A Land of Ash [Acceptance]
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Percival had been following the little marks of his prey for what seemed like hours now. Without a pack to trail behind he had been forced to take on much smaller meals than he was used to chasing down. Whatever this little thing was, it was a wiley one. 

Picking his way carefully over the stained grey ground the wolf snorted at the tickle of old smoke in the back of his throat. It suddenly made sense why he hadn't seen any other predators for nearly a mile. This place...it felt wrong. 

This whole place smelled of long dead fires. Usually after a brush fire the first sprigs of green poked through the ash within a week. Here, it felt like everything had given up growing at all. Blackened trees were starting to bleach white at the tops where the wind chewed through the charcoal that had killed it. Whatever had happened here, it was like nothing dared live anymore. 

Percival traveled surely and silently for now. It wouldn't do to attract any other creatures just yet -not when he wasn't quite sure what this place was, let alone who ruled it. One thing was for sure: the small animal tracks that had led him into the ash were no longer so easy to read, the faint smell of prey quickly becoming overwhelmed by the old charcoal smells surrounding him. 

At the end of his rope Percival circled the place he had lost the scent. There had to be something worth hunting...
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These caves were truly a wonder in and of themselves.

The Eiar found herself wandering aimlessly through their extensive tunnels, not even getting disappointed when nine times out of ten she found herself at a dead end. Half the time she found the paths elaborately looping into themselves, so she'd end up facing the same sector over and over again before realizing the trick of it all. How exciting all of this was!

Right step, left step, right step, left! The lean goddess had been venturing down this particular tunnel for a few minutes, not even coming across branches for her to turn off onto. Catlike pupils widened in the dim light, using the dip of the floors to guide her as she walked, brisk and elegant and energized. Elysium had been quiet since the fearsome Theros had claimed these caverns for the pack, but that didn't mean the hellion girl was idle. She'd been hard at work importing various herbs and flowers and other attractive lures into her sector. Without the proper blooms, how else would she bring in the butterflies and hummingbirds she so loved?

But these tunnels weren't leading into Spring's sector. With a quick sniff she wrinkled her snout, a dry and acrid scent filling the air. It reeked of death. Sol'Shira stifled a cough, her paws hesitating for a split second before she picked up her pace, curiosity now driving her. Twisting left then right then left again, the Eiar found herself coming out into the open. Above ground. But it was as lifeless as some of the tunnels she'd explored today.

Dim darkness settled over the remains of what could only have been wildfire. A soft frown wrenched her lips, her delicate paws taking slow, careful steps forward. It was almost sacrilegious for her to be stepping on the scars of death. But, perhaps, her presence was the key to its recovery. To new life.

A soft rustle.
She turned and saw a shadow emerging from the grey mass. Another wolf.

Sol'Shira should have been excited to see someone new. To see a breath of life in this massive spread of dry death. But her frown was set in place. Bright golden pupils widened softly, holding gaze with his red eyes for a few solid seconds before solemnly turning to the ruins around them. "It's terrible... isn't it?" Her voice was soft, weighed with a sorrow that seemed disproportionately heavy, "How can such ruin spread so far up here... claiming so many lives--" she could only assume, "-- while we continue, oblivious below. Not knowing whether I could have helped..."

The small girl lived life as though she were responsible for all life. 
She was, after all, the goddess.

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