Get Me Off This Thing [Basket o Babies]
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K y r a,

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"Stop nagging me! I told you yesterday I was moving them today. I'm fine." Kyra glared at her father, as he made to protest once more that she should be resting still. It had been two full weeks of bed rest and caring for the little buggers, and being alone on this stupid island. Why in the black moons hell did she decide to sleep on the water that day?

She picked up Silverwing, trying to ignore the instant screeching from the infant and the sorrowful whines of Kalli at their separation. If she could pick them both up at once she would, but Kalli was just too big already and Silvi was just too tiny. She nodded for her father to pick up Kallistrate and she headed down out of the den and towards the water. She couldn't spend an iota of thought about the momentous day and what it would mean for everyone to finally see these babies because of the ear piercing squalling. She nearly ran to the little basket on the shoreline with her red ears plastered to her head.

She had asked her father to find a way to carry the babies over the water and he had known just the wolf to ask. He had commissioned Shimmah with the job of creating a basket that floated on the water to keep them dry. It would also keep them close together and less stressed on the trip. She didn't want them breathing in water while Silverwing screamed like the banshee she was. Her father was right on her tail knowing full well that they would stop once they were placed together again. Kalli was more of a whiner grumbly squall, while Silverwing was trying to break your eardrums. Hopefully the kid would grow out of it.

When they were finally placed together in the basket, Kali first, then Silverwing, the mother took a relieved sigh as they started to settle into each other and grumble their little greetings.

She watched them for a moment, it would be nice if she was the one who could comfort them instead of each other? Hopefully they can find a way to live without each other when they grew.

"Did you tell him I was moving them today?" She asked her father after a moment of taking a breather. He knew full well who she meant.

"No, he was sent on an errand. He will visit you when you're all settled in. He'll want to check in on his favorite patient, I'm sure." Hakan replied, a twinkle in his eye. Alex was on an important mission to gather cottonwood buds, dandelion flowers and stinging nettle. The stinging nettle would be a challenge for the boy, thus keeping him very busy.

Everyone else though was waiting on the shore, Hakan had told nearly everyone else that his grandbabies were finally going to be moved to the castle, though he wanted Kyra to rest longer. He would be grateful to have her closer to the castle as much as she would though. The daily swimming was a hassle on his own health and the isolation was probably more detrimental to her than less bed rest.

She huffed at his answer, refusing to look at him, instead looked up at the mid morning sun.
"Nothing to it then. Here we go." She looked down and saw the gathering crowd on the opposite shore and she was more than a little excited to see them all up close again.  

She pushed the basket ahead of her and waded into the water. She paddled along, feeling strong, leaving her father behind her as she pushed ahead.

It was starting to get harder and harder to push them ahead of her and swim at the same time. She had been out of practice with her training. Panting, she gave them one more big push with a short bark of "Help!" (they were fine, mumbled a little,) and she trusted someone to wade in and grab the basket to pull them in as she veered away to swim on her own and scramble onto shore. She panted and laid down. She was so going to be running every damn day after this to get her stamina back up! This was pathetic! How was she going to be Ursa Major while she could barely swim across the lake without getting winded!?!?

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The blue head healer stood on the shore, watching the island and the water for movement. Pacing nervously next to him, a young wolfess kept her anxious glance fastened on the opposite shore. Schimmah nibbled her lower lip, her ears and tail lowered as she paced about on delicate paws. Everything hinged on today - all her preparation, all her work - if it worked it would be the proudest moment of her life, but if it didn't the babies might drown and she would be exiled for murder! Oh man, her throat felt as if it were closing up on her, her eyes widened as she started to pant. What if she failed? What if her calculations were wrong? HAKAN WOULD HATE HER!!

