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Iorek He/Him
Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold?
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In the garden of evil
I'm gonna be the greatest
In a golden cathedral
I'll be praying for the faithless
And if you lose, boo-hoo

       After the wolf deemed him fit to join the pack, Iorek declined the tour offer. Not that he didn’t trust Echo, but he would rather show himself around than let someone else do so. He knew that being shown around had its benefits but he wanted to decide for himself what was worth being shown. Places always had their secrets and they were best found without the bias of someone else.
      The hybrid padded across the prairies, the short grass providing little cover. The birds perched on his back when he told them to stay close since there could be dangers in these lands -- predators, traps, anything; he felt safer when they were close. The crimson-eyed cat headed north towards the dilapidated wall that Hermes spoke of earlier, remembering that the magpie also mentioned a woodland.

      The scarlet-eyed scavenger knew that he couldn’t explore all of the lands before nightfall. He wanted to explore what he could and perhaps find a temporary spot for a den of sorts to store his belongings and perhaps return to sleep. The bag wasn’t heavy but the -- muffled -- clink of jewelry and other items was not something he wanted to have on him all of the time. The traveler was resourceful and knew how to cover his tracks so anywhere that could be a hiding space would be fine for now.

      The chocolate and cream beast wasn’t a fan of communal dens and liked his own space. He hoped that there was somewhere he could sleep tonight, no matter how temporary it would be. He was large enough to withstand the elements and he just liked a place to be out of sight. The feline didn’t think it would be too difficult to find.

      The brindled beast came across a river and stopped to drink from the water. As he did, he gaged the distance between the two banks and whether or not he could jump it. He wasn’t a fan of getting his paws wet when he didn’t have to. The dark beast also took a moment to scan the riverbed in case something shiny washed in.

For Bellamy! Takes place about an hour after this thread. Iorek is around here (red dot).

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