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It was a great day for Borogrove, one that would go down in the town's history. The Mangroves were theirs, and with them, the herbs, shelter and prey they contained. A territory conquered just in the nick of time, as winter crept down the mountains and threatened to engulf them. Prey was starting to get scarce as the ground grew hard with frost: soon it would kill the meadows and deciduous trees, leaving little for their food-animals to consume. The Mangroves were evergreen, lush and thick, protected from the cold by their dense canopies and undergrowth. They were a much-needed addition to the pack.

Ripley and Odyssey had returned with their heads held high, brandishing the trophies of their success. The King and Queen of the smilodon clan, now disgraced. One adorned the Champion's head, a vast, maned thing that still oozed congealed blood down Odyssey's great speckled head, with sabre-teeth flanking his dark eyes. Martin had been rather alarmed at the sight, but had been even more taken aback by the presence of a hostage. A piebald pale, following in the wake of Ripley: a fallen king, now a slave. Quite the prize: he'd be useful in helping them navigate the new addition to their home. There was something distinctly prideful in taking a smilodon as a slave, and it thrilled the Sun.

Excited, he called the pack together with a series of bays and yips. Come to me! Come to me, Borogrove! There was much to say and discuss, but he couldn't keep the jovial tone from his voice. It was about time they had something to celebrate. He sprung onto the ridges of the dead fountain, putting himself above the common crowd to allow his voice to carry. Once they had assembled, he cried over the rabble.

"Borogrove! This is a historic day! We have conquered the Mangroves!" He'd allow this to sink in first, waiting for their reactions and grinning toothily, a flash of yellow-white against the dark features.

"Our blessed Father defeated the sabre-cats' King and Queen - you see them here, now!" He gestured first to the disembodied head adorning Odyssey's own, and then to the down-trodden King that stood, a captive, behind Ripley. "The Mangroves are yours to explore, to make part of your home. To the team that discovered and scouted the area - Templar, Titus, Jude, Jessie - I thank you all, and bless you all with the right to explore the territory first. Name what you see and find as you see fit." A great honour, one which would be acknowledged by the entire pack.

Then, his attention turned to Odyssey, his Champion, and his grin widened. He couldn't have been more proud of the galaxy-pelted fringe dire. Once simply a pet of House Mammon, the freak was now so much more. He had proven himself to have a malicious streak a mile-wide, but what was more, he had proven loyalty. If the strange fellow had ever had any concept of the word.

"Odyssey - Champion of the Sun - I name you Rotter, the Tartaerean Fruit, our lord of interrogation," and torture. It was a decision made after consulting with the Father, but there was one more title yet to bestow.

"This expansion comes at a pivitol time - the weather is turning, prey is becoming scarce, and I don't know about you all, Borogrove," he paused, "But I am bloody cold," that was when he leaned back, and produced the thick, lined garment that had been produced for him by Shroxx. He threw it over his head, and let it settle on his shoulders, showing it off not only as a rather fashionable item, but as a cloak that could potentially save their weak and immuno-compromised from a slow, painful death by hypothermia.

"The Night of the Meteor, our God blessed us with the arrival of a very talented lady," he gestured at the pink hellion through the crowd. She stood out like a sore thumb. "And since, Shroxx has proven her loyalty time and time again, in repairing houses, crafting pelts like these, and working the Forge. We need a Machinist in this trying time, and I can think of none better than Lady Shroxx, Mother of the Forge." Another Elite added to the arsenal. Only one title remained. Borogrove was slowly coming to life, and bit-by-bit, the members of the town found their place.

He took a breath, voice beginning to become hoarse with shouting. He smiled, looking down at the town fondly, then nodding. Yes, he was pleased.

"Celebrate now, Borogrove. Drink, eat, be merry. This celebration will take us through to the dawn-time. Blair, Nephthys - " he singled out his daughters in the crowd. Embarrassing, dad, geez. "Filianore, Rosenlund. Lead us in song, won't you? Odyssey - please, if you'd perform the Father's holy conquering of the Cats, it would be a treat for us all." They had such talented performers within their ranks, why not allow them to show off a little? After all, it was a party.

OOC: You are now free to roleplay in the Mangrove area of the pack! I'll be putting up some landmarks/information about it shortly.
Congratulations to Odyssey, the new Rotter, and to Shroxx, the Machinist!

As this is set as a short time-leap ahead of the canon Borogrove timeline, if you currently have a character in acceptance, you can feel free to assume they're accepted and put them in here.

Not mandatory!

