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Balls of Steel
Death Valley
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  Karma and Crux. A slave, and a false bond, aiming for a rank equal to his own. A bitch, and a boy. Not enough. Lotus was supposed to be his. Tovelo, too, but now they're both gone before he could claim them. If Garrison sees either of those two again, he'll make them regret ever leaving Oukoku-Kai. After all, he is a Slaver, as well as a Shogun.

  The Fringe dire stands in the depth of the Valley, overlooking the river. It roils with the rainy season, kicking up at its edges and the thick arctic fur between the Officer's toes. He snarls at the wetness, then throws his head back, and howls.

  Two is not enough. He feels cheated for those two missing females, and there is an excess of Bondless in the Valley. Worthless. He can make something of those.

  Garrison stands proud on the crest of the cliff, thick and proud, pale eyes and mighty jaws awaiting whoever may arrive. "Garrison," he introduces himself, taking in the faces and frowning at most of them, "Officer, Slaver, and Shogun. I have two bonds. Who thinks they deserve to be the third?"

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WinterFever Wrote:He's starting a harem because he's a gross guy who has needs.
And by that, I mean he needs to be annoyed.
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