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   Gracefully, she emerges from an outcropping of sandstone, paws pinned together, and head high. "I apologize. I hadn't meant to intrude," she lies. In all honesty, her interaction with the Jin had been... enlightening, in the least. She still longs to be a Tactician, to appropriately utilize her mind, but it's instilled her with an appreciation for treachery. Obviously, she needs more practice to blend seamlessly with the silence and shadows.
   The white on the crest of her head is blinding under the searing sun and sparkling river. "I am Ashtaroth, Boshin. Who might you be?" Even as the young woman wonder aloud, she appraises Vaisravana visually. Black stripes her in expert brushstrokes, and green, green emerald eyes... She cocks her head, recognition flitting through her brown gaze. "On second thought, I think I know. I'm bonded to your mother, I believe."
   Sphinx is pretty and taken, a motherly figure to Ashtar among others. Her children, it appears, are equally as impressive.

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Places, places, get in your places
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Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains

I see things that nobody else sees

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