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On Challenging Board Packs for Land or Leadership - Forum Guardian - July 03, 2017

The Reach, The Strait, & You: A Guide to Pack Challenges
rewritten by scratch

Packs on IDS are generally divided into two categories: the Reach, where all packs start out, and the Strait, or the main forum boards and packlands. Generally, the Reach is for smaller, quieter, newer packs, while packs in the Strait, or “board packs,” have reached a level of consistent activity and membership in order to graduate to their own board, represent the forum on the front page, and appear on the official map.

There is no IC difference between the two type of packs; it's purely OOC organization. Characters will not be able to tell a Reach pack from a Board pack.

To learn more about creating a pack in the Reach, please see the Reach Guidebook. Below you will find information on how Reach packs may become fully-fledged board packs.

Becoming a Board Pack

There are currently 6 board pack positions available on the front page of IDS. Petitions to add another space are not being accepted at this time. This means that any Reach pack looking to graduate from the Reach to the front page must challenge a current pack for their board spot, and may do so using the following guidelines:
  1. The Reach pack should have existed for a minimum of six months, and have been active for that time. Activity requirements are listed on the challenge form below.
  2. Following any challenge, the winning pack is immune to challenges for six months. The losing pack must wait six months before their next challenge.
  3. Board packs that lose their challenge will not be deleted or disbanded, but are instead moved to the Reach. This can include the original territory, meaning nothing has to ICly change for the defeated pack, if agreed on.
  4. Both sides must agree on the terms of the fight, including consent/no consent, number of participants, victory stipulations, etc. Moderators can help with this at any time. Default challenge terms are:
    1. Consent.
    2. One alpha participant on each side.
    3. Three day deadline between posts.
    4. A maximum time limit of 15 days, judged by the moderators upon concluding.
    5. No extra conditions (such as enslaving losing characters).
  5. Challenged board packs may submit a rebuttal to justify keeping their board slot, usually based on activity.
  6. It is highly recommended that you challenge inactive board packs. Challenging highly active packs is less likely to see your application approved without extensive IC justification.
  7. Pettiness, rude behavior, or any lack of civility are grounds to have a challenged nullified at moderator discretion at any time. We understand challenges can be tense, but please be polite!

RE: On Challenging Board Packs for Land or Leadership - Forum Guardian - July 04, 2017

Application: Board Pack Challenge

The challenging Reach pack should submit this completed form to any moderator for review. Moderators will then allow the challenged pack to submit a rebuttal prior to approving or denying the application.

Name of Reach pack:
Name of Board pack:
Reach pack age:
Describe the qualities (other than activity) that make your Reach pack a good fit for the front page: Is your pack creative, interesting, and different? Does your pack bring something unique and fresh to the forum? Gush about your baby here!
Why did you pick the pack you are challenging: Are they inactive? Does your character have a grudge? IC and OOC reasons are both valid!
Activity Requirements: below, please link two threads per month for the past six months that you consider examples of your pack’s activity, whether they represent participation or unique plots. This is up to you – it doesn’t have to only be your busiest threads! – but should feature a variety of characters, players, and plots.

RE: On Challenging Board Packs for Land or Leadership - Forum Guardian - July 04, 2017

Application: Challenge Rebuttal

Moderators will contact the challenged pack to submit this form prior to approving or denying a challenge application.

Name of Board pack:
Name of Reach pack:
Explain your pack's activity: You can link threads here if you would prefer, or explain why your pack might have been uncharacteristically quiet.
Explain your plans for the pack's near future: So maybe you’ve been slow – but do you have anything upcoming that will help boost activity? Or are you just a plot powerhouse and have plans for days?
Explain why you think your pack should or shouldn't be challenged: Are you crazy active? Do you think you offer something that the challenging pack does not?
What makes your pack unique and fun for the IDS forum: What should or does the forum love about your pack?
Are there any significant details you'd like to include in this application: Anything not included above.

By filling out this forum you agree that you are aware of the challenge and you know that if the application is accepted you must fight for your land.

RE: On Challenging Board Packs for Land or Leadership - Forum Guardian - July 04, 2017

Challenge Terms:
To be agreed upon and sent in by both parties of the fight after the challenge has approved. The challenger may then post a thread to begin the fight. For transparency, these terms must be included in the initial post of the challenge thread.

The fight will be: Consent or no consent.
Board pack participants: Characters involved.
Reach pack participants: Characters involved.
Post deadline: Is there a set time allowed between posts?
Thread deadline: Does the thread have a hard end date?
Terms of victory: How is the outcome decided? Keep in mind that many fight threads benefit from a set end date and an unbiased judge to decide a winner.
Any other terms of agreement: Enslavement? Modified consent? Are participants allowed to miss a deadline, and to what consequence? Does everyone have a tea party after?

RE: On Challenging Board Packs for Land or Leadership - Forum Guardian - July 04, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ever add a new board pack entirely?
The moderators may occasionally allow for an entirely new forum to be added to the current list of board packs without the need to challenge a current pack. This option is available when all board packs are active and a Reach pack still seems deserving of board pack status, or when a board pack disbands or chooses to move to the Reach instead.

To have your Reach pack be considered for this option, please submit the challenge form above, but without the information about the challenged board pack. Instead, please explain why you think your pack should be added to the current board pack roster without the need for a formal pack challenge.

This should not be considered a loophole to challenges – instead, it is a way for the forum to naturally reward highly active Reach packs while not punishing equally active board packs. In the case that a board pack is inactive, requests made in this manner may be denied, and asked to be submitted as a challenge instead.

My pack is made up of characters that can't fight! How do I challenge for land?
In the case that your pack is made up of non-combat characters - foxes, dogs, or peaceful individuals may not be prepared for a traditional fight against a fringe dire or lion! - you may also submit, along with your challenge application, suggested alternatives for a traditional challenge. Having characters fight in your alpha's stead, or proposing a challenge based around wits or skill, are all acceptable possible solutions, but may require additional time for judgement to make sure all parties are able to accept any IC difficulties or arrangements.

How do I challenge for leadership of a pack I'm already in?
Please submit the following form to any moderator. Current alphas will be allowed a chance to submit their rebuttal, and challenge rules and terms are the same as for reach vs. board packs.

Name of board pack:
Name and rank of challenging character/s:
Name of current alphas:
Describe the qualities (other than activity) that make you a good potential alpha: What ideas do you have? What do you bring to the table?
Why are you challenging: Is this alpha inactive? Does your character have a grudge? IC and OOC reasons are both valid!
Activity Requirements: below, please provide five threads from the past six months that you consider examples of your character's activity, as well as your ability to drive plots and action.

Questions on this process may be sent to the moderation team at any time.

Good luck!