Saboro Ring 2  Bishop's Knife Trick [mass ranking]
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Speech Text

His gait was laggard and unperturbed; content to walk on with no distraction. To walk the expanse of the territory until his pads wore down and he’d pushed himself far beyond his limits. While the world weary man desired no company, things always had a way of never going according to plan.

The King stood now at the heart of their new territory, crisp breath freezing into white clouds in front of him; his eyes burned as wind whipped against the side of his face. The cold would make them stronger, he thought, bitterly, as snow crunched between the toes of his feet. 

Gray’s summons was bellowed off the wind and trees as he placed himself, albeit uncomfortably, atop a rock in a clearing of the second ring, where he’d wait. 

It was a call for those who sought purpose but found themselves without. Once, many moons ago, he’d helped Bane with another mass ranking. And oh, how his emotions contrasted from the young, giddy adolescent he had been, to the haggard man he was now, freezing inside and out on foreign land. 

His one good eye surveyed his audience, not giving a generous amount of time to any stragglers before he’d begin. “With our move, there are ranks needing to be filled, and bodies able to fill them.” A pause, rolling the stiffness out of the muscles in his neck. “Give me a name, and what you’re best at.” He looked expectantly at whomever had come first. “Starting with you.”  


OOC: This is for slabs and slaves looking for ranks! Only middle class ranks will be given out in this thread, though there'll likely be a separate recruitment for spectres later.

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Sheikra she/her
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Though it was difficult to believe, the waters here were even colder than the damned air.
She might have even growled properly if she didn't risk sounding like an idiot through chattering teeth.

Instead the petty girl shook herself violently, desperate to kick off every droplet as the gentle breezes cut like ice through her fur. It wasn't that bitter out, not truly, but it was all a matter of comparison. Drenched from the water? Yes the air bit fierce against her. Coming from a land dense in humidity and heat? Yeah, even the temperate climate here sunk deep into her bones as though an unforgivable tundra. Sheikra had been in other lands before, but even those weren't as far from the jungles as this place was. The whole process required adaptability.

In that moment, shaking and resisting the shivers, her ears perked up at his summons. Embers stirred in her chest, the heat shooting down her limbs as she kicked her legs out and lunged into a sprint. The girl had been terribly idle, pathless, in her time here in the new lands. Days ticked by and it seemed as though she might rot all over again. The fire that fueled her, built up from a terrible angst and ire, needed a proper outlet. Preferably one sanctioned by the laws of Saboro.

The greyscale male stood front and center atop a crooked stone throne, and the half-wet bitch skidded to a halt. Aside from her ears staying attentive, she held little concern for any others that might show up. She was here for herself. A bitter smile spread on her face as she stood tall, soaking in his words impatiently, her muscles itching. As he turned to her, she twitched that smirk just an inch further before taking a proud step forward.

"Sheikra, and I'ma scrapper. I ain't afraid of nothing and I got everything to prove." She'd lost everything she'd fought for... what had she left to fear? Only spite filled her veins now, spite and embers and the need to release its pent-up energy. Bright lime eyes focused hard on the Sabor, as though doing so might make him see the wildfire within...

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This land was bitter and it was cold and it made Ezra frown. He was uncomfortable though his sense of masculinity would not let it slip past onto his grinning face. Bright blue eyes surveyed the cold blue landscape, the snow crackled and slipped from tree branches like freezing shrapnel. The boy had to admit one thing, this new territory would keep him sharp and on his toes. Perhaps not too awful, he was simply completely un-adjusted to weather this severe and it made him agitated. But he pushed on, learning early that his daily workout served as an excellent way to warm his body up and keep himself in shape. The green mutt wondered idly though if having more body fat and less muscle wouldn't be more ideal. Ezra paused and stared down at his toes, coated with a thin layer of ice and snow that had stuck on during running and he chuckled. While not particularly vain, the teen could never imagine himself fat instead of fit. He'd look terrible!

