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Ace looked around curiously at what she assumed was the border to the Nardir territory. While it looked much the same as the land near to it, her nose told her this was it. However, now that she was there with her sore paws and brambles stuck in tail and leg fur, she was not entirely certain what to do. She knew as well as any that just walking into a territory was asking for disaster, but being outside of any territory, alone, in the dark, where anyone could happen upon her, was making her heart race and her head go dizzy. "Should I call for someone? Walk along the edge until I see someone? Bark? What if no one knows I'm here and when I leave to find a snack the only patrol passes me by and misses me and then I'm even more alone out here?" she asked herself, voice rising in volume and pitch until it reached a level slightly above what would be considered appropriate for a normal conversation.
Pulling a wilting sprig of lavender from behind her ear she forced herself to take a few soothing breaths. Allowing herself to sit down, taking much of her weight off her single hind leg, she considered her options. Making up her mind she called out, "Excuse me? Is someone there?" before inelegantly climbing onto a nearby stump to put herself above the surrounding plantlife, determined to wait for someone to come meet her. She would not let herself walk away from the pack she was so determined to join just because of some unreasonable nerves. However, as she heard the sounds of bugs and the occasional nocturnal bird echoing around her, she found it increasingly difficult to stick by her resolve. Her good ear twitched haphazardly and her tail quivered as she hunkered down on the log, forcing herself to stay put. It would be worth it if she did, she forced herself to believe.
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Sorry for the wait. I recently returned after a five-month absence so I'm going to be a bit rusty.

Ticonderoga heard something at the border and headed there. He kept his mind focused on his future despite the recent upheaval. He knew deep down things were different now and he would do X proud by not dwelling on what had been happening. Sara and Rapture had disappeared when the "monster" appeared. Their disappearance, he felt, had little to do with the mystery creature and everything to do with...him. Ticon had no idea what happened to any of them but he decided his only course of action was to keep his head down and focus on the things that he could control, like his own fate. His adopted family would either sort themselves out or perish. That was how the world was. He had learned all he could from them. They had helped him, accepted him, and bequeathed their knowledge to him. He only wished he could do the same for them but it was time to break away and forge his own way. He was grateful to them, wished them peace, and hoped those who disappeared would find healing in whatever way the Father of Wolves deemed the right course.  

He had a job to do so he took his focus away from the ill-fated and troubled X Clan and planted it fully on the one at the border. Seemed someone was interested in joining Nardir. After that, he wanted to find Stella...and state his intentions. He was becoming increasingly convinced she was the one meant for him. He wanted a family with her. Ticon wanted to focus on Stella, the most beautiful wolf he had ever seen and known. Who helped him ways she had never known. But that was neither here nor there in this moment. 

Maintaining his professionalism, the dire with the red X and icy blue eyes found the one requesting assistance. "Hail, stranger. You've reached the borders of Nardir. My name is Ticonderoga, one of the border guards, but you can call me Ticon for short. What brings you to this land?" he asked.

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