Season of Change (LAND CLAIM)
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Jezebel, lean and fit, bright eyed and bushy tailed, drags the carcass of an old God with her. The Fates had divulged information about where the new home was- as Zephyrus no longer even had a tongue to whisper sweet nothings with- and she proceeded towards the entrance of the Caves without caution, without care.

It doesn’t take long to find, although dragging someone’s gutted body made the journey a tad bit longer than she’d hoped, but it was there, as her people confessed. Her people- the very thought sent shivering sensations through her entire body. But they didn’t just belong to her, no, there were three others they all belonged to as equally. Three other Gods who gave her this golden opportunity and didn’t so much as blink as they signed a death warrant. They killed Zephyrus as much as she had, and she would remind them of that if they needed it. No matter what, though, she is grateful for their moral sacrifice.

She drops the body and raises her head, letting out a howl that echoes throughout the entrance of the caves and exits behind her, to the upper world.

HEAR ME!” Jezebel cries out, turning her body towards whoever came to follow and witness their true Theros, “I claim this land, this underground, this sanctuary in the name of Elysium!” and as she stood tall, her paw rested roughly on the skull of the former Summer King.

And any who oppose me, opposes us. Their fate will be the same as his,” she gruffly shoves the body forward, licking over her lips and tasting the paint that covered her eyes and muzzle in intricate little designs. His blood had become a staple to her mask, and she would have a permanent solution soon, just as she’d always meant to have. Red, like power, like hunger, like blood.

The Blue Devil leans her head down, grabbing hold of Zephyrus’ scruff and thrusts him to the side, allowing him to be the first to inhabit the new land, just as he’d hoped. Jezebel was not a kind or benevolent leader, but she also wasn’t as cruel or heartless as she lead on to be.

Zephyrus’ landing,” she chuckles to any who witnessed her display of muscle and extravagance. “If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have this. Pay your respects as you walk by, but do not touch him,” or else.

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