Tunnel Systems [Map/Setting]
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gothy is eventually going to work on a map and also we'll be soon discovering things icly so this is a wip~!

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LEADER: Sol'Shira
LOCATION: Southwestern Tunnels
Spring's Quarters are located in the south-western most tunnel systems of Elysium, and is open entry to all members of Elysium. Their sleeping niches within the Quarters, however, are exclusively for Spring followers and their mates or offspring. It is more prone to shifts in temperature and drafts, as the main cavern has an open-top ceiling. The whispers of distant breezes and echoing bird calls can often be the guide to lead the lost into these chambers.

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A cascading waterfall in the northern most corner of the cave, streaming from an untainted, mountain-fed river. The massive height of the cave causes the waterfall to mist before it manages to reach the bottom, casting the northern half in a glistening mist. It's not uncommon to see rainbow glares as the sunlight peaks down from high above, the rays catching the water droplets just right. These waters feed the rivulets within the Quarters, providing pure lifeblood for the gardens.
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The giant weeping willing in the northern most corner of the cavern, nestled underneath where Mother's Tears mists down, resting on the banks of the small lake. This tree's bark, branches, and trees are an eerie silver-white, and almost seem to glimmer and glow when night draws near. It's rumored the tree soaks in and absorbs the sun's light during the day and emits it during the night. Its branches are infested by bioluminescent glowworms and luna moths.

[Image: elysium_by_etkri-dbyzhv1.png]

All along the cave walls are niches carved into them, some more elaborate than others. Most of these have thick, sturdy vines that act as walkways up to them, making them perfect living abodes for the followers of Spring and Life. The Eiar often visits these, leaving daily flowers at the entrances of the inhabited ones and tidying up the empty ones. These niches do not lead into any further tunnels, save for the Eiar's which leads to secret back ways. They also do not reach any higher than thirty to forty feet above the ground - only half of the cavern's depth.
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Seeing as Elysium is underground, the Goddess of Life finds it terribly void of life and joy. The Eiar has attempted to compensate for this by ferrying in new flowers, herbs, tree buds and plantlife to recreate the wonders of above down below. In a sublet in the far northwest corner of the cavern, where the sunlight accumulates most, Sol'Shira has dedicated to a new garden of life. She has carefully orchestrated tree buds on the outer ridges, and orderly rows of herbs, blossoms, and other flora. Only healers are permitted without permission, and only for related business.

These Quarters are full of life and light, much to the Eiar's intent and pleasure. Further efforts to bring in new plant life may well result in new appearances from critters such as butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds and small rodents. Moss and greenery grows thick in these parts, small rivulets streaming down from the sides of the caves and into a small lake in the northeast corner.
LANDMARKS TO COME: To be discovered, ICly.

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