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   The duties of a Boshin are... understandable. Someone needs to secure the maze, and catch fresh meat for those too otherwise occupied to hunt for themselves, and though necessary, neither are glamorous positions. It's only sensible what were formerly known as Kyuu serve some practical purpose while they train, but it's a bit misplaced, she thinks, when the Bondless have so much time available. History, tactics, slave oversight, and of course, exercise, are all part of her education under the Warden, and she wonders how the others find the time.
   Perhaps, she is simply the student of a much stricter education. She'll have no trouble, then.
   Despite all of these internal grievances, hunting has its benefits. Discipline, firstly. Self-reliance. These are lesson ingrained early for one such as she, but it may be a fine introduction for an outsider, originally adjusting to Oukoku-Kai. Ashtar has learned to distribute her weight on the dry-leaf floor within the maze, stalk some creature through the shielded dark, and still remain silent. Wolves have keener eyes than rodents, of course, but they're far more dangerous, and not nearly so quick.
   The Fringe girl catches her quarry, and weaves through the maze with a plump squirrel dangling from her mouth. She had intended this to be her dinner, but considering the kill's weight comparatively, it may be too much for her. She has to stay in shape, after all. There is no fat in the Valley.
   Lucky, then, when she crosses paths with a denizen both older and larger than she, which she offers the prey to. Although bonded, it never hurts to ingratiate oneself.

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