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He heard a roar sounding from within the packlands and immediately thought of Roderik the saber he, and others, had brought in and began racing towards where the large feline was supposed to be, the healers garden, wondering what had happened and what he would be running into. Despite all his speed which was considerable, especially when his knowledge and experience as a runner was factored in, he still was not fast enough to prevent the chaos that had unfolded here and seemed to still be unfolding. An injured Lotus and more importantly an injured pup and a distraught looking Roderik as well as a protective and angry guard in training and another youth who seemed utterly lost. Well guess it was time to put his skills to use, or perhaps more aptly, to the test given the high tensions and emotions that were clearly visible to anyone with eyes and not just to those used to looking for signs of emotion. "Everyone calm down please". He would begin by trying to gain everyone's attention keeping his own voice calm but authoritative enough that it should do the trick. "Lotus how is the youth? And yourself? Are the injuries severe?". That would be the next thing addressed was the wounds, assuming he had been allowed to even get that far and if he had received answers about everyone's condition then the next thing to do was to find out what exactly had happened.

That was likely to be a trick thing though as this was the healer's garden which is where Roderik was supposed to be which meant logically he was the one to start with however he wasn't sure how well the large feline would be able to compose himself on such short notice and and didn't want to further upset his fellow packmates. Which meant going by ranks, although given the scents and when he had left them them, he doubted Lotus had been here long and besides she had only just recently been brought back within the pack. He was unsure of the injured youth having a rank and he didn't think the one who seemed lost held one either which left..the guard in-training. This was definitely going to be a test of skills and in more ways than one. "Alright if you would one at a time please explain what happened, starting with you Felix". Hopefully for everyone's sake the lad would cooperate for a change and not make things any worse than they already were.

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He had left the garden for only an hour. Just a small hour to stretch his legs, find some lunch, and catch something for his newest patient. After all, proper nutrition was necessary for healing, and by the size of Roderick, the youth would need a lot of food. For now, two rabbits would have to do until Anglachel could heckle a soldier or guard into catching something larger. And once the youth was healed enough, he could catch his own meals.

It was a rather successful trip, and the healer was more than happy to return to his garden — but the yells of distress and fear echoed through the threes.


He knew that voice — Felix?

Instantly, Anglachel dropped the prey and sprinted with all he had, bursting through the undergrowth into an absolute mess. Roderick, his bandages a mess. Young Felix, looking about a second away from tearing into Roderick. Two children on the ground, clearly winded. A bleeding stranger standing defensively before them.

And the soldier from the borders, who apparently was the only voice of reason.

Everyone calm down please

And sit down — I will not tolerate fighting in my garden.” Anglachel added after a deep breath, reigning in a foreign feeling of irritation that simmered in his veins. This was a place of healing, not bloodshed. “Roderick, try not to move, I’ll have to redress your wounds.” His voice was not unkind, but it was certainly firm with a hint of a warning laced inside.

The soldier’s voice faded to the background, as Anglachel was more than happy to leave the questioning to him. He’d move silently toward the pale child, inclining his head to examine the claw marks across her scruff. Not lethal, but certainly unpleasant. As for the bleeding stranger — Lotus, the soldier had called her — the bite looked nasty, but it didn’t appear to be lethal. The worst would be fending off any infection. “We’ll have to get that disinfected. Clear away some of the blood while I retrieve some herbs.” Anglachel instructed her with a soft sigh before turning to regard Birch. “Can you do the same for your sister?” With that he’d move away to gather necessary supplies.

Well, at least his morning had been pleasant.  

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No... No no no no no... This wasn't happening. Roderik watched as the pups gathered together around the cream colored one lying on her side. At first he thought she was dead, and his heart caught in his throat. How could this have happened?? One moment they were asking him questions and the next... He'd picked up their brother because he wanted to help him overcome his shyness. Not this, he'd never wanted this!

 "You can't - You can't just!" 

"I didn't mean to-"

"You- You tried to kill her! Trill and-and both of them! Murderer!"

Tried? She wasn't dead. Oh thank god. Wait... Tried? No no he hadn't tried to kill anyone. He'd never wanted to kill anyone, not Trillium, not the one who'd bitten at his neck either... Not Taverin.

"No! Felix, I never meant for this to happen! You have to believe me!"

He would move forward then, wanting to see for himself that she was alright. He wanted to make sure she would be okay. He didn't want to watch anyone else he knew go underground by his fault. Enough was enough. But he wasn't given the chance to approach, already the other had dragged herself between them and showed her teeth.

"Stay back! Don't come any closer!!!"

He stopped then, and took a few steps back to reassure them. At that moment he understood. No matter how much he would have wanted to fix the gap that separated their species he couldn't. There had been too much hurt.... He could see it now, and it sickened him to think of the damage one of his kind could inflict on these creatures. There came a sound from his maw, low and quiet like a sad groan.

"Everyone calm down please"

“And sit down — I will not tolerate fighting in my garden.”

There was no resistance from his part. Roderik took a few more steps away from the group and slowly lay down on the ground with his back to the others. He proceeded to lick the wounds he could reach on his shoulders.

