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Every step, no, each and every movement even spoke of one who'd taken on so much that their very bones ached under the weight of it and yet the creature housing them should be all outside appearances carry few, if any, worries at all. Amalthea knew the strange weight she carried was likely not normal, and yet it remained and seemed only to grow day by day as did disappointment. How she wished she were like all the many (many) others, and yet here she was simply watching days float by as she wandered from place to place as though that would solve everything. Perhaps she should do like others likely had and go out into the world to make a name for herself, and yet somehow that just didn't feel right; this was her home and she would never leave for long enough to do something like that.

(When was the last time she'd spoke to a litter mate anyway she would wonder with tilted head and bashful expression. Too long for sure.)

Instead of going out and doing anything super productive, however, the girl was instead simply making her way to a nice resting place for a while to regroup. Each footfall was heavy and her head kept ducked low almost as though she were trying to hide within her own fur (where ever did that ridiculously outgoing child go to? Amalthea wished she could find herself again...). A short shake of her head to clear the thoughts would follow as she paused against the mountainside, the anticipated pools in her sights but they were not abandoned as she'd hoped. Just her luck.

"Uhm, hello," she would speak perhaps softer than necessary upon her approach, "would you mind if I hung out around here too?" Of course she could leave, would if requested, but maybe Amalthea could use this time to make some kind of connection no matter how brief. Gotta start the bettering process somehow after all.

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