The smile stayed on his face while he paced his running until the summons came out to them like he. Purpose. Or for Ezra, 'not being called a Slab'. Having something to do. After all, a good man with good standing could do good things. That was what Ezra wanted right? To do good things? The green boy nodded affirmatively and began to move with a greater pace towards the caller. Though he would have liked to have come in first, it appeared that someone was closer-- he could not believe anyone would be faster--. A green woman, if only barely against the fade to white, though her hues were different than his the amusement on his face was apparent. Besides family he had never came across another with any green, and even her eyes and nose seemed to be the shade. The boy politely offered her a slight dip of the head, and then looked up at Gray sitting on his stone. What a haggard looking man. Ezra studied him as he waited and then spoke, focusing on Sheikra first since she had arrived first.

Ez offered a more respectful bowing of the head to the Sabor-- though he did not know his title yet-- and waited his turn. This woman was a scrapper apparently, more rough and tough than he. Bright blues watched from behind a mess of charming curls and when she stopped speaking he looked at Gray,  
"Ezra sir. Uh, well I like others, pretty friendly guy? I'm a fast study, can do what I'm asked. Otherwise I'm a fast runner, got a good pace and good stamina even over distances. Been working on adjusting to this cold air, just about got it worked out. " It was obvious the boy was at a loss for how to properly brag about his skills, of which he had few. But the good nature didn't seep off his face and he continued to offer Gray and Sheikra-- if she paid him any mind-- a friendly smile.

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(Bullet points until I get home and can write it out)

-Shukumei shows up. Probably give Gray a deranged grin.
-She waits for the Mint Chocolate Ice cream to talk.
- "Shukumei. Fighting. Killing."
-She just kinda stands there looking around.
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Frost clung to the grass, a low hanging fog to follow it, this land with it's chilly air threatening to usher forth a blizzard, and yet her bones knew that it was quite possibly too cold for it to snow with the way they ached. Instead the blue female would curl her black lips into a smirk, sharp ears perking forward to that lonesome howl that called out to be answered to.

When she arrived to the clearing, there were already quite a few clustered around a grey male that sat all nice and poised upon his rock. Golden eyes giving that scarred face a once over and setting on the red marks that framed his eyes, what pretty things. Hidalgo found herself mesmerized by them, the vibrancy of the color, and the way they edged against his fur. Note to self, get some of those.

With our move, there are ranks needing to be filled, and bodies able to fill them. Hmm, was the noise she hummed sitting back on her haunches as a prickle of cold scaled up her spine. Fuck. Give me a name, and what you’re best at. She'd follow his gaze to the minty girl that stood before him. I know this one, she thought, and the faintest hint of a smile curled on her lips. The minty girl seemed desperate, buuuuuuut anyone in her position ought to be right? Another spoke then, a nice and polite type, and oddly enough another green wolf. Seems like Saboro liked collecting a certain color, pft. "Spinach... no, cabbage?? Kale. Yeah, kale." She mumbled softly to herself as those bright eyes watched Ezra, or Kale Boy now.

If you didn't think there'd be more green, then you are totally wrong, cause GREEN. This one though, was really something. A deranged looking beast, kind of like a slow motion accident, awful and yet you're compelled to not look away. The Valley would have had a field day with this one, even before she had opened her mouth. Fight, Killing. "Hahaaa! Yikes!" Came Hidalgo's reply, her teeth gritting together as she looked from Shukumei and back to Gray. Clearing her throat, she'd finally step forward, making sure to pass Shukumei and make a face as she did.

"Name's Hidalgo, hi." Pausing to notion up her head up to the Sabor in greeting, a smile daring to pull at her lips. "I'm a bit of a people person, I can handle people, or at least would like to." She'd look back at Junior Mint, Kale Boy, and the Crypt Keeper, hello socially inept. "I'm a decent judge of character." Came a nonchalant shrug.

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setting the deadline for this for the 28th!

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