“Roderick, try not to move, I’ll have to redress your wounds.” 

"Don't... I should leave. You've shown me nothing but kindness. I don't want to trouble you or your pack any more than I already have."
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OOC - This is a one time post to the thread. Sitka basically came and left. I just wanted to include him in the story =P

The moment Sitka heard the roar echo in the distance, his heart began to pound in his chest. He'd dropped whatever it is he was doing and began to run as fast as he could towards the healer's garden. He knew only a sabre could make such a sound, though he'd never heard a real one before (He had to admit his father had given them a fairly accurate imitation of the sound while telling them his stories). He specifically remembered his father telling them to stay away from the big cat. So naturally, his siblings were probably involved. Which was bad. No, it was worse than bad, it was terrible. Sitka gave a shake of his head and a hidden smile to most of their schemes and trouble making moments, but this? No, this could have had potentially devastating consequences. The young wolf realized he was technically disobeying his father by heading there right now, but the thought of his brothers and sisters being in trouble buried that worry for now. He just wanted to make sure they were safe.

Perhaps later in life, Sitka would outrun any of the ones that had answered the call of danger, but for now his legs were still too short to cover the same distances that the adult could in similar time. Hence when he arrived on the scene there were already three adults there, seemingly keeping a steady hold on the situation (though one of them seemed wounded). He'd spot the sabre laying a short distance away (holy heck that thing was huge!?), but not before spotting most of his siblings crowded behind the wounded adult. OF COURSE they were there. Where else would they be but in the exact spot their father had specifically told them they shouldn't be? Sitka groaned, his siblings would be the death of him. But wait, why was Trillium on the ground... and... was Birch crying? With a soft gasp, the child hurried up to reach the small gathering, which was being swept over by the healer's knowing gaze.

"Trillium?" He'd turn his head to the healer with a worried glance. "She's going to be okay, right?"

Sitka needed to be reassured that his sister wouldn't die. Sure, she was a total pain in the butt. She was way more trouble than she was worth. And Birch would surely have a much better chance at a longer lifespan without her around (heck they all would). But she was his only sister and he loved her. His fear of losing her was genuine, and that fear turned itself into anger while he turned to look at his reckless brother Felix. This was probably his fault, who else would have had the brilliant idea to drag them all here anyway.

"You! This is probably your fault" The fur at his neck raised, but he didn't look any bigger or intimidating. "Why are you here when dad told you to stay away?" It probably wasn't Felix's fault. Not all of it anyway... and later he'd feel dumb for picking him out of the group as a scapegoat, but for the moment it was all he could do. "Why can't you just do as you're told!?"

"Someone needs to tell dad."

Sitka took no satisfaction out of the 'I'm going to tell dad' routine whenever he did it. This time was no exception .He knew they probably called him a tattletale behind his back. Giving a glance to Trillium and Birch that was a mixture of 'I'm sorry' and 'hope you guys are going to be okay', Sitka turned tail and left to find his father. He was doing them a favor really. Maybe he could manage to tone the whole thing down so their dad wouldn't ground them forever? Yeah, he would at least try to do that.

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Her brother's voice was very far away. Damn, she hurt. The burning in her chest warred with the intense sting from her torn neck and shoulders.  All she could do was just lay there. For a terrifying instant, her lungs wouldn't inflate, and she couldn't breathe.  Then, as the diaphragm spasm from the impact subsided, She sucked in a rattling breath, then another, then another.  But it hurt, oh it hurt.

"Slow breaths sister, don't stand lay down on your side and breath like this, "

She tried to focus on the sound of Birch's voice.  She could feel him, and as he lay beside her, the two of them just breathing. She locked her eyes to Birch's.  If he was close enough, she'd rest her forehead on his.  He was okay. He was okay.

"It's going to be alright, I promise."

She couldn't really focus enough to follow the rest of what was said, or what was happening with Roderick and the adults.  Felix was hysterical... screaming bloody murder.  Had she been murdered?  Was death supposed to be this painful?  But no, she thought, as she took another shuttering breath, death was supposed to end suffering.  This hurt. surprisingly enough, Trill didn't feel angry.  Everything had happened so fast.  She'd brought Birch here... she'd put him in danger.  But he was okay... And then, another voice pierced through the chaos.  Sitka, usually smart enough not to be drawn into their shenanigans, had come running.  Great.

"Trillium? She's going to be okay, right? "You! This is probably your fault. Why are you here when dad told you to stay away? Why can't you just do as you're told!? Someone needs to tell dad."

"Sit-ka." Trill breathed, her voice coming out as a strangled whisper. "Don't... don't tell... Dad..."  But he was already gone, and probably hadn't heard her...

It wasn't Felix's fault.  It was her fault.  She dragged Birch out to the river this morning.  She brought him to the healers for his splinter.  She'd honestly forgotten about the big cat until she'd seen Felix talking to him.  She hadn't even meant to disobey her father's orders (this time).  She just wanted to test her invention... She hadn't meant it to go so wrong.  She never did.  It was just supposed to be a little fun on the river...  Tears were now welling up into the girl's bi-colored eyes.  She looked at Birch, and only Birch.

