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Stepping Stones - Alejandro - March 11, 2020

This just hadn't been his day. At all. And every gust of air that ruffled Alejandro's saltwater drenched fur only seemed to further drill home that point. But, pulling back his shoulders and stiffening himself against the breeze, he was a prince (a king even!) and a little wind and water were nothing someone such as himself couldn't overcome. After all, he just had to make it a while longer and surely his family would find him.

(Oh, Alejandro, how long have you already been waiting?)

Regardless, this overcast beach with its obviously rogue waves was simply a stopping point on his way to somewhere better where they'd appreciate him. A quick shake would send a few bits of water flying though it did nothing for the sand collecting on his paws for which he would shake each one at a though it made little difference at all.

He'd be fine though, the sand would soon enough turn to a rocky path he could follow away from the godforsaken beach, Alejo just had to make it until then and then he could get his poor paws clean once more. Ugh, he certainly didn't remember walking that far from the path in his investigation though. A useless investigation that rather than result in some great new find simply resulted in a soaking wet boy sporting a rather grumpy expression and he muttered to himself on his way anywhere that wasn't there.

No more beach for him thank you very much.

RE: Stepping Stones - Vexa - March 14, 2020

The day was progressing to be an uneventful one and that suited the green eyed fea just fine. She had no energy to spare for drama this morn and her posture screamed it; from her sagging eyes to her sluggish walk it was not too hard to tell that the she wolf wasn't at the top of her game. The only thing keeping her from curling up on the sand and having a quick snooze was the fact that the weather was too cold for her to enjoy it. After all she despised cold noses and the breeze coming off the ocean sent shivers across her bulk as it teased the skin beneath her burgundy coat. It was almost as if it were mocking her. A thought, in which, she met by scrunching her nose in distain. Why was she walking down this shoreline again? The weather was gray and bleak, draining away all life from the scenery, and the waves were lulling her to sleep as she listened to them roll across the sand towards her wandering paws.
There was really no good reason why she should be here and she knew that. Only a fool with a death wish would be wandering about the coast with the weather being the way it was. NO, not her; she had no intention on hanging around this place but she did know of a pathway that led into the surrounding forest and the shelter that it promised from the approaching storm. So she slowly stalked towards the familiar trail, not really wanting to expend energy on anything more than a slow walk, before her vibrant green eyes caught sight of something. At first she just stared at it, not really taking in what she was seeing, before lowering her nose to the imprint taking a few whiffs; trying to place how long ago the indention had been made. 
Surprise, surprise.
It was freshly made.
Pulling her head up she followed the freshly made prints as they made off into the very winding path that she had been planning to go down but now she was alert and a bit hesitant about going through with her previous plan. Sure one wolf wasn't a issue but something was off about this scent and that made the blackblood nervous. To try and ease her mind the fea placed her paw beside the strangers imprint only to remove it and compare the print left behind to the one beside it. Shockingly there was not much of a difference. Which meant that whoever left this print behind was around the same size as her and that thought made her fur stand on end. Now tense and alert the lone wolf went into stalking mode as she silently progressed onward. Careful in her movements and thanking her lucky stars that the coming rain would cover her scent she made her way along the trail only to stop and scent the ground once more to make sure she was on the right track.
For a bit Vexa didn't notice anything amiss as she slowly made her way along the jagged pathway but she then heard the sound of footsteps which made her stop dead still. Ears perk and senses on hyper aware mode the female waited silently until she heard another sound; confirming her suspicion. Knowing that someone, or something, was just in front of her the lass pulled back her lips to reveal all her teeth mostly her fangs and let out a deep gutteral growl.
"Who are you," she snarled as she came face to face with the stranger. Lets see what we have here shall we?

RE: Stepping Stones - Alejandro - March 17, 2020

Luckily, or perhaps not so luckily depending on one's point of view, Alejandro was hardly paying any attention at all to his surroundings so would regardless have been easy to sneak up on. The petrichor like smell was, truth be told, most of what filled his nose (along with the salty water and was that dead fish ewww) but even without that, well, he hardly expected someone to suddenly growl at him. At him of all wolves!

Ugh, he couldn't even with this day!

All but rearing back as he stopped in his tracks Alejandro would meet that nasty sounding snarl with a rather incredulous look and a slowly spoken, "Excuse me?" Alright, so he probably should be taking this threat more seriously but the surprise of being so rudely accosted was obviously messing with him. "I," the male would subtly straighten up even as water dripped from his bangs and rolled toward his eyes, "am Alejandro." Lord, how he missed being somewhere where people knew him or at the very least could tell just by looking he was important; inwardly Alejo was sighing dramatically.

Then, providing his questionable reaction hadn't ended up with his face being chewed off before he could keep talking, Alejandro would give the reddish female a less than impressed look as he continued on with one quirked brow, "And who exactly are you?" And though it went unspoken Alejandro was fairly certain the 'and why are you bothering me' was clearly implied.

RE: Stepping Stones - Vexa - August 27, 2020

I'm SO SORRY! I had alot of stuff happening irl. Do you still want to continue this? I understand if you don't.