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The song of the Sun's call had taken Templar out of concentration for studying the odd books along the wall. Amber eyes shifted to the open window, ears twitching to listen closely. It was a call to all Borogrove — they had returned from their mission. Templar and the group that was with him to explore the mangroves had given Martin and the Father the idea to search and conquer, and his chest filled with eagerness the moment he realized that this was the day Borogrove had succeeded in their march.

Templar jumped down stairs and out into the streets, watching as the Sun and the Father strode down with their Champion adorned in a bloody pelt, a strong message to all who came forth. The Knight smiled out of excitement, bowing his head to the returning group in respect and gratitude. What a historic day indeed!

Amber eyes shifted to the saber that still stood, only behind the Father and Champion of Borogrove as a slave and trophy to their victory. The Knight felt his heart flutter against his ribs, remembering the marches of slaves down the castle path, but this was not the same. This was a new place, a new home, and Templar was proud to be part of it. "Thank you, Sun. Congratulations to you as well, to the Father and the Champion! For Borogrove!" he shouted, smiling and laughing gleefully.

Templar stood back then, looking for Titus in the crowd, though his heart searched for Filianore. He wanted to celebrate with both, to have fun and make memories on such a historic day. Shroxx told him to lighten up, so here he was, wanting to lighten up. And speaking of the pink hellion in which he threatened that awful night, she had risen up fast. She had done so much for Borogrove and he could respect that. And as Martin closed his speech, Templar would turn to the pink hellion with a playful smirk. "How about a toast huh? Ever gotten drunk with a Redanian?"

A challenge to see for the new Machinist.

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦
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Let us pray, brothers and sisters. The Fire enlightens, burns and cleanses. The Fire protects, warms and lights the path. The Fire exposes, incinerates and destroys Evil.

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Aela She/her
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The Sun called and she was expected to answer. And so answer she did. Aela came at Martin's beckoning, leaving her comfortable position on an old cushion in the house of mammon she headed for And there he stood in all her eternal glory, black pelt glistening and gleaming with golden light that perfectly highlighted his athletically toned body. Power seemed to radiate from him and it drew her in until she was close enough to make out the darker patches on his shoulders.

Aela would wait quietly for Marvolo to join her, smiling at the small blue woman and gesturing for her to take a seat beside her. She wasn't quite sure where Odyssey was, he'd been away on a scouting mission for the past few days and she hadn't seen hide nor hair of the male since. Aela didn't like it. She missed the lumbering behemoth's constant hovering and teasing. When the gathering was finally together Martin called out to them, announcing the discovery of something called the Mangroves.

Dark ears swiveled forward as her interest piqued and her brows rose when the Sun continued on to say that the Father had been victorious against a pair of sabre-cats. Her eyes traveled in the direction of Martins gesture and then her mouth dropped open. There Odie stood in all his speckled galaxy glory with a gory trophy covering his head. What in heavens name?! Get that off of your head! She wanted to scream at him but she knew she couldn't. Not in public. So she had to bite her teeth and glower in silence at him. Was that amusement she saw twinkling in those dark eyes of him? Oh she would have to have some strong words with him when this was over, she thought as she fumed in silence.

Martin bestowed a rank upon her lover then, naming him the new Rotter with a strange sounding title that she had no hope of ever being able to pronounce correctly. Lord of Interrogation, hmm? That seemed to suit Odyssey perfectly. And then the discussion took on a lighter mood and the dip of martins sultry voice announced his next reveal- a thick cloak that draped perfectly against his frame.

Her mouth formed a little O of awe and her eyes grew wide. Why, that was absolutely lovely. She would have to see about meeting this talented Shroxx lady and inquiring on the price of a cloak for herself she decided. Winter was on the way and though her pelt was thick and well suited for the cold the added layer of protection wouldn't hurt. Yes, she would have to pay a visit to the new Machinist very soon."Cheers for the Rotter! Cheers for the Machinist!"

And then to wrap up their little congregation the Sun prompted a few townsfolk to begin singing and Odie began to put on his macabre performance. Aela wanted to look away, she really did but she just couldn't drag her eyes away from the sight of the lower jaw flopping up and down as those dark, dark eyes peered out from between the blood and gore. She was captivated.

And a softness came
from the starlight
and filled me to the bone
     W. B. Yeats 
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Amando He / They
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He comes to meet the call, because he's always eager to help. There's some kind of celebration, they won... something. The mangroves they scouted out, not so long ago. The mangroves that were already inhabited, by a society of sabres, one of which stands, beaten behind their Holy Father, and another bleeding on Odyssey. And he mocks it-- reenacts the battle in ballet-- as Martin's family leads them in songs of praise.

