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Soft giggles escaped from Nova as she ran about in the snow. She found the fun in eating snow and was quite enjoying trying to catch the new flakes that were falling. She'd get down into a small playbow sort of position before she's jump up and try to snap at the snow that was falling. Of course, she'd miss most of it, but at least she was having fun trying to eat it before it fell onto the cold ground. Her bright blue eyes were wide with excitement each time she settled to catch a breather.

The young pup would sit on her behind and watch with amazment as the white flakes fell at the same speed as each other. None of them running into each other on the way down to the ground. "Wow." She'd breath out in a breathless voice before she'd stand up and shake the small buildup from her coat. The white dusting flying everywhere around her, as her little body shook. Then, she'd proceed to do the exact same thing as before.

Her small legs started to move about, her small mouth snapping at the snow as it fell. Tasting nothing but water as the few that she caught melted fast in her mouth.

This was extremely entertaining to the young female pup, she was really enjoying the fun of running after the snow flakes as they fell. She never imagined that she'd be able to do something like this when she was barely a month old. Being locked in a cave, was nothing but musty, and dark. Here, it was beautiful and each day was a new adventure for the young pup. So, she didn't plan on wasting any of this gift that she was given, she promised her mother that she'd find a way to enjoy life after all.

"W-woah!" Nova mumbled as she slipped on some ice as she ran about. Which ended up with her sliding onto her plump belly and letting the ice carry her. Only to stop as her small body bumped into something. Her small blue eyes, that closed during the fall onto the ice, opened and widened as they saw what had stopped them. "U-um." She mumbled quietly as she hurriedly got to her smaller paws and tries to back away from the other wolf.

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Crocuta She/her
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Finally she had a break. It had been ages since she'd gotten a good nap and after helping with the cemetery and then the entrance to southern valley, Crocuta felt exhausted. She hardly felt like eating anything she was so tired..Not to mention in the back of her head, all she could think about was her brother, Sveyn and how worried she was over him. Was he eating properly? Was he sleeping well? Safe? Uninjured? Her green eyes felt tense as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Placing her paws over her nose, she let out a heavy sigh. She needed some mood boosting medicine or something...As if it existed. Curling tighter in a ball, she scowled, feeling the snow melt against her guard hairs. It was gonna be another snowy day. She hated wet. Wet was terrible. Especially cold wet. Ugh.

With a grumble she'd try tucking her face further under her paws, only to let out a loud grunt as something heavy slammed into her side. Slowly, she'd gather herself to sit upright and she towered over the pup. Eyes narrowing with her usual grumpiness. "Nova." She'd click her tongue, though her eyes softened at the young pup. "What if I had been someone else? They would've hit you far harder than I would." She'd grumble, standing up and shaking herself, freeing her black coat of snow, though it was replaced rather steadily.

She'd lean a paw over to playfully scuff the pup's ears. "Wheres your sister? Didn't want to play?" Maybe a game would cheer her up...Crocuta blinked, a little surprised at her thought. Me? Exhausted and grumpy, wanting to play? She stifled a chuckle and shook herself again. "What are you up too?"
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She's right, child, Basma announces himself, striding from the shadows with his usual exuberant confidence, what if you had been found out here by some hungry creature? An enemy of the state? He draws closer, silver gaze fixed pointedly on the child. The halfbreed crouches slightly when he's near, bringing himself to the girl's level, although she will overtake him soon, as all full-blooded Bacchus will. Teeth gleam against the moonlight before he whispers, What if it had been me?

The Historian straightens up, and turns his attention to the Herdmother. Crocuta, it's been too long. False affability, the narcissism of royalty. They scarcely interacted during the plague, as Basma was in fine health, and she was overwhelmed tending to those who weren't. Are you well? Keeping yourself occupied, I see. Again, his mercurial sights shift to Nova, admire her downy coat and wide eyes. We've been here since before Bacchus fell.

Basma's honeysuckle-sweetness softens as he turns back to the woman, lightly suggesting, Well? Aren't you going to introduce us?

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