"Woah there, little girl," Jase told her, putting a paw out to stop her pacing: "hey, hey come now, look at me." he waited until her eyes met his. Two pairs of orbs the exact same colour with matching pelts. Anyone could see they were related, but that was where it ended. Jase kept his face and gaze calm looking at his daughter: "Breathe slowly. Everything will be fine, you'll see. Goodness nothing could go wrong with the whole pack here to help, right?" Schimmah nodded her head as his soothing tone calmed her. Her breathing slowed a little, and she managed a small, tight smile in thanks. He was right. Over the past two weeks she'd become more used to the idea that he was part of Hakan's family, but she didn't view him as dad. She just couldn't. Speaking of family, she was soon to meet her cousins? nieces? sisters? Whatever. They were family too! She couldn't wait to meet them. Her and jase's ears perked as they heard a massive squeling and a slightly lower rumble bumbling coming closer. Jase chuckled and sat down:

"That high squealing would be the dulcet tones of Silverwing. She has a good pair of lungs." He winced as the squeling got more insistent, and resigned himself to less sleep until that specific bundle of joy grew up.

Off to one side, listening to the pack speculate and chat, stood Lomelia. The fox-wolf hellhound completely dwarfed by all the wolves there. She stood up straight and taught, much like a military stance. Her large ears perked and her sharp eyes ever on the lookout for danger. Soon she would meet the head honchette of the guards, and someone she needed to impress. After all, her main goal in this pack was to protect them. Her gaze swept over the assembled: and what a motley crew they were! Yeesh. Well, ok Queen Mercury was a force to be reckoned with and her dream of becoming the Queen's personal bodyguard was dashed - that female needed no help to take care of herself.! She made a face at the squalling babes. She loved pups, of course, but usually they weren't that loud!

Oh movement! She came closer as she saw an old healer and the mother start their crossing, the pups in that strange contraption. Slowly they came nearer, and she watched in concern as the mother started floundering, obviously not having gotten her strength back. When the mother gasped a help, Lomelia was among the first to wade in - of course what she didn't take into account was how deep it was, barely a few bounds and she had to swim! Curse her tiny legs! looking like a puppy herself, she pushed her way outwards, a fierce expression on her. She came round behind the basket and pushed it forwards, yelling a command at the other wolves:

"Come on ya lazy lumps, get yer butts in here!"

Schimmah stayed on the edge of the water, dithering, hoping the bigger wolves would go help, while Jase went over to Kyra and surruptitiously passed her a herb that would give her a little bit of a boost. He knew it was pointless to argue with her that she wasn't strong enough yet, and also knew that forced bed rest away from the pack was mentally doing her more harm than good. So, although this was dangerous, in the long run it was better for her. He stayed by her side until she got her breath back, a grin on his face as he watched the rest of the pack's reaction to the pups.
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It was a day of glorious apprehension.  Like the others who had congregated, The Dark Moon stood on the shore of Moonstone Lake, staring out at the water.  Hakan had told them the details.  Surprisingly, her bother was absent, but the Prodigal Prince was still being somewhat reclusive. Still, she thought that the pups' arrival would be something he'd be hard pressed to miss...  Mercury's seafoam eyes narrowed as she glared at the invisible presence of Hakan across the water.  What had been going on over on that isle?  Strangely, aside from Jase's odd nickname for one of the pups, there had been very little personal information about the new family.  Kyra hadn't intended to whelp on the island.  She'd had complications.  The pups were healthy, alive, but wouldnt be moved... Not until today.

Sparing a glance at Jase and Shimmah, she couldn't help but smile.  The girl had made the instrument of today's event, and she was probably as apprehensive as the mother putting her creations inside it.  The azure healer was speaking to her in soothing tones, although Mercury was politely out of earshot of the conversation.  What she, nor any congregated, was not out of earshot for, was Silverwing's screech.

"That high squealing would be the dulcet tones of Silverwing. She has a good pair of lungs." Jase commented, loud enough for them to hear.

The wince was collective. Mercury raised her brow at the newest of their band, a small hellion fox who had been met at the border by Arik, of all of them. The Dark Moon was loath to admit that the fox's original assessment of the borders was correct.  She did not have the strength of bodies to patrol it.  They were a gentle sort, her people.  Healers, caregivers, providers.  Arik had surprised her with the very bold move of patrolling himself. It gave her a fluttering kind of pride, thinking of it.  Sadly, it had been necessary. Their warriors had been claimed by battles, space and time...  The spirit and tenacity that presented itself in the small body Arik had encountered was a flame very like the one in her own heart. Despite the clear handicap, Mercury was keen to see it burn bright.

