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Summer had come to the land of the faeries. The thick blankets of fragrant flowers thinned so the heartier, heat resistant blossoms were all that remained. Fortunately the herd's territory had been blessed with adequate rain to keep things green and lush. Though the rain was too adequate for some.

Acorn couldn't have been more thrilled to feel the warm sun on her finally dry fur, which looked a tad extra poofy from the moisture. The little elti tried her hardest to groom herself, but there's only so much you can do with a wooly coat. The ebb in the rain meant more than staying dry, it meant the bees could finally leave the hive and find flowers. And while the bees were away the forrester would

The littlest elti enjoyed this part of her job. It was certainly a step up from being expected to snagging smelly fish from the streams. A sting every now and then was worth the tasty treat. Acorn had always had a sweet tooth, so accepting a job where she could secretly take extra sips of honey was a no brainer. She trotted happily to the hive, one she had some help in months earlier in lowering from a high branch to the tiny one's level. Clenched between her teeth was a clay bowl, a flat, broad handle that fit perfectly into her mouth. A clever little invention from the crafters. Setting it on a stump next to the hive, Acorn went to work.

The crafters had also had made her a little spigot that sat in the hive. The curve was turned upwards at the moment, but with a little bump from her nose, Acorn was able to turn it down and let the honey drip into her bowl. Chocolatey eyes sparkled as the golden waterfall slowly cascaded into a puddle. There was only so much self control one could have. Pink nose soon found itself into the bowl.

"Oh!" A noise behind her alerted her she was no longer alone. Acorn was confident the guards were doing there job, so she wasn't concerned this would be a predator. She turned to her company, licking the remaining honey from her lips, "You want some too? I won't tell that we had a little snack."

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