Private Roleplay  Snowfall (Cardinal)
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Watching fresh snow fall is always so relaxing, no matter where you are or how old. Seeing white fluffy stuff fall from the sky and land as softly as a feather on the ground is alway so nice to see. Snow was so pure, so innocent. Who wouldn't smile at seeing it? Probably some grouchy person who had a weggie or something. Snow was pretty, so peacful. Especially in the evening time when it was dark and there was barely anyone stiring.

Which was why, Jax was laying outside of the communal sleeping den. His head held high as he looked up towards the sky. Watching as the different styles of flakes fell from the sky and landed on the cool ground of Bacchus. There were no sounds this late at night as everyone was cuddled up inside and falling into a dreamland. Jax may not seem it, but he had a tendency to not sleep very well most nights. His mind often spiraled and random thoughts constantly ran through his mind.

A small sigh escaped from Jax, he was tired but his mind was on auto pilot.

Then, the sudden sound of crunching caught his attention. The sound was quiet, barely audible which meant it was probably  one of the smaller members. Turning his head, Jax looked towards where he heard the sound and offered the young one a small smile. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" He asked the young pup. His head tilted to the side as he looked at them curiously.

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