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golden wasp | #5f4a0c

You always taught me to be alive with you
This is the time and the place and the moment
Feeling the way that I do
These are the signs and the traces of growing
By living the way that I do

I hope you understand and acknowledge
All that's passing through
It's constantly been there and
Throwing all that wasn't good

- final escape by elsiane

It felt strange to return at last to the kingdom she had spent most of her life in. She had been young when she had first arrived, the memories of what had come before Alteron too foggy and distance to make sense of. It had been all that Dagger had ever known; servitude to her Lord Blade, crown Prince of Alteron. The serpent-woman's expression hardened at the thought. What a waste that had been, in the end; he had had so much potential, but he had squandered his power and prowess. Being seduced by the sweet face and promising words of Arith had sealed his fate, and the fate of Alteron. Dagger let a solemn sigh escape her slender muzzle, wild orchid eyes closing. Unlike her former Lord, Dagger would learn from his mistakes, better herself with the knowledge she had gained during the tumultuous downfall of a nation.

But Alteron had risen, hadn't it? It had grown into something new and powerful. Who had realized the pack's potential at long last? There were no whispers of the coffee-hued Arith nor of Blade, or even of the bloodthirsty Rapier. In their absence, who had taken up the mantle? The wasp was curious, golden and onyx form slipping through the forest undergrowth towards the borders of her old home.

White paws halted a few feet from Alteron's gate, the woman simply staring into the dark territory for a few long moments. Part of her wanted to turn around and go back from where she'd come, back to the free lands where she could chart her own course. It had been nice.. for a time. Aimlessness and lack of direction simply did not suit the assassin, though. She had grown so restless. Dagger had been plagued with dreams of Alteron, of better times and endless opportunities birthed and tempered in flame. The woman did not know what it meant, but the longing for Alteron, for her home, had only grown as time marched on.

There was an inkling of uncertainty twisting within her breast like a thorn, but Dagger paid it no mind. This was where she was meant to be - she could feel it in her bones. Dagger raised her muzzle and released a smooth howl, summoning someone to the borders.

It was time.

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she's back!! o:

Hayley she/they
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    I am aiming to be somebody this somebody trusts
    with her delicate soul I don't claim to know much
    except soon as you start to make room for the parts
    that aren't you it gets harder to bloom in a garden
    of love, love, love, love

    only thing I ever could need, only one good thing
    worth trying to be and it's love, I do it for love, love
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