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The former Theros had done well with his Fates, sending them out to find their home for Cheimon's rise in power. They had very few numbers, but again, Theros had done well in calling a few into their mantle where they journeyed to the tunnels and followed the newly found Godling. Andruil was proud of selecting the usurper, having a feeling of triumph and general happiness that she no longer had an old man clinging to his pride, hanging over the Phthinoporon with heavy expectations. The queen could hardly stand it. And now that he was one with Kairos once again, Andruil did not have to hide. She felt at peace with the night.

The queen stepped down into the dark cave, the ceiling covered in blue light that mimicked stars. They were light enough to lead her forward into the caverns further, a path that dropped in some cases into an endless abyss — or so it seemed. Andruil paused though, knowing it wasn't wise to go alone in case she got lost, and perhaps they would need to use some sort of communication in order to guide their people through these treacherous halls. Symbols perhaps with paint they could gather from the ash outside.

Andruil decided to turn back some, to wander back to the landing in order to gather some others first before discovering more of this cave. A cave that was theirs — one to fight for against those who opposed them.

"You there~" she calls to the first body she sees. "Do you mind helping your Phthinoporon? I wish to explore, but not alone. It's dangerous." And she would possibly reward them depending on their success. Perhaps letting them name the hallways or letting them give ideas on what to do with any other large caverns they find. Only time would tell, she supposed and it depended on who and what they provided.

"If any others want to, please join me."

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A thread where Andruil finds her faction home! Anyone is welcome to join!
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He'd been hanging around the entrance to the caves a lot lately, testing ideas with some of the local fauna that they'd located with the preliminary treks inside. They'd come across a very useful larva that glowed in the absolute darkness but you had to go rather deep to find more and more of them. They'd managed to steal away a few hundred but when you considered the potential depth of the caverns, that was nothing! He was busy  separating them for the next big venture, the unique critters having different glows about them, when someone called out to him from near the cavern's mouth. 

He finished the last few before looking up to see just who had called, his eyes narrowed before widening with realization. It was Phthinoporon, the wolf goddess of the Autumn season! He looked around quickly, seeing if she was talking to someone else but it was just him for the moment. He hurriedly packed up what her had, tossing them in a very crude looking satchel with an old symbol burned into the side long ago. It was his personal pack, the last one from a time long forgotten by all but him. When he finished, he trotted to her and dipped his head deeply in greeting. "It would be an honor and my pleasure to accompany you Phthinoporon." He smiled a friendly grin, motioning with a nod of his head to his bag, "I've got a few of the luminescent larva that we can use to track our path in and find our way out." He considered which to use, the four colors being very different and not wanting to waste them only to use two shades. He decided on the dark orange looking ones, not because they were his favorites but because they were the most plentiful, if he could stretch their use then this little trip would hardly put a dent in their stash. 

"I'm Oros, at your service." He'd nod once more before tilting his head, waiting for her to make the first move, "By your lead." Once she moved, he would follow but inside he would take longer strides to lead, in case anything dangerous fell before them, he'd hold it back for her.

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