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"Come to your Theros~!" the blue devil howls into the caverns, "I'm feeling a little.. antsy in our new home.. I'm feeling like.. we haven't quite discovered everything.. and I could use some help," a lie. A bold ass fuckin' lie, but she had to be personable, didn't she? She had to relate on some level to her.. people, that she's flawed, like them. That she needs.. assistance.. like them.. That she, too, bleeds like them.

"I'd like to take a few brave souls into the tunnels, a few brave souls who aren't afraid to, ah.. get their teeth and paws dirty.." and to be lead along by their Theros. "I'll be going along with all of you.. We don't know what's in them, but I've heard.. noises.. and I'm.. I'm itching to investigate.." Jezebel giggles as she slips from the very entrance she had stood to introduce them to their new home.

The Theros sits, waiting, smiling at any and all who approached to say hello, to volunteer, or even those who just passed her by. Those were specifically marked in her mind to find later, to absolutely.. not.. antagonize.. for simply passing through and minding their own business. She is absolutely forgiving and kind, this little blue demon sitting atop her rock.


This is the beginning of the cave dives! 2-3 people to volunteer for the first tunnel! Who knows what we're going to experience, or what we'll find! Just know that long paragraphs are not necessary. You could post short-form or just a few lines, I'd just like to keep the roleplay moving!

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He'd been ready to explore again for some time now, the autumn colored brute of a wolf. It was not the first time he'd have gone deeper but it was always a different direction and new experience whenever the lead spelunker changed. He was excited when the call came and he wasted no time in arrival.

Finding the Theros waiting, he offered a friendly smile and bowed his head. "Greetings Theros, I am Oros. I've gone down a couple of times and would enjoy accompanying you into the deep."

It was short but to the point, the sooner they left the sooner they'd have their fun. If she approved of his company he would not and sit, adjusting his makeshift satchel of things he often carried with him. It was going to be a good trek, he could feel it.

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