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  • please vote
  • The religion here is just ancient roman. Go crazy.
  • Be nice to each other. If you find that you can't, ask a Pontifex for help.
  • Don't beg for a rank, you will have plenty of chances to capture the voter base's attention.
  • See rank guidebooks for your duties. As long as they are done well, and you can prove that when it comes time to vote, you will do well here.

  • Vexillum is a consent pack.
  • Keep OOC out of IC.
  • All normal forum rules apply.
  • Try to keep it PG-13. Barring that, make sure that you add [MATURE] tags to any thread that would not be within that threshold.
  • Please try to tag triggers where you can, either at the top of the post with  [TW: trigger here], or with [TW] in the title, and further explanation in the OOC part of your post.

[Image: ddqodx6-19e3d322-9e1b-4cf7-8e40-7ea3edd2...5RX3fpKQRg]
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