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The round morning sun was large and warm, casting orange light over the icy ground and melting the remnants of the previous night's frost. It was a blissfully clear day, with a spotlessly blue sky. A blessing, in the midst of Borogrove's harsh winter. He squinted through the cracks of the old, human-crafted window shutters of House Mammon's first floor. It was cosy, next to his sleeping lovers and their new brood. The puppies had grown out of the first few weeks of their life, fleshy, blind and helpless, and were starting to look more like dogs, as opposed to ugly naked mole-rats. Their fur was becoming distinctly pigmented, each of them showing flashes of colour from their parents. Some were as dark as him, others gilded with gold like Rosenlund, and others still supporting the unique blue of Adriel's foreign heritage. They were the new blood of Borogrove. A shining future.

They were eight weeks old, and this sun marked their second month of life. It was time for them to see the world outside the front door. Slowly, he unfurled himself from the furry forms of Rosenlund and Adriel, untangling from the blanket he'd had draped over the three of them, courtesy of Shroxx. He wouldn't need it today - the sun was warm enough to chase off the nippy winter breeze. He glanced across the room, taking in the forms of his previous litter. They looked so adult now. It was strange to think they had once been as small and fat as the children by Rosenlund's side. Blair, his dark shadow. Nephthys, a pale beauty. Azriel, the perfect disaster. Marigold, strong and persistent. And Tobias... missing. An empty space, a void left by the boy's disappearance. He swallowed, and turned back to the babies. How long would they last?

He shook the dismal thoughts from his head, and lowered his nose to gently nudge the puppies awake, doing his best not to rouse Rosenlund. The poor man needed sleep, as overworked as he'd been.

"Wake up, darlings," he cooed. "It's time to meet the world." He waited until each of them were awake and stood, scrutinising them. Some individuals in the litter were rougher than others, and he was acutely aware of any injuries they did to each other that went beyond normal pup rough-and-tumble. Were any of them looking skinnier than the others? He squinted, and when he was content that none of them were about to keel over and die, he gestured for them to follow him outside. A quick glance was given to Adriel - if the slight commotion had awoken the man, he would wordlessly gesture for his lover to follow them.

The Hound wandered outside, toes curling at the sudden change-in-temperature of the ground. Still cold, but not as biting as it had been before sunrise. He glanced around: some townsfolk were already awake, bustling about on their daily business. He did not announce the litter as he had his first. While these children were nobility, they were the result of an unmarried union. He had personally slaughtered his firstborn, a sacrifice to the Father. He would not draw any more unnecessary attention to them, and would instead allow them to be met as normally, as calmly as possible, by whomever happened to be wandering by.

"This is the town, children," he gestured. "This is our home. You are not to wander beyond the buildings." They were too small for the Meadow, the Swamp, the Mangroves. Too many dangers, too many predators. "I will take you to meet Lady Filianore, she and her Scholars will be your teachers until you are old enough to take jobs." He began to walk, allowing them to run and explore as they fancied along their trail, though keeping a close eye on them regardless, making sure none strayed too far.

Baphomet bounced alongside his siblings, breathing in the air. It was so fresh, so clear! He'd never smelled anything like it. It wasn't long, however, until the cold breeze began to tickle him, and he found himself instinctively pressing closer to Uriel, the largest of his siblings. Fat and warm, fat and warm. He smile faded from his face to be replaced by an irritable frown.

"What is that stinging? I don't like it!" He whined. He immediately wanted to return to his Papa's side, next to his fluffy belly, why had Father taken them to this place?

"You're cold, Baphomet. This is called winter."

And they would all have to get used to it.

This is the Mosiel introduction thread! The pups are two months old.
The Mosie litter and anyone in House Mammon is welcome to go follow them out and help escort (wrangle) them.

It's also open to any other members, to meet them in the street! They're on their way to meet Filianore, but that's just to give the thread direction. Waka, you're under no obligation to reply <3

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Cain He/him
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The cold was all Cain was certain of in his little world - a fragile reality, one that consisted of no knowledge but that of his family's warmth and the creaking floorboards of their rooms - so when his paws touched the white peppering of snow outside their doorstep, and his eyes adjusted to the glare of the sun, he knew it was the beginning of his little world's horizon broadening.