"Come on ya lazy lumps, get yer butts in here!"

Mercury chuckled, having also moved forward when Kyra struggled into the shallows.  Would the fox realize who she had spoken to, or would the moment be to0 exciting for any of them to be concerned with pleasantries? Hakan was swimming up behind Kyra, and Jase, all business, moved to assist her.  The mother would be fine.  So it was the Queen herself who waded into the water, grabbed the bow of Shimmah's flagship in her strong jaws, and hauled them ashore.  Her head bent to the task, she did not immediately look within the basket where the two infants were mewling together.  Instead, she had a clear view of Jase, and the suspicious, Cheshire grin that spread across his smug face.

Oh, she knew that look.  That wasn't the smile he'd use for mere accomplishment, his own or otherwise.  Oh, no, that was his prank face. Mercury's head snapped up, and she rounded her gaze onto the children, hence unseen by any except their immediate family and healers... Specifically: Jase and Alexander.  At first, she saw the chimeric pup, big as she was.  In the morning sun, her kaleidoscope of colors was striking, but not the most unique thing she had seen.  It was not her first chimera.  But then the pup rolled to reveal her sister, and Mercury's eyes went wide.

"Mother Night." She exclaimed in shock, staring down at the glowing white pup nestled in the bottom of the basket boat.

Jase's comment whispered back in her mind. "- a little white glowbug girl." She had thought he meant her coloring would be pale like the moonlight.  The sun was up.  This pup glowed.  And he'd known it. The Dark Moon turned her head back to the blue healer and shot him a glare, despite knowing he would only widen his grin in response.  The jerk.

Mercury was a humble woman of grounded means.  She was not a paladin of the moonlight, and was unaccustomed to the Mother being so insistent in meddling in her life.  A glowing pup?! What did any of this mean?!

Where was Arik?  She scanned those assembled, looking for him.

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    Kastra had missed the birthing and had busied himself with trying to help somewhat with the guard duties, as the Ursa Major was obviously busy with being a new mother. But now the Prince was sitting upon the shore with the rest of Nardir, his aunt next to him and uncle somewhere else (he had expected Alex to be here, of all people). From here he could see Kyra, her red fur hard to miss, and if he wanted to concentrate he would see Hakan as well, but he was trying to strain his eyes onto the bundles of fur and then the basket the mother placed them in. The boy was shuffling his feet some. There had been some odd nicknames for the pups he had overheard from his aunt, plus for some reason, this felt major.

    As the mother made her way across the water, Kastra tried to get to his feet nonchalantly. It seemed at one point everyone heard the one high pitched squeal from the basket, Kastra’s ears flicking with unnerve. "That high squealing would be the dulcet tones of Silverwing. She has a good pair of lungs." And they were moving this scream machine into the castle where he lived, and where many people lived. This seemed like a normal enough thing, by the way Jase said it. Oh boy. As Kyra came closer, the basket was pushed further than herself, and she called for help. Kastra seemed to be slower than the newest member, a small creature who got into the water to push.

    Then Mercury got in to help, and Kastra went to the edge of the water, possibly actually crowding the litter, as others went to Kyra. Together Kastra and Mercury were looking at the pups, and he was just as shocked as his aunt. ”Mother Night.” This couldn’t be right. How was this child glowing? Kastra hadn’t gotten it through his head that this had all been heavily hinted before. The Prince, being an adult and a grown man, feeling some sort of obligation to the pack and to Kyra, stuck his head into the basket, licking at the glowing child, trying to lick the glow off. If this was dangerous for him, he figured it was much more dangerous for the child. He could be cared for easier, after all. The Prince would just keep licking at Silvi, if no one stopped him his tongue might get rougher as moments passed by. 

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