If I Had A Heart Top 50 Dog RPGs Topsite (please read post)
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This is most definitely in the wrong place and I apologize. I didn't know where else to contact you guys about this kind of thing, so I figured a message here will do. 

I've recently created a topsite that ranks dog-focused RPGs, and I'm trying to get the word out - though, it seems no one ever actually advertises their topsites??

Anyway, I wanted to drop a message to the staff here at IDS and drop my link. Since dog characters are allowed to be played here, your site qualifies to post on my topsite!

Stick your ad up, what will it hurt? Or dont! Your choice. <3

[Image: MepvJcFf_o.png]
<a href="http://top50dogrpgs.gotop100.com/" target="_blank" title="If I Had A Heart: Top 50 Dog RPGs"><img src="https://images2.imgbox.com/bb/7c/MepvJcFf_o.png"></a>

Thank you for your time!

Again, I apologize for the odd advertisement most likely in the wrong place <3
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It’s very difficult to find top sites that are actually maintained, so we appreciate it!

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