the pack lands. They are able to remember the names of each member of the pack, where they originated, and how their roles play out in the pack.  They are the ones who relay the history of their ancestors and of past Queens. They recite the history of their creation as well as  keeping records in drawings and runes found throughout the land of famous battles, famines, reigns of wonderful Queens and reigns of villainous Queens. They are the final word in how history will remember each pack member.

※ Chief Sentries

The Chief Sentries are the eyes and ears of the pack. They keep a watchful eye on the borders, alerting the warriors and advisors when danger is near. They are essentially spies, keeping to the shadows and communicating in their own code to each other and to their subordinates. The Chief Sentries are well versed in keeping secrets as well as keeping every party necessary informed.

※ Chief Sergeant

The Chief Sergeants are the leaders of the band of warriors that are the main defense of the pack. The Chief Sergeants discuss strategies of attack, best escape routes for the children and their families, and overall the best practices of keeping the pack and their land safe. Chief Sergeants are also known to work alongside the Chief Sentries and Chief Advisors in times of crisis as well as to look to the future and always keep everyone prepared for any situation.

※ Chief Herbalist

The Chief Herbalist is one of the few members of the pack that can travel outside the borders in order to pick herbs and medicines for the pack. Typically they do not need to leave pack lands, and are the ones responsible for giving each new pack member and pup their sapling to care for. They are well versed in medicines as well as well as herbal supplements to help aid in times of war as on location medics.
※ Warriors

Warriors are broken down into three sections. There are Captains, Soldiers, and Cadets. The captains work together with the sentires to protect the border and provide extra muscle, as well as report directly to the Chief Sergeants. Soldiers and Cadets fall under the Captains and their duties tend to remain similar when patrolling and keeping the pack safe. However, in times of war, Cadets are sent back to defend the pack and are referred to as The Last Stand while the Soldiers and Captains join the Sentries at the head of battle.

※ Sentries

Sentries are the spymasters of the pack. Their job is to scout for intruders, as well as set up necessary steps in securing the entrance and exits for pack members. Sentries tend to use the world around them as a means of camouflage; burying into the muddy banks at the border, watching from hidden alcoves, etc. The Sentries are also responsible for accepting new pack members- they are the first line of defense met and their word is law when it comes to allowing outsiders in.

※ Teachers

Teachers are also primarily male roles. The teachers instruct pups how to care for their saplings, as well as how to hunt. The primary goal of a teacher is to instill the understanding that each pup in the pack is their own individual self, while also a member of something much greater; that at the end of the day no pack can erase your individuality but to know and understand where you fit in the roles of the pack. Teachers also assist the Lore Keeper in creating historical records of the packs history. This includes but is not limited to: famous battles and wars, alliances, Regal Hierarchy, puppy litters, foreign saplings, the histories of outsiders who have been Chosen by the All Mother, etc. Some teachers will some times travel with large groups that leave the pack lands in order to historically write down every important detail that should be taught to the children as they grow.They are the ones who become the pups first line of understanding and knowledge, and see to it that each pup gets a proper education on how to coexist in the world.
※ Gardeners

Gardeners help the Chief Herbalist in obtaining new herbs, medicines, and sapling seeds. Primarily they tend to fields and gardens, rearing tiny tree saplings that will eventually become gifts to all pups and new members. The gardeners job is to not only grow new plants and wildflowers, but they tend to the elderly whose moss backs have grown too heavy. Gardeners are also responsible for maintaining a healthy forest; and are usually seen tending to sick trees and plants in an attempt to keep them thriving. While they are also seen tending to herbs and medicines, they are also considered the doctors of the pack; treating the wounded and healing those who cannot heal themselves. Apothecaries are also known to aide in elderly wolves and their back moss, creating mixtures of pain relieving plants and berries to reduce pain and swelling. They can mend simple broken bones, heal certain wounds that wouldn’t require surgery, and keep the pack healthy without fear of plague or disease. If the gardeners cannot keep the forest alive then the pack can become severely compromised.

※ Traders

The Traders are members of the pack who go out in search of new packs who have formed alliances with the Hiraeth pack. They tend to travel in a caravan of sorts, bringing with them region specific plants, herbs, medicines, and other items to help create a strong trade line between packs. While the Hiraeth pack could survive on its own, they value import and export as a means of building friendships. Traders can be seen with advisors, or just by themselves as they travel in and out of the pack lands to barter goods and services.
※ Initiates

Initiates are new members of the pack who have not yet been granted to join the ranks, and who have not yet met the All Mother. These are wolves and other creatures who show promise within the pack and are intended to hold rank at some point. Initiates are NOT the same as Omegas.

※ Omegas

Omegas are members of the pack who have been denounced by the Queen or the All Mother. These are members of the pack who have done harm to themselves, the security of the pack, or who have broken their vows with the All Mother. They are still able to help with the pack but are typically disregarded from certain ceremonial activities and celebrations.

※ Children

Children of the pack; whether they are members of the pack or lost children. Children do not hold rank, but when they become of age they are able to test into a rank instead of becoming Initiates.

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