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      Iorek decided to switch gears today and do something with the things he collected. They weren't worth much if they weren't put to use and he had accumulated a lot of new materials to make jewelry out of. While he wasn't as dexterous as some, he was precise and had the aid of two friends with beaks.

      The space in front of the hybrid beast was organized with pieces of string, leather cord formed from animal hide, and woven cord laid neatly on the left and of different lengths; a pile of small bones both broken and intact, skulls, and teeth; pieces of metal that he had scavenged, some of which from jewelry that had fallen apart that were neatly arranged in rows; stone and wooden shaped by human hands in its own pile; gemstones, sea glass, and the shiny rocks he found earlier neatly arranged by color; and a small pile of other objects that didn't quite fit into the categories. A large piece of worn leather served as his work station.

      Brynn held up a piece of leather cord for a bracelet and the scarlet-eyed scavenger nodded. The crow always had an eye for design and colors. So did Hermes but his choices could be described as either sophisticated or just bland. The birds also possessed the ability to thread string through holes which was something that did not come easily to the beast.

      "Perhaps blues and greens?" the brindled feline suggested and Brynn nodded.

      'Would look pretty,' the crow agreed. The red-eyed Recruit began to select pieces of sea glass and beads to use and arranged them in a pattern for the corvid to thread. Meanwhile, the magpie began to arrange his own selection for a necklace of fangs from larger rodents and a songbird skull with black stones between each bone. He began threading it on his own. When the pattern was set for the bracelet, the feline began working on a necklace of his own design of the moon-like stone, black beads, and a golden pendant he scavenged.

Birds talk in bird. Iorek is somewhere in the Grasping Wood.

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