As Martin, Uriel, and Baphomet strode out, Cain stood by the door's entrance, awaiting all stragglers to be herded out - more precisely, his own littermates - and if they were taking their sweet time, he would bark in that small puppy voice, "Perry! Asker! Nos! Father is waiting!" and at last when the final member of House Mammon would walk out, Cain would proudly close the door behind him (probably with a little help) and quickly waddle beside the nearest parental figure, small paws working ten times faster to account for just one adult stride.

The slickness and hardness of the ground intrigued yet also discomfited him, but the sun warmed the black parts of his coat, and he thought how nice it would be if there were a time where the sun shone all day like today, and there was no chill, no biting wind, and no white blanketing the world!

Wandering around their oddball group, Cain's nose pressed to the ground, and waves of scents washed over him as he realized there really was so much more to home than a weathered roof. He wanted to learn, and he was so ready to meet this Lady Filianore (words were still hard sometimes, so there was no way he would attempt that pronunciation with important people around) and her Scholars.


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The light was bright to his green eyes, so he kept them shut even as he woke when father stood up and rustled around. His half floppy ear turning slightly toward the sound. When he came toward them and woke them he opened his bright green eyes with a certain eagerness. Meet the world? Was today the day? He smiled a beaming smile at his father and rose, but Baphomet was up in no time and moved past him as Asker carefully stepped around his other siblings to not step on them. Cain was already by the door waiting for them and he soon joined him and stood alongside him, waiting for the rest to come. It was Cain who would call for them and Asker smiled at his brother.

It was cold outside and Asker shuttered lightly but followed his father and his siblings, taking note of father's words about not leaving the buildings. He hoped his siblings would stay out of trouble as well, he wanted them to be safe. The bright boy tussled forward and decided now was the time to meet and greet, he walked up to a large brown and cream colored male, who had a look of surprise on him when he bowed his little head to him. "Hello sir. I am Asker. What's your name?"

The large male glanced at Martin before looking down again at Asker. "Kujon." Asker quickly took note of his name and nodded eagerly. "Very nice to meet you Kujon. I better get back to my family now." He bowed his little head again and ran back to the group of his family and took note of people passing by. So many faces, so many names - they all deserved the best.

"What is that stinging? I don't like it!" Asker quickly trotted up on the other side of Baphomet (the side Uriel wasn't on) and huddled up against his brother to warm him. "Don't worry Baphomet, I'll help keep you warm." He looked with soft eyes at his brother, and wagged his small tail. He took a stolen glance of the rest of his siblings, wondering if they could keep up, or if they needed him, wondering if they were just too shy to ask for him. He looked back at Baphomet "I'll be right back, okay?"

He turned and wandered backward toward Nostradamus and stopped near him. He was careful to not touch him, knowing his brother's tendencies and feelings of being touched, careful to not overstep boundaries or upset his sibling. But of course he couldn't help but give him a smile that only displayed that he was in fact part golden retriever, and out of all his siblings he had inherited those traits the most with floppy ears and the happy natural smile.

"Are you okay Nostradamus?" Do you need anything? Do you need my help? He beamed and his tail wagged. He was shining so bright and so pure that some might think it false or sinister, but that wasn't the case. Asker was just too good for this world.

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Vesper She
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She has watched, from the empty windows of House Wendigo-- all the goings-on in the Borogrove, faraway eyes focused on the borders and beyond. Her Scouts, her acceptances, the growing relationships between packmates: she hopes to observe it all. Adriel, as he had introduced on the border before Martin arrived, the Sun's Sentinel alongside his mate. How he looks over the married pair, and they he. The three of them that bedded down in House Mammon during the colder months-- Fringe and Arctic alike-- Rosenlund's gains, and loss thereof. The tottering children, led through the Town Square.

She still doesn't understand Martin, but she doesn't need to comprehend divinity to respect it. (Why found the concept of marriage, then betray it? She never knew Lani; is this the way of the Sun? The elevation of a common man? The fall of the divine? Is she only rationalizing that which cannot be explained?) Vesper strides out into the sun, seats herself along the path they walk, guided by the Father. She inspects each child as they pass before her-- black, gold, unmistakably Adriel's blue. That comment isn't hers to make.

The snow leopard smiles at any young one that greets her, before finally addressing the adults. "A beautiful brood." Truly, they are. Are these any more worthy than Martin's previous spawn, now that he has been made Trinity? Are they any less for being born bastard? "What are their names?"

