Private Roleplay  Whiskey in the Water, Blood in the Creek [WOS; Sincate]
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  Can't the gods take a damned joke?

  When he'd told Zephis the Valley was on fire... he hadn't meant literally. Not like this. Smoke billowing like a stormcloud, warning howls and war cries. It's not soon enough. They're already surrounded, half-deserted to begin with, and Sphinx is home with her husband. Garrison stomps through the slave tower, snapping at every body to move, prove yourself, run for your life, because they're under attack from the only two sides the Valley has. There's a brief, stunning second when he reaches the bottom of the tower, slaves scattering before him in their final freedom, and he thinks, This is the end, huh?

  Garrison isn't the type to go down without a fight. He trots-- long legs carry him quick, but he's gonna need his stamina-- to find Crux, but Karma's already gone. Crafty bitch probably bounced at the first sign of uprising, and he hopes, desperately, that she has the same idea as him. It might be the only way out alive.

  When he finds the kid, it's not the only one he sees. Someone else, moving in. Only the intruders are coming in. Eyes fixed on the figure, he orders, "Go. Outer Ring's on fire; use the smoke as cover." He shoves past the boy, and goes to meet this attacker head-on. Garrison's no coward. "See you on the outside!"

  At least, he hopes so.

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