Templar-- his colleague-- Titus and Jude-- he'd consider friends if not more-- are attributed the honour of naming landmarks they aren't the first to discover. He doesn't howl. His voice isn't much to hear, anyway. His jaw clamps tight, and he weaves through the crowd, looking for Ouro (he only likes you for your body heat), Titus (he wanted to do right, what is he doing?) or Jude (where is he?).

He doesn't let his eyes sit anywhere but theirs for too long, because anyone else might see the fear. Amando tastes blood, and he hopes to their Borogrovian god it's his.

What is he doing here?
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song inspo
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All of Boro was alive and on the move this evening, and she had filtered in with the rest, hearing the cries from the church as she huddled up by candles to keep warm. It had been a rough time, the weather had turned and her garden had died along with it. The first shock of frost was enough to make them all drop their petals and go into a sleep. The apostle had stepped out earlier this morning, the chill in the air made her bones rattle.

But this was to be a joyous occasion was it not? The Sun calling all of the town to him in a series of baying cries. The naive lady gazed upon his dark form as he addressed them all, a delightful grin upon his face. Borogrove had won. Looked away in her chamber she prayed for everyone's safety, she spoke to their Lord, and she petitioned for protection. For wings of gold and ivory to wrap around and protect their home. It had seemed to pay off.

Catching sight of Templar, she made her way to the Knight. If she caught his eye she'd smile warmly at him, if not she'd take her place by his side, perhaps even leaning slightly against him. The two of them had a certain affinity, and the Apostle could only do so much to ignore it. Bashful, as any young maid, she hid her face from him.

What came next was something entirely grotesque, Odyssey bathed in the carnage of a fallen foe, she felt her stomach turn and her legs nearly buckle. Unlike Aela, who she had spotted a ways away, Filianore was anything but captivated by the sight. The Apostle turned away eyes looking to the ground. With that came their promotions, the Rotter and the Machinist both.  There was a bubble of pride that filled within Fili's chest, Shroxx had done well here and she would continue to do so, the Maid was certain. "Congratulations, to you both. Blessings upon the Rotter and the Machinist! Her soft voice nearly drowned out by the cheers of the townsfolk.

Filianore, Rosenlund. Lead us in song, won't you? Came Martin's voice, and she forced herself to look up and past the blood soaked beast next to him. The Apostle nodded her head, snaking her way through the crowd until she was at the front, her back slightly toward the Triumvirate. Filianore could feel her skin crawl, and she'd try her best to look past it all. Pick a spot, and just keep singing. "In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind made moan; Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone. Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow. In the bleak mid-winter, long ago." Came the carol, let the celebrations begin!

Once, I can't remember
I was, long ago, someone strange
I was innocent and wise
And full of pain
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Marvolo she/her
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She prayed.

She prayed for Ripley. She prayed for her friends. And she prayed or herself.

She prayed too Ripley, to Martin, to the Holy Spirit, and she asked for the wealth and prosperity of their collective. She wished for a fruitful adventure, and for the blood of those who opposed them to salt the earth. She held a deep understanding behind the ‘why’ they marched, and while she felt discomfort at the fact that their Lords had to push progression forward, there is also—and always—a bit of awe rattling her chest.

They got filthy for them.


And whether Marvolo though the work of conquering beneath the paws of their avatars she would not deny them the right to return home, yowling in celebratory bliss. That made her joyous, and it took a great deal of self-control to stop from yipping with the intensity and passion of her unwavering belief.

She knew, she knew that Martin, her lord would bring them home.

So, instead, she contained her fine tremble by pressing against Aela. Mayhaps, to those around them, she would only look chilled, not dizzy with absolute admiration. Not swayed by the hypnotic lure of success and the thick grotesque drip of blood that came from the head worn by the obedient Champion Odyssey. Her heart was a rapid thud against her rib-cage, excited and wild and her grin was so broad that—

That she had to turn her face into Aela’s fur for a moment to collect some form of decorum.  She was a Valentine, not an over excitable child… but who could resist being swept away in the jubilee of their success and the coming promotion of their people into an age of undeniable prosperity?

If only the cold of the space didn’t infuse her bones… ah, but that was what Aela was for, wasn’t it?

It isn’t until Filianore comes before the people that she finally has an outlet for her energy. She’d stand upon her feet and dance. It’s nothing special, a bit of a sway, a bob of her head to the beauty of Filianore’s voice—Filianore, her friend—but is still something and she is pleased.

Heaven be praised and all.

