Will You Forgive Me If I Feel This Way [Kyra]
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Hakan must have been laughing. God, the old man must have been laughing so hard.

The old brown wolf had appeared one day from the island that Kyra was still resting on and thought it wise to give Alexander some...missions. Jobs of a sort; explaining rather vaguely about how they were to be for his daughter for when she returned home. The boy was to fetch as many of these herbs as possible and make sure not to return until the store had been restocked and, quite frankly overstocked for the 'in case of emergency'. The golden prince didn't wish to object any further than he had on the island so he took off without a word to do the old brown wolf's bidding.

That was almost a week and a half ago.

Alexander had been sent on job after job to reclaim and restock all of Nardir's herbs, medicines- you name it, it was on Alexander's list. He spent from sun up to sun down scouring the packs lands for everything. And just when he thought he was done- word would be sent that there was still more he needed to collect.

And then it stopped.

The morning came, as it usually did, with Alexander pulling himself up on tired limbs and heading towards the store to see what needed to be stocked. Yet as he walked in, the old brown wolf gave him a smile and gingerly told him not today. There would be time later, but he had done a good job and deserved a few days off. The golden prince's entire body shifted as his muscles relaxed, all too happy to hear the news.  He'd asked when perhaps the old healer thought Kyra would come home, and that's when it spilled. He didn't wait for Hakan to finish; all he needed to hear was, 'Oh I forgot to mention...' before he tore off through the center of the pack towards the castle; heart pounding as he shoved his way inside the rocky outcrop of homes and dens, ears perked for the sound of shrill crying.

Alexander was not disappointed when the cries rang out, echoing through the walls of the castle.

How had he not heard it? How had he been so blind as to not even notice? What was she going to think?! What kind of friend would just...would just forget to check up on their friend?! Alexander felt his heart plunge in to his stomach as his claws scraped against the rock surface as he bounded to the entrance of Kyra's den. To be honest, had it not been for the light of the little glowbug (or the shrill cry) he would never have assumed someone to be home.

Panting, Alexander took a step towards the entrance, pausing only to collect himself and inhale sharply as he sat down on his rump. He'd wait for her to beckon him in, but he'd at least do the semi reasonable thing.

"Hello?" he called out in to the den, tail wagging behind him as his ears perked waiting for her to answer. He'd deny it of course, but Alexander's heart was racing- pounding so hard in his chest as he thought about those few weeks apart. It had...perhaps been for the best; Hakan was correct in that they needed time apart and yet somehow he found himself here, sitting at the foot of her den waiting eagerly for the approval or denial of his entrance to her den.

"Miss Kyra?"

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K y r a,

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Kyra was literally scraping her claws on the stone ceiling, her belly up to her daughters suckling. Silvi never stopped unless she was knocked out sleeping. The little light from the little girl was just enough to cast strange ethereal shadows Kyra would play with when she got too bored. The shadows of course were barely perceptible, but Kyra now had weeks worth of time to get her eyes used to the light.

She thought about how she snapped at her dad last night. She had snapped so hard and raised her voice so harshly that Kalli even started crying and she had a hard time consoling both Kali and Silvi. She told him that if he kept Alex away any longer she would rip his tail off and feed it to him. With so much venom that even she believed she would.

And so she found herself bored and alone, raking her claws on the ceiling of her den, but at least she could hear the hustle of activity outside now and felt like she could keep track of everyone at the castle easier. She could feel like she was part of the pack again.

If her father didn't send Alex her way today she was dropping these kids off at grandpa's and heading out. They were just getting to the point where she felt like she could hand them off to someone, they could almost open their eyes. She was constantly worried about her little glowbug though. She was so worried someone would sneeze on her and she could lose her. She didn't begrudge the Prince trying to lick Silvi's glow off when he first saw her in the basket but she and Hakan had watched Silvi carefully for days afterward. The move alone had been hard on the baby and she had stopped eating the day after they moved. Which sent Kyra into a tailspin because it was hard enough to keep milk in this kid on the regular since she spat up enough milk for what seemed to be half her tiny weight in her sleep constantly. So she wasn't too quick on dropping off the kids for babysitting until they at least opened their eyes and Silvi was out of the woods a bit more.

Kyra sighed and rolled over, looking at her babies, finally asleep in a huddle in the nest they were supposed to be birthed in.

Just as she was looking at them, Silvi rustled and lifted up her nose sniffing the air. Kyra was getting ready for another round of screaming when Silvi made a new noise? Kyra tilted her head at her baby daughter, it was like... a soft... bark whine? It was honestly the first time Silvi had voiced anything other than extremely loud distaste for everything other than her sister and milk.

A familiar "Hello?" then startled her from outside her den, but she quickly got past the surprise and before he could say her name she was in his face.

"TOBES!!! ALEX!!! FUCK!!" She was licking his chin, his eye, his forehead his cheek, and she pushed her head into his neck so hard she could have knocked him over.

Both pups now had their tiny little tails wagging and noses in the air, making little half howling noises.


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