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A small pleased sigh escaped from the young child as she laid sprawled out on her stomach. Her back legs stretched out behind herself so that her whole belly was pressed against the cool ground. Exhaustion showing as she rested her head on the ground with her eyes closed, looking like she had fallen asleep in the open. Which in fact, she almost had. She didn't want to move from her spot under the tree, kicked up dirt sprawled all over the place. Giving away what the young girl had been up to.

Digging, her boredom had caused her to find something to keep her busy and that was what she chose. Pretending that she was looking for buried treasure. Like she was some sort of treasure hunter or maybe a pirate or something. Many things run through youth's minds so it was hard to ever pin point what could be what they were thinking. 

Nova laid in her spot for a few more moments before she opened her eyes half way and yawned. Maybe she had fallen asleep in the dirt as she wiped her tired eyes before she stood up. Shaking the sleep away, loose dirt seemed to fly everywhere. "Time to find more treasure!" The young female said to herself, before a yawn escaped from her. "No time for naps, gotta work." Nova tried to give herself a pep talk, but her wobbly legs seemed to give away her tiredness. Then, she plops down onto the ground again and sighs. "Finding treasure is boring alone."

Cardinal She
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Cardinal shifted in her sleep, dreams wrapping the young girl in their warm embrace. Sleep swarmed around her, tugging at her and pulling dreams from her mind before scrambling across her eyelashes.

She woke suddenly, snatched from sleep by the realization that she was cold. Her sister was not beside her. She scrambled to her paws and scurried about, sniffing for her familiar scent - there! The whelp turned and sprinted out of the communal den, ignoring any adults who tried to stop her. She purposefully avoided them, in fact, taking paths around trees that led her away from grownups and individuals who might question why a pup was running at full speed-

"Time to find more treasure!No time for naps, gotta work."

The scent was close and then there she was, covered in dirt and talking to herself. Cardinal slowed to a slow, panting heavily as she shook the panic from her system and bounded towards her sister.

"Finding treasure is boring alone."

Then let's find it together! her eyes were bright as she came up to her sister and pressed, hard, against her. A rough but loving approach. A demand for attention and focus. A prayer that they stayed safe, and stayed together.

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「M i k e r r a 」
I was staring up at the sky again, trying to locate things that had yet to be seen.  It was daytime at the moment and so I should have known I would not be able to locate the stars.  I was still having troubles sleeping, so it was a wonder I was not already struggling to stay awake.  I guess when you get so used to being a zombie, your body just moves on without you.  We had come here in hopes of finding home, but I have yet to find peace in myself.  It was not their fault of course.  All of this was solely my fault, all on me.  I mean I guess I could blame it on my bloodline dating all the way back to the first; or even to those who made us this way.  Yet, where was that going to get me?  Blaming others?  Or even myself?  I should be done with blaming, but I guess not.

I shoved my ears forward as I heard voices not too far off.  It had been days since I had actually made the effort to socialize with anyone but Ulvar since we got accepted.  I was still unsure if we had made the right decision to come here.  Well, maybe the big guy was fine with being among others.  He seemed not too worried about being in a pack again, but I was worried.  I thought I was done with this worry shit...but I guess not.  There were days I kept regretting my decisions, wondering if this truly was the right one to make.  I had contemplated several times just bolting right back out the tunnel; but then I look over my shoulders at the big white wolf who followed me here.  What would he have thought of me if I ran away again?  So I force myself to stay.

I shifted myself weight and shoved myself forward.  The noises got louder the closer I got.  They sounded so puppies.  I halted a few paces away from them, studying them.  Puppies were so innocent and so vulnerable.  They were so ignorant of the world around them.  Lucky them.  They seemed like they were digging for treasure.  I remembered when my siblings and I used to do stupid stuff like that all the time.  It made us happy and we were so content.  I really missed them...where ever they were.  I was unsure if it was safe or wise to interact with them.  I had no idea what to even say to them.  I stood frozen where I was, watching them over them like.....a Guardian.  That was the right thing to do, right?


Like a mirage riding on the desert sand
Like a vision floating with the desert winds
Know the secret of the ancient desert lands
You are the keeper of the mystery in your hands

Nomad, rider of the ancient east
Nomad, rider that men know the least
Nomad, where your come from no-one knows
Nomad, where you go to no-one tells
The Nomad by Ironmaiden
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The joyous sounds of children pulled the timeless witch out from beneath the roots of one of the forest's great trees. Above her, two black shapes took flight, wheeling among the branches in the canopy before coming to rest on her bearish shoulders. Her birds: Pin and Needle, were never far from her. Adorning her mane were a multitude of fallen feathers, several the same shade as herself and her raven companions.  In stark contrast, feathers of the Winter Owl, stark and snowy, accented her elven ears.  She was Fable, one of the lost who was now found.  Far-seer, Wishmaker, Spirit-talker.  Her body was still youthful, but her mind, was old and wise.  Her sharp, peridot eyes held the depth of that knowledge, and flashed with an inner fire that still burned brightly.

As the she wolf reached a small rise that overlooked the clearing, she looked down to where the children had come to play. One of her ravens cawed softly, bringing her attention beyond them to where another stood. Fable's sharp eyes narrowed at the dragoness, whom appeared more statue than living being.  With a soft whuff, Fable sent Needle off, and the avian wheeled upward to give her a better view of what was around them.  Some claimed Fable to have the Sight, and that she could look through the eyes of birds.  She had never claimed to have such a gift, but she had never claimed not to have it, either.  Who was to say?  With Needle airborne, Pin preened her mane, pulling one of the black feathers from it before hopping to her head and also taking flight.  A quick glide brought the bird over the children's heads, and the feather dropped casually to the ground.  Fable chuckled, knowing full well that the little darlings would have treasures galore if they praised Pin's efforts.

"My My! Searching for the Treasures of the Earth, are we?"

Fable said, announcing herself to the busy pups. She looked across the clearing at the draconian female, silently assessing her.  Then, as though she had come to some decision, she blinked, and her eyes changed from sharp observer to soft elder.  She settled onto the ground like it was her favorite chair, fluffed herself so that she looked like a roosting pigeon, and seemed content to simply sit in the soft sunlight.  Pin came and preened another feather from her ruff, and dropped it with the second.  When the bird came back for a third, Fable shoo'd him away, muttering.

"Hey now, preen yourself, ya ninny!"

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