Event Thread  Don't they know it's the end of the world?
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Nhu She/Her
Rosa Foetida
Death Valley
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.. ~ it ended when you said good-bye ~ ..

Dark black clouds of smoke billowed over the lands of Oukoku-Kai, spreading high to the peaks of the pack's slave quarters, a natural alarm for danger. The smell was ever so familiar to the sleeping beast, the charred aroma of woods being swallowed by flames. Green eyes illuminating in the darkness of her den, she shifted cautiously forward, ready to attack if an invading heathen so dared to be outside. She rose to all fours though crouched; she crept from her hidings, finding nothing in sight. Nhu smirked, only idiots charge in.  She took in her surroundings quickly then leapt toward the cliffs overlooking the valley.

The wind whipped through her fur, spreading the spikey tendrils like a fan around her neck. She arched her head to the side, glaring down at the valley eyes glazing over at the sight of mass hysteria, panic rising in the ranks and spreading like its own kind of wildfire. She snapped back to reality, unable to see the chaos, she focused solely on a way out of this hellhole.  

The Yellow Rose could see the flames origin, but not the wolves responsible for the betrayal. The fire was quickly spreading, licking up the dense foliage of the maze, hungry for more, though luckily had not yet spread to the dry grasses and beyond.

Nhu couldn't believe the valley was on fire again, what had it been, like the third time? How original. However, she couldn't deny that she was a bit giddy at the sight of the fire, the way it burned and demolished everything in its path. But it was an enraged feeling of pleasure, burning anger for the betrayal and extreme euphoria, a dangerously volatile mood.

She casually walked toward the sloping side of the cliff, making her way down to descend into the heart of the valley. She was bombarded with memories as she moved, almost robotically, she pushed herself from her home. She was unafraid of the flames, a wide manic smile spreading across her jaw, dangerous ideas springing to mind. She could hear screams so she quickened her pace. Once burned paws skidding on the dry terrain, when was the last time it had rained? She couldn't remember. More of a mirage, she had been silent, like the other two Rosa. The pack has been in a panic for a while now without the triad of roses to look over them and care for their precious doomed heads.

Thankfully most wolves in the pack had already left weeks, though maybe years ago. Her head was pounding and she couldn't think, so she would humbly stalk from the pack, onto the other side of the maze where the fire had yet to reach.

And there she would wait, wait and watch the world burn.

Just, one more time.  

[ooc:]  please assume at this point all of my other DV characters have left the pack.[/ooc]

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The Yellow Rose embodies absolute power, and she can't go to war without her soldiers.
She needs to gather skeletons of the few unclaimed and mold them with honour blood and sycophantic flesh.
Nhu is predictable, which means she is reliable and despite despotic tendencies this Scion is the choice for all.
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