"I'm... Sorry..." She cried in a strangled whisper.

Her shock had barely registered that tears were supposed to fall. She was suddenly so cold, and despite Birch being so close, she began shivering.  Around her, although she didn't realize it, blood pooled under her and clotted in her creamy coat.  It looked worse than it was, the contrast of the dark red against her pale gold coat as stark as the black and white of a noire film. Oh the drama.

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Everything was a distant hum in the background as he watched his sister wincing with each breath she took with him. His ears picked up bits and pieces of what Felix was saying but Trillium was given his full attention; he needed to know that she was going to be ok. She looked so frail with her pearlescent coat tainted with crimson splotches as blood trickled out of the opened gashes and matted her fur. Why did things turn out this way? This shouldn't have happened for as long as he knew Inaria had been a safe place for wolves and now that illusion had been ripped to pieces because of this stranger...or had it been his fault? Had his inability to function around strangers be the reason why his sister had gotten hurt in the first place? Golden eyes watched as his sisters face contorted into a pained grimance as she took another breath. It was his fault. If only he had run when he had the chance he scolded himself but was pulled away from his internal berating when he felt his sisters bangs brush against his forehead followed by the warmth of her breath as it flowed through her nose. His throat tightened as he realized that she was trying to seek comfort which the darker sibling was more than happy to give as he pressed against her with equal force, " rest sister please your wound needs tending to."

His attention then turned to Felix who stood directly between the saber and them. In that moment Birch could see his brother as the royal guard he always said he would be. Brave, determined and fierce but right now the chocolate child just wanted everything to stop.

And sit down — I will not tolerate fighting in my garden.” 

His head jerked in the direction of the voice and standing before the chaos was someone that Birch had met not too long ago. In fact he was his recently made his pupil in that very meeting. The events that transpired, largely due to his clumsiness, still made him flush red with embarrassment whenever he thought of it but right now the small dire was relieved to see the blue healer, even though he looked ready to snap at anyone who spoke, as his fiery gazed swept over each of them.

 “Roderick, try not to move, I’ll have to redress your wounds.” 

The healer knew the saber? It made sense seeing as the cat was in the healers garden and Angel was the only available healer in Inaria at present. Still Birch found himself reluctant to look at the large beast out of fear or shame was not clear. Perhaps both in equal parts. His mind didn't linger on it for long as the healer hobbled over towards the injured group quickly assessing each patient quietly. 

We’ll have to get that disinfected. Clear away some of the blood while I retrieve some herbs.

The brown dire was a bit startled when the healer fixed his sight upon him and lowered his head a fraction in anticipation of what was to come. Was he going to be scolded for what happened? He wasn't going to make him leave Trillium like this was he? As much as the yearling admired the blue figure before him Birch didn't think he'd be able to comply with that command. Surely he would understand though...right? 

Can you do the same for your sister?

Numbly the child nodded without really comprehending what was just said but he was more than happy to go along with it if it meant he could make sure Trillium would be alright. He took in the mess that was his sisters neck and silently worked out where he should start. Eventually he decided he would start from the edges and work his way around the wound. Before he could even begin he heard Sitkas voice over the other chatter.

"Trillium, she's going to be okay, right?"

Birch nodded 'yes' at his question, words unable to be comprehended or formed by his overstressed mental functions at the time, but figured if he wanted more detailed information about the wound it would be a job more fit for Angel to see to. Not that Sitka would have been still enough to hear it seeing as he quickly turned his attention to Felix who was dealing with another wolf.

 "You! This is probably your fault why are you here when dad told you to stay away?"

His ears fell backwards when he realized that he was accusing Felix for what happened. "N-NO," he started, "It wasn't his fault brother it was an accident," he wasn't sure if it was an accident or not but he knew for sure that Felix wasn't at fault for what happened. If anyone was to be blamed Birch thought it should be himself...he was always causing trouble for others why wouldn't it be different this time? He couldn't voice his guilt but he was rendered speechless by the anger that was raging in Sitkas voice,"Why can't you just do as you're told!?"

The yearling flinched from his brothers outburst as he cast a concerned look towards Felix. He had done nothing wrong but everything Birch had said seemed to be ignored by his lighter brown sibling turned as his stern emerald gaze turned towards him and Trillium.

"Someone needs to tell dad."

And without another word he left but Birch managed to hear his sisters weak voice pleading for Sitka not to tell father but it was in vain and she seemed to know it as her beautiful eyes glistened with tears that fell in mass as she apologized to him. Deciding to ignore the rest Birch gently licked his sisters cheek, cleaning away the tears that trailed down her face, in an attempt to comfort her. "It's alright sister," he cooed, "it's not your fault you have nothing to apologize for," he gently pressed his forehead to hers before tending to her wounds. Could this day get any worse?

I feel this was a bit short and chaotic but it's the best I could do. CX

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