Children, as fond as she may be, belong to their parents until pledged. Perhaps some of these may be pledged to her, one day.

"You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God."

I Peter 2:9-10

Nostradamus he/him/his
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N O S T R A D A M U S,

As the grossness of spring lolls its blooded head

The sun was too bright. Open spaces. A glowing alabaster sky yawned overhead like the linoleum ceiling of an asylum. After spending his infancy surrounded by darkness and compressed into something insignificant, like he was one skin cell on an enormous body, his first tentative steps into the new world completely overwhelmed him. It was an assault on his sight. The more he looked around at Borogrove, the less he comprehended its size. The looming town overwhelmed him. The barrage of new faces overwhelmed him.

Nostradamus blinked, affronted and owlish. He jerked to the side like he wanted to retreat back inside the doors of house Mammon, but found himself barricaded on all sides by siblings. Asker happily moved to greet a newcomer that arrived to gawk at the children. Confronted with a stranger that he didn't know, in response to Kujon's warm greetings, all Nostradamus did was stare with disconcerting intensity. He looked back to Martin who hovered eagerly nearby.

He let charming and delightful Asker do the talking while Nostradamus weathered the hurricane of unfamiliar stimuli. Only when Vesper arrived, addressing him in a way that he could not merely overlook, did Nostradamus lock eyes with him. The juvenile sulk on his face deepened as he took her in. His only reference for Borogrove's denizens was in his parents and siblings, and she resembled neither of those examples.

"Who are you?" asked the boy in a scratchy and shrill voice. If it were not for his penchant for laconic, guttural statements, it would have been intolerable to listen to. Thankfully for everyone in earshot, he rarely spoke above a whisper.

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Slender All
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ᴄᴏᴅᴇ ʙʏ ʀᴇᴀᴘᴇʀ | ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴜsᴇ

It had not been too long since Martin had allowed Slender into the lands of Borogrove, calling them a new “member” to the pack, asking them to fulfill other mundane duties that the rest were expected to do for the good of everyone. And for what? Killing some “witch” and being agreeable during their discussion? No, there had to be some sort of ulterior motive. Martin was a good leader (probably) but not an idiot who would blindly allow someone he did not trust to be so close. Perhaps in exchange for Slender’s... Lack of empathy when it came to killing, Martin would just provide things like food, shelter, the power of numbers. Huh... Maybe it was that simple, then. But the tall wolf Didn’t really care, now that thought was given to it. They were part of the cult now and it was to be assumed that just walking out and leaving would not be that easy. Not that... Slender wanted to leave in any capacity. Winter was cold and unforgiving, yes. But it would be that way anywhere else. At least here, there were buildings to hide from the weather in. So that was nice.

But for now, the pangs of hunger were defeating the desire to stay out of the cold. Slender stood from the small building they had slept in, stretching until the large stretch of cloth they had found and used as a blanket fell to the floor harmlessly. When stepping outside, the shadow winced at the warm light they had faced. Oh, if only winter’s clouds could remain forever. But if they wanted to be left alone, to do the things they always had... Slender would have to bear it and function like others of this land would.

While walking the tall one had noticed commotion, seeing a small group congregate. With such height, it did not take too long to catch up. Slender was sort of immediately obvious, as well. The very timber-looking Fringe Dire was even taller than the large cat in this group, able to see what was happening with ease despite the short distance that they had maintained.


They were so small and new. Slender could safely assume they belonged to their illustrious leader, given the strong resemblances and the attention they were being given. The dark wolf was sure that they would grow up to be spoiled brats, though one or two may stand out to be shining examples to their people. How typical. Though maybe they would all grow to be decent and leave the near-silent canine surprised. Time will tell... Maybe. If these lands don’t consume them... Or if something else doesn’t claim their lives.

In their apathy, Slender approached, looking over the pups quickly, but managing to see all the details that were needed. Slender would stay a respectable distance, offering a short stare and ear-flick to Martin as a... Silent greeting?

So many annoying little puppies. Now they had to pretend they cared...

“Hello.” A voice so silent, you probably missed it.

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Adriel He/Him
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Adriel was always a rather light sleeper, so the stirring of one of his lovers was enough to make him blink his eyes open and slowly look around. The Sun seemed to have something planned today, probably to do with the children that were slowly growing out of being useless little wiggling mole rats. They kept them safe and mostly veiled, Adriel did not have an argument against it, happy to keep the children enclosed with him for a while longer. But today was that big day, he guessed. The day they got to see the world and the world saw them.

Slowly, Adriel sat up, stretching up and yawning before gingerly getting to his feet, avoiding waking up the wolfdog a step beside him. Martin cooed at the children, and Adriel grinned at that. Unlike the couple, Adriel was new to kids, to having offspring of his own. He watched them like a hawk, eyes trained on each one as they stood and followed. He would give them each a nuzzle, a small push on their butts to get going. It felt like as much affection as he had shown in his entire life. It was strange, but not unwelcome.

When they stepped outside, into the square, Adriel felt overwhelmed by the feeling of protectiveness. Baphomet whined about the cold, and Adriel moved closer to him to try and shield him with the fur that Martin lacked. "You'll get used to it." he'd have to, hopefully none of them grow up to be any more naked than the Sun was. He watched Cain herd his siblings, and chuckled silently at the sight. Asker was, as usual, trying to help each and every one of them. A soft soul that seemed out of place in Adriel's life. Nostradamus seemed to agree.

As they approached the square, Adriel's eyes shifted from his brood to anyone who approached. And they did approach. First a cat he was familiar with, the one who was there for his acceptance. He smiled at her, though it was more of a warning than a warm greeting. She complimented the litter, a beautiful brood, of course they were, they were his. She asked for their names, and Adriel was the one to answer, eyes shifting to each child as he named them.

"Nostradamus. Asker, Cain, Perry, Bamphomet, and Uriel." he said, methodically. Their named did not trully matter now, they would not matter until they began to make themselves known. Once those named had meanings, then Borogrove would care. Nostradamus was the first to ask the cat of who she was, and Adriel grinned with pride, not swingeing the question for him.

The next who approached was a stranger, and Adriel made a conscious effort to put himself in front of the children, even if Martin recognized or knew the other. Trust did not come easily to the wolf. He stared him down, then looked down to the children once more. "Say hello to everyone, be polite." he knew a few of them had the social skills of, well, rocks. He slowly stepped back, giving them just enough space to look at and interact with those who came, while keeping on guard.

"Cute, aren't they?" he asked those who came to greet them, and so so perfect.

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Nouveau she/her
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Children were the future, and it seems like they are almost always Martin's futures.

The sun hangs high in the cloudless sky, warming the cobblestone below. Where the chill would normally run the townsfolk through with ice and the promise of winter, the day is more or less a break from the cold. The presence of winter is still obvious around them; frost on the windows, trees bare and cool to the touch, the ground harder than usual. Nouveau has never seen a season like this before, and the change seemed to come so rapidly she hardly had time to prepare. It wasn't unpleasant, she thinks, mind wandering to nights spent hoarding Ripley against her side.

Her walk through the town is not without purpose. Martin's newest brood would be nearly two months now, old enough to fully appreciate the life they were so generously given. The hood of her cape falls over one shoulder, the dark, threadbare material scraping across the cobblestone as she approaches the towering home of Mammon. Already others have gathered, coming to see the children for themselves. Her teeth flash brightly in her mouth as she grins, walking past Slender without so much as a nod, nipping affectionately and possessively at Vesper's tiny ear before seating herself on the edge of the steps.

She runs greedy acid eyes over the children's tiny forms, calculating and planning just as she had with his first litter. Just as she does still, mind wandering to little Blair. Her favorite. Perhaps these would provide her with more entertainment.

"You never disappoint on the promise of your children. Well, almost." She doesn't need to name names. "I expect they will grow very well under the three of you, until they can properly serve our Father." Nouveau turns her eyes to Adriel, the newcomer. The oddity from a far away land who had somehow wormed himself into the tight fold of Borogrove's most noble couple. Past Ripley and herself, of course. When Adriel speaks, Nouveau's grin turns wicked. "Positively darling," she agrees.

Her gaze falls to Asker, eyes glinting as she listens to him offer his siblings love, affection. Protection. "Come here," she says, voice more demanding than was necessary when talking to infants. "I need to be kept warm too. Come lay with your dear Auntie." And if Asker hesitated a beat too long she would reach out with a large paw and bat him closer to her, curling against the pup as she lays upon the cold concrete.

Yes. She'll find great entertainment with this brood.

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Wormwood they/them
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replying to this tomorrow if anyone still wants in before then!
Perry She/Her
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The little blue princess had been waiting impatiently from the day she was born to finally be allowed outside of this cage of a house. Of course, there were many things to inspect and study in the house of Mammon. Periwinkle found herself especially enamored by Rosenlund's collection of books. She would often wait for siblings to slumber or disappear and find herself perusing them. She was much too young to grasp what any of it meant but they smelled nice and the pictures were pretty to look at. It was still not enough to sate her dreams of the outside world. There would be so much more to learn about once she was outside. So much more she could do to help.

That's why when Martin appeared and announced that they were going outside her little slightly curled tail took off into a frenzy of wagging. "Really, father? We're going outside?" She questioned happily pacing in excitement. Her lips pulled into the biggest grin as she'd weave through the Sun's legs. Perry had no need to be herded by Cain, because as soon as that door was open she was outside... and she had stumbled. Clumsy too large paws had caused her to trip and roll out into this new world. The flower quickly scrambled to her feet once more, but was frozen as soon as she did.

Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of the town square. New people were everywhere. There were so many more than she had imagined. Tail tucked as anxiety bubbled in her stomach, and she'd move instinctively closer to her father. Head was kept down, but as she examined all the buildings and took in all the smells her mind was filled with questions. She'd watch as Asker darted around all over the place, he was clearly the most outgoing of the group. Periwinkle felt almost jealous how easily it came to him to converse with others and try to fulfill their needs. Attention was quickly pulled away as father began to talk though.

The thought of being taught caused a little wag in her tail, she like her brother Cain was thrilled by the idea of being taught. She wanted to know anything and everything she could. Perry couldn't wait to meet this Filianore lady, but, "W-why can't we go farther, Father?" Periwinkle would question softly as she put all of her attention on him in an attempt to keep her anxiety at bay. She wasn't challenging him, simply curious about why the boundaries were put in place. She did not understand the dangers that lay outside the walls of the town.

"Did Borogrove build all of this?" She'd then ask with a wondering tone. Everything was so big, but she imagined that if anyone could build this it would be her fathers. They could do anything! "How were these stones made so perfect?" She hummed, she'd never seen the buildings outside so clearly! Her eyes drew higher than the buildings and then set upon the unfiltered sky for the first time. It was so different than the roof that she was used to. So open, she felt like any minute she might get sucked right up into it.

That caused her heart to flutter nervously so she asked another question to try and keep her mind off it this time directed at Adriel, "Why is there winter, Dad?" The clouds moved as if they were their own living creatures, and Perry imagined them to be some sort of sky beasts. The princess was thankfully pulled out of these imaginative thoughts from the approach of another very large wolf. She jumped back, and scurried to hide under Adriel. Slender was so much larger than anyone she'd ever seen before. It was unnerving. "How is he so tall?"  Had he been eating something different than they had? Thoughts were unable to linger long on the abnormality, because an even greater one would appear.

Nose rose as she took in the new scent of the Captain, and then lowered as she'd continue to use only her eyes to inspect the feline. She'd only ever seen pictures of such creatures. Vesper was so new, she was so interesting looking. Nostradamus question was backed up with a follow up, "W-what are- um. What are you?" Paws fidgeted betraying her anxiety, but when Adriel demanded that she be polite and say hello she realized her error. "Oh. Sorry. Hi. I'm uh, Perry." It was a shortening of her name that she'd become used to. Periwinkle was a mouthful for her siblings and herself, so she'd adjusted to using this instead.

There was so much going on here, she could feel herself being overwhelmed. Periwinkle would not falter though, she was stubborn in the pursuit of knowledge. Nouveau's presence was an interesting one. Something about her grin made her uncomfortable, but she didn't voice this and instead tried to cuddle into Adriel's leg while she beckoned Asker over for warmth. That was a nice thing, right? But, she felt relieved it wasn't her that piqued the holy ghost's interest. Instead, she thought about the Father and wondered who he was. Martin was her father, who was Nouveau's father? Why would she be serving him? What did serving mean? So many questions ran through her head, but she did not voice these for fear of getting her attention.

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