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Iorek He/Him
Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold?
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Pronouns: He/Him
Location [IC]: Gemini
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Statues and empires are all at your hands,
Water to wine and the finest of sands.
When all that you have's turning stale and it's cold,
Oh, you'll no longer feel when your heart's turned to gold.

      The dark-furred beast moved along the mountains of Gemini as the sun descended into the ocean. He moved through the treeline with a feline grace, like a ghost or a shadow. He only wore one necklace around his neck and the ornaments in his mane were sparse and spread out far enough as to not let them clink against each other. His forelimbs were bare of the usual jewelry he decorated his body with and he didn't have his usual satchel. A large magpie perched on his shoulders and a crow flew above him.

      Iorek hunted as the sky turning to dusk and darkness covering the trees. He would flourish in this environment with his dark coloration. Brynn flew ahead of him, the crow looking for prey that the cat could catch. He was a capable hunter with his stealthy ways and could easily stalk prey.

      'Prey!' the crow squawked.

      A white silhouette stuck out from the shadows that surrounded it and the brindled beast zeroed in on it. It was a mountain goat, a young one that had yet to learn what happened to those that wandered down from the mountainous peaks where predators roamed. He was ten or twenty paces away from the teeline and the wind blew the scent towards the trees.The dark-furred creature took advantage of this and the darkness hiding him.

      The hybrid beast crept across the field as the goat grazed on the grass. He crouched low to the ground, looking like a moving stone in the darkness. He didn't know how oblivious the goat could be. How close could he get to the goat without being noticed? Then he had an idea. He whispered to Hermes who still sat on his shoulders and the magpie seemed skeptical but agreed. The bird took off, joining the corvid in the sky.

      The birds descended from above, dive-bombing the goat with squawks and pecks. They aimed for his face, keeping clear of the horns as the goat tossed his head and bucked. The raucous squawking and the wingbeats served to cover the beast's approach. Suddenly the birds flew up and the goat had barely a moment to process the feeling of teeth in his neck before the crimson-eyed feline's jaws clamped down on his neck.

      The scarlet-eyed scavenger dropped his prey on the ground and the birds joined him on the carcass. The pelt would be useful for trading or bedding so the male took care to separate the pelt from the body with his sharp claws cutting through the fur with ease. However it would take time for him to cut the sections of the pelt off. Meanwhile, the birds began to feast on the uncovered sections.

      When the pelt was done, the red-eyed Recruit would also take the horns off the skull since they could be useful as well.

Brynn and Hermes's speech is bird that Iorek can understand. For Auri El <3

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