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Shroxx She/Her
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The pail swung from her jaws as she trekked the outskirts of town, the carry bags across her shoulders laden with sun bricks and hay. Her blue eyes looked over the damage caused by her comet, and she could only sigh as she stopped by one of the lower houses. Granted the damage was minimal, but with most of the folk here being southern bred? They needed to keep warm. She lowered the pail and set down her carry bags, using her claws to carefully pry one of the original bricks from its place. She replaced it quickly as the old brick crumbled in her claws, lathering her own with mortar and shoving it in place; filling the gaps with more mortar, using the excess to smooth over the small holes left by shrapnel meteorite.

The pieces she found she placed in the carry bag. Could be useful somehow! Waste not want not.

She was about to continue on her way when Martin’s summons rang through the air, making her ears prick up with interest. Well, couldn’t ignore the boss! She wiped her paws in the dead grass and made her way to the ceremony, where- holy shit! Dead cat! Oh my God that’s disgusting, and unsanitary she was sure! Where’s Horn Boy? He could clean Odie up and hell if he wanted the head all he had to do was ask, she’d stuff it and- What. The. Fuck. Blue eyes focused on the scale armor she’d slaved over for the man to wear into battle. Each move the man did? More fell off. It was losing limbs! And he was just, playing pretend!

“Oh my God,” She hissed through her teeth, her paws holding her face in shock. She could only stare. Shroxx wanted to run over and rip the rest off of him so she could fix it, or at least give it a place of honor on an alter! (Her original bracers, gone now, came to mind.) She was so focused she didn’t even hear Martin give her an elite’s rank until the sound of approval rang through the air. Her wide-eyed stare swept around the group, and she dumbly raised a paw to point at her own chest, mouthing, Me? Then she shook her head and smiled, but it waned.

Fuck. Now this town was really her responsibility.

She needed more raw material. The leather and metal she had now was in the works for the police and scouts (not ever wanting another Tauro situation ever again to happen on her borders). The folk, however, didn’t have shit. Thankfully Nephthys was reconstituting old human clothes into blankets and things, but that wouldn’t be enough. She could give all the houses coal, and she’d need to set into the forest before the frost killed everything. Houses and sleeping areas would need to be- "How about a toast huh? Ever gotten drunk with a Redanian?” What? She blinked rapidly, looking at Templar with confusion before a look of understanding crossed her face.

Right! Party.

Shit, she didn’t have time to get wasted. What a drag! “Yanno my dude, any other time I’d be totally down for drinking you down into the dirt, but! Duty calls, especially since now it’s definitely my job.” She sighed and shook her head, then looked up at Odie’s gross display. Her ears pinned back as she whined, “Plus I’m gonna hurl if I have to keep watching my armor fall to pieces!” Shroxx looked at him and clapped his shoulder, adding, “But dude have fun! Make some more friends, but I gotta get back to work. Take care, yeah?”

She flashed him a smile, and turned to leave. Shroxx gave the triad a humble bow before she disappeared from the gathering.

There was work to be done, and nobody was going to suffer because she wanted to have fun.

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Vesper She
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It is only right.

The title given to Shroxx (as Vesper predicted on the very night of her arrival), their victory against heretics (Would God let Her chosen fall to blasphemers?), the merriment made by her pack-mates, the song that rises to the sky, praise the Lord!

She dips her head politely to each promotion, before closing her eyes, and turning her face to the sky. The light of the Lord shines upon them, and she sways with the sound of their vicious song. All as it should be.

"You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God."

I Peter 2:9-10

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speech thoughts

((Gonna make a short post to get Zodiac in here.))

Zodiac heard the baying call of the good Doctor, Martin. Ears perked and he stood, stretching his muscles. For some reason this seemed like it was a good calling, which was fine with him. With no delay he arrived, nodding at his Mammon brother as he took his place near the man. He spoke of conquering the mangroves, and he was pleased. Zodiac let out a pleased bark, glad to see that Borogrove was expanding. Martin was doing a fabulous job.

Then Martin donned his cloak, and named Odyssey the Rotter and Shroxx the Machinist. Zodiac smiled as was warranted, but he knew one day he would find himself with his own title. Time just had to tick on and he had to work to his goal. "Our pack is doing well, Martin," he told the Doctor once the celebrities had begun. By no means was he claiming Borogrove as his own -- but was it not everyone's pack? "Your children are wonderful, as well. Simply wonderful~" Praise Zodiac didn't often give, but for Martin, he made an exception this once. He would have to make a note to get to know the others, too.

Borogrove